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Fri Jan 6, 2017, 05:20 PM Jan 2017

BREAKING: "Russia maintained access to multiple US state or local election electoral boards" (sic) [View all]


This line from the DHS report is something I think MiniPoot, M$M and forum FUD is going to react to once brought to attention; it was... NOT JUST... the DNC and Clinton emails the Russians had access too

Russian intelligence obtained and maintained access to elements of multiple US state or local
electoral boards.

There's many ways to use the state level electoral board data to tilt an election other than affecting vote tallying including registration purging like the KGOP did in 2000. Voter tallying is just one way to affect an election and like in 2000 there wasn't tons of people reporting their registration revoked on election day, the votes just didn't count.

DHS assesses that the types of systems Russian actors targeted or compromised were not involved in vote tallying.

Its RATIONAL to NOT believe that Russia just broke into state level election assets... looked around at data and said; well... nothing here to see... lets all go home without changing a thing.

Like someone breaking into a bank full of cash, looking around and going out of the bank without taking a dime...

I'd love to read the FUD on this

Bottom line and another rational conclusion; due to Comey, voter suppression and Russia having access to state level election assets that...


Your take?
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Marking to see responses underpants Jan 2017 #1
so, if they had access to state and local boards NewJeffCT Jan 2017 #22
Voter registration changes minimum and tallying is only a small part of the count total... uponit7771 Jan 2017 #26
Oh, I'm sure something happened as well NewJeffCT Jan 2017 #45
In 2000 Bush's brother was directly involved in voter purging... no doubt that's what they did this uponit7771 Jan 2017 #84
It could mean PDittie Jan 2017 #70
All night on Election night, i kept saying, "This doesnt make sense!" adigal Jan 2017 #2
+1, DU is most clicked soley political forum on the internets... the fact that DU went down was my uponit7771 Jan 2017 #5
That was strange also, i wondered about that a lot adigal Jan 2017 #8
Its Flynn, I would put some money on it... he's a CT nut and his son is a openly a WS. Flynn is the uponit7771 Jan 2017 #10
Yes - and he was in Russia in 2015, with Putin. Right? Nt adigal Jan 2017 #16
Yeap, palying around with Dictators and shit uponit7771 Jan 2017 #19
Yep, celebrating RT w Jill Stein @ Putin's special table. emulatorloo Jan 2017 #53
absolutely; it was not a random coincidence. nt TheFrenchRazor Jan 2017 #25
If trump doesn't go straight to prison, we at least need a do over with purple ink NightWatcher Jan 2017 #3
He's calling for all US ambasadors to resign, that's a prelude to shit getting thick... if shit get uponit7771 Jan 2017 #7
MiniPoot! Excellent! calimary Jan 2017 #35
Payback notdarkyet Jan 2017 #47
There is nothing in the constitution that allows for a do over. cstanleytech Jan 2017 #57
It's important to remember, though, that impeachment is a political process, Buns_of_Fire Jan 2017 #67
That or if they think he wont do what he is told cstanleytech Jan 2017 #68
this election was stolen! putitinD Jan 2017 #4
Yeap, there's enough funny shit to rationally conclude this without going into too much guessing or uponit7771 Jan 2017 #6
Considering my vote here in WA was yet again thrown in the trash... scscholar Jan 2017 #52
voting by mail seems pleasant, compared to standing in line in the rain for 6 hours in Detroit to putitinD Jan 2017 #54
We either have a coup now to force another election or... Girard442 Jan 2017 #9
+1, I think a coup now would be understandable and WTF could the KGOP do about it other than cry... uponit7771 Jan 2017 #12
A coup would be the end of any kind of American exceptionalism... Girard442 Jan 2017 #18
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #24
Sadly, the only "American exceptionalism" that still stands is calimary Jan 2017 #36
+1 2naSalit Jan 2017 #59
Crosscheck is an online database. And had nothing to do with vote tallying. haele Jan 2017 #11
Correct !! They can do that ad hoc and just like in Florida its not like there's going to be 40,000 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #14
