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Feeling the Bern

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Sat Jan 7, 2017, 07:28 AM Jan 2017

It's January 7th. We've have six mass shootings this year alone! Six. Gun Humpers are rejoicing [View all]

Yes, everyone. More guns has made us fucking safer! I repeat that again. People who like to jack off on their guns and think the 2nd amendment (well, the second part of that poorly written amendment) is more important than our rights to live free of trying to figure out which asshole with a murder enabler will take it out and litter the place with hot lead because some jacked off his dog to his favorite porno movie.

And before I get the usual NRA talking points I get one here, I am a hunter. I owned guns. I'm not one of these asswipes who near fired one in my life. Shit, I earned my rifling merit badge in the boy scouts. I owned a shotgun, a winchester and a colt .45 revolver.

These gun humping trolls think they are under attack. Nope, you people won. Guns are easier to legally buy now than alcohol. You have brainwashed an entire nation into thinkin background checks and gun control are some Communist plot to strip you of your liberty. It isn't, but who needs facts when you have groupthink and bullshit? Then will come the other asshole line of "well, you can't stop crazy." I've lived in foreign countries the last ten years. Why do we have more mass shootings? GUNS, MOTHERFUCKER!!! After that will we get the idiot claptrap "well, this happening proved gun control fails." Following that logic, we should not have laws because murderers prove laws stopping murder don't work. Thieves prove laws stopping robbery don't work. JAywalkers prove laws demanding crosswalks don't work.

I only hope a relative of yours isn't killed in one of these acts. Well, in a way, maybe I do. As you cry and grieve and ask why, I will tell you not to step on my rights to own a gun. Your loved one is less important than my right to own something that and turn a building into swiss cheese. Of course, good manners tells me to console you, but if you are a gun humper, I'll just walk away saying that your fighting of modest gun caused it to happen. You should be happy. Your dead loved one is proof you were right and I was wrong!

I am so fucking sick of this argument. We are a scared, stupid, macho country with loads of guns. This is a bad combination. Since you can't stop people from making babies (China tried and it really didn't work out well) since anyone with a pussy and a dick can make a screaming kid, we control the access to murder enablers. Cue the knife and car argument.

Knives have multi-functions. So do cars. Guns have one: KILL! I don't see people using a AR-15 for a hammer or driving their Glocks to the gas station to fill up the magazine.

Six mass shootings in seven days. This country truly is a drug addict. Only until we hit rock bottom will we change. But we still haven't gotten there. And with all these fucking trumpers, gun humpers, racist, sexists, and assholes, we probably never will.
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I posted this earlier about Germany in another thread, but here it is again. Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #1
By the way, I have serious doubts that any meaningful regulations will happen... Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #2
I said that in my OP Feeling the Bern Jan 2017 #3
This OR Cosmocat Jan 2017 #8
That's certainly happened before, such as California under... Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #11
They could even be fake guns carried openly Equinox Moon Jan 2017 #14
On the radio yesterday some nut was arguing that everyone should concealed carry n2doc Jan 2017 #4
Hamilton called it mobocracy. Which is why he and Adams were so against giving the common man Feeling the Bern Jan 2017 #5
Do you believe the "common man" should not have the right to vote? Marengo Jan 2017 #16
Oh Christ, here we go again. I support the Federalists idea. Feeling the Bern Jan 2017 #18
I'd like to hear your opinion in your own words. Who should, and who should not, be allowed to vote? Marengo Jan 2017 #25
This poster has posted on numerous occasions that the "Common man" should not have the right to vote cwydro Jan 2017 #19
I'm surprised to see an argument for disenfranchisement on DU. Perhaps he will clarify here. Marengo Jan 2017 #28
He won't. cwydro Jan 2017 #30
You may be right, so far silence. I wonder why? Embarrassed to explain his position in detail? Marengo Jan 2017 #35
I know, right? cwydro Jan 2017 #36
I'd like for him to explain how he is anything other than common himself. Marengo Jan 2017 #38
Yes indeed. cwydro Jan 2017 #40
Right. I remember you think not everyone should have the vote. cwydro Jan 2017 #17
THIS is America 2016 Cosmocat Jan 2017 #10
Agree. Snackshack Jan 2017 #6
Righteous Rant Cosmocat Jan 2017 #7
Updated to 9 deaths, 28 wounded. yallerdawg Jan 2017 #9
so this is why we see the depression meds cause Demsrule86 Jan 2017 #12
The best solution is to change the definition of mass shootings Blue_Adept Jan 2017 #13
More die in Chicago every weekend. cwydro Jan 2017 #15
Actually, many people do care about that. rgbecker Jan 2017 #23
They're not allowed to do their jobs anymore. cwydro Jan 2017 #24
"not allowed to do their jobs anymore?" rgbecker Jan 2017 #26
You can look at the statistics two ways exboyfil Jan 2017 #27
Well, that's really working well in Chicago. rgbecker Jan 2017 #29
while I don't agree with this dsc Jan 2017 #33
What website is your screen shot from? aikoaiko Jan 2017 #20
Like they say in Pence-Sylvania DFW Jan 2017 #21
We had the House, the Senate, and the Presidency from 2009-2011 and did nothing really inwiththenew Jan 2017 #22
We hit rock bottom 25 years ago. hack89 Jan 2017 #31
Do you normally insult people like that? Your grasp of tact and courtesy is abysmal. Feeling the Bern Jan 2017 #34
No. He has a valid point. nt cwydro Jan 2017 #37
You just broke my irony meter hack89 Jan 2017 #43
you're ignored. Feeling the Bern Jan 2017 #44
Another delicate flower. Nt hack89 Jan 2017 #46
We already hit rock bottom: we elected Donald Trump. Initech Jan 2017 #32
Guns are a sacred totem in this society. Crunchy Frog Jan 2017 #39
I hate guns and I hate the NRA even more malaise Jan 2017 #41
Now defined as three or more killed mnhtnbb Jan 2017 #45
No words. Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2017 #42
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