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16. That was back in the early 90's.
Tue Jan 10, 2017, 09:19 PM
Jan 2017

My alcoholic ex-wife (I was engaged to her when I graduated) really did a number on me too. It was bogus, but I doubt that I'd pass a background check now -- 4th degree misdemeanor for supposed "threatening language" after our divorce, and the judge took her word for it. I've seen FAR worse on display during that idiotic Jerry Springer Show.

Easily it's bigger. THis is astonishing. Squinch Jan 2017 #1
Trump plays Alpha-Dog to everyone but Putin. Now we know why. KittyWampus Jan 2017 #19
They are blackmailing MFM008 Jan 2017 #2
Just as I suspected all along... 2naSalit Jan 2017 #3
Check out this report and video from CNN!! This is YUGE!!! femmocrat Jan 2017 #4
Don't let Trump grab us by the hairs! world wide wally Jan 2017 #5
Probably not Warpy Jan 2017 #6
CIA is bad ass and much more formidable than the FBI. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #7
I wish that I would've inquired about working for them when I graduated. Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #8
Apparently Obama finally cleaned that shit up forjusticethunders Jan 2017 #12
I'm sure there's many good people working for them. Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #14
It's never too late. HurricaneWarning Jan 2017 #15
That was back in the early 90's. Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #16
Comey was one of the Intelligence Chiefs who made the presentation. grantcart Jan 2017 #10
The 'goods' are all over the place. herding cats Jan 2017 #18
Russia's four major ways of flipping an agent are money, sex, blackmail and threat of death. TheBlackAdder Jan 2017 #9
money and sex are sub sets of blackmail grantcart Jan 2017 #11
Money and sex are standalones too. Most of the 80s spies never needed to be blackmailed. TheBlackAdder Jan 2017 #17
trump probably not smart enough to be a spy disalitervisum Jan 2017 #13
On beyond Nixon and out the other side. Unbelievable. Hekate Jan 2017 #20
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