One of those states must be Missouri. Cracklin Charlie Jan 2017 #13
Sup with Missouri? tia uponit7771 Jan 2017 #17
1. Roy Blunt Cracklin Charlie Jan 2017 #20
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #21
Wow! triron Jan 2017 #48
MO has been so deep red that we ran an NRA endorsed republican for governor on the Democratic ticket loyalsister Jan 2017 #65
THAT WAS MY BIG takeaway too! Generator Jan 2017 #15
I've never felt for a second that the election outcome is at all legitimate. NRaleighLiberal Jan 2017 #23
Agreed...especially when I saw a 400K HRC lead in Florida disappear in 30 seconds on elec night nt iluvtennis Jan 2017 #63
+1, this is the reason the most popular poli forum on the internet by hits was, DU, was hacked uponit7771 Jan 2017 #79
Very likely uponit...very likey nt iluvtennis Jan 2017 #80
And 75K votes in Detroit and Flint never counted because 18 voting machines simultaneously broke nt iluvtennis Jan 2017 #64
thank you for posting this n/t orleans Jan 2017 #27
Doesn't the Constitution guarantee us "free and fair" elections? world wide wally Jan 2017 #28
Hmmmmm, you've got a GOOD POINT !!! Go to USSC and challenge this election !!! uponit7771 Jan 2017 #30
I wish I could afford to world wide wally Jan 2017 #37
I will keep pointing to this: triron Jan 2017 #29
This document is lucid and readable, klook Jan 2017 #31
Yes, its a very easy read... simple, to the point but Clinton's emails are more important to M$M uponit7771 Jan 2017 #33
The CIA does investigations outside the U.S. Inside the country, is the FBI sphere of investigations shraby Jan 2017 #43
Yes. klook Jan 2017 #51
David Corn wrote the fbi was warned and did nothing uponit7771 Jan 2017 #85
Thanks so much for posting this -- and your key take-away. n/t pnwmom Jan 2017 #32
Someone with the resources should challenge the election in court since it was not free and fair uponit7771 Jan 2017 #34
I wonder which states DHS (or whoever) knows triron Jan 2017 #38
RIGHT !!! They just didn't look at election turning data and say .. 'nah.. we don't want that stuff' uponit7771 Jan 2017 #39
From today forward... hurple Jan 2017 #40
yeap they're now the KGOP uponit7771 Jan 2017 #41
They need to ask Trump and Roger Stone under oath did they coordinate campaign activities with UCmeNdc Jan 2017 #42
+1, then impeach their asses uponit7771 Jan 2017 #56
OK, so what are they going to do about it? elmac Jan 2017 #44
Someone can go to the USSC and make a case for this election being not free and fair uponit7771 Jan 2017 #55
Stolen election. sarcasmo Jan 2017 #46
I wonder if the Russians were diddling back into the primaries TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #49
+1, they could've fucked with the polls no doubt uponit7771 Jan 2017 #58
I called my U.S. Senator yesterday, in fact both of them to stand with turbinetree Jan 2017 #50
I am ready to throw my hands up in despair. Grammy23 Jan 2017 #60
I'll bet one of the States was Wisconsin. Greybnk48 Jan 2017 #61
Agreed and all for revenge on HRC who called out the Russian 2011 elections as not free & fair nt iluvtennis Jan 2017 #62
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #69
K&R Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2017 #66
We are now the United Kingdom of Fuckedupistan lark Jan 2017 #71
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #72
Fact ONE: Trumpy always lies. Eyeball_Kid Jan 2017 #73
+1, Historically the 4th estate wants access so the give up their souls for it... we have to fringe uponit7771 Jan 2017 #74
The question is who is going to do anything about it? yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #75
Some rich dem can go challenge the election at the USSC, it wasn't free or fair and we're uponit7771 Jan 2017 #76
Mayhe if after Donald Trump is sworn in yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #77
Yeah, there has to be a point where dems get they ass up and do somethin strange uponit7771 Jan 2017 #78
K&R red dog 1 Jan 2017 #81
CAREFUL! This can easilly spiral into "Fake News" fiorello Jan 2017 #82
Altering the data is still a false bar. Viewing the data is bad enough and represents an unfair ... uponit7771 Jan 2017 #83
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