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Thu Dec 29, 2016, 03:30 PM Dec 2016

So I'm in line at the grocery store, and the lady in front of me used Food stamps and the guy in [View all]

back of me started hemming and hawing. He said, "My god, do you believe this?" like trying to get me and the others in line to participate in his disgust. As loudly, and roundly as I could, and my theatre background lets me PROJECT people:



"You think it's me and *MY* mouth?" he said,


The cashier laughed. I got three thumbs up and a high five.



About an hour ago.

After I cashed out, the hoopla went down, the lady approached me in the parking lot and told me thank you. Then, with pride, her eyes glistened, she said, "My father served in the Navy and my husband was a Marine before he died. How did you know?"

"I am the daughter of a Veteran too, we just have to stick together now. My Daddy didn't fight on foreign soil to see ours starve here. That man is the worst type of man"

Then she hugged me.

And I cried.

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I. Love.You. ismnotwasm Dec 2016 #1
I love you too LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #151
Good for you! K&R. n/t Different Drummer Dec 2016 #2
Way to go!!! blue cat Dec 2016 #3
And I cried madokie Dec 2016 #4
I tried not to cry in front of her...but she knew I was LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #153
two thumbs up !! bowens43 Dec 2016 #5
I also said, "You don't think it's you...you don't think you're the problem. It's you! It's you!" LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #6
Slight correction GeoWilliam750 Dec 2016 #137
touche. nt LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #148
I laughed oldtime dfl_er Dec 2016 #7
You a badass! bench scientist Dec 2016 #8
So proud for you Phoenix61 Dec 2016 #9
not taking it anymore! MFM008 Dec 2016 #10
YES! "These twits and their mean, narrow, maggoty view of the world!" Maru Kitteh Dec 2016 #72
Maybe if I see it, I'll say it, too. We all should, but babylonsister Dec 2016 #211
ha!!!! bdamomma Dec 2016 #11
9 times out of 10. spot on LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #145
You are my hero today. Eliot Rosewater Dec 2016 #12
My Daddy didn't raise no punk... LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #147
and i cried... Raster Dec 2016 #13
As someone who was ridiculed using food stamps once - I know what the ridicule is like. nini Dec 2016 #14
I am so sorry for your experience. Together, we can make this better. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #144
I know what you mean.. nini Dec 2016 #196
Way to go. Don't let these cretins shame good people. jalan48 Dec 2016 #15
Be careful getting into verbal confrontations with people Yavin4 Dec 2016 #16
They are counting on us to be afraid of them. redstatebluegirl Dec 2016 #21
Enough of the fear mongering, please..... llmart Dec 2016 #123
wrong attitude azureblue Dec 2016 #124
I AM armed-- I carry a purse that many have suggested be registered as a lethal weapon, and niyad Dec 2016 #150
I would love to meet you LittleGirl Dec 2016 #230
it would be lovely if we could. I am glad when I can make people smile. niyad Dec 2016 #247
Same here LittleGirl Dec 2016 #258
fuck um so am I.. stonecutter357 Dec 2016 #158
Good going! KT2000 Dec 2016 #17
I LOVE YOU! redstatebluegirl Dec 2016 #18
+10000! Can't wait until the situations presents itself to me as I will not hold my tongue nt iluvtennis Dec 2016 #71
I LOVE YOU TOO! LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #156
You made me cry too! lunatica Dec 2016 #19
I recommend you for your actions. guillaumeb Dec 2016 #20
What state still uses 'stamps'? superpatriotman Dec 2016 #22
It was a card. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #38
Folks still call them stamps. MissB Dec 2016 #52
I still see people with WIC vouchers at stores sometimes. haele Dec 2016 #77
Thanks for the explanation! Lord_at_War Dec 2016 #121
This made my day! brucefan Dec 2016 #23
Loud and proud. Well done. byronius Dec 2016 #24
Thank you Worried senior Dec 2016 #25
My hero! liberalmuse Dec 2016 #26
Everyone - Yes You too - need to stand up for what is right and not let people get away List left Dec 2016 #27
Thank you for your kindness. smirkymonkey Dec 2016 #28
How does anyone these days know who is using SNAP? demmiblue Dec 2016 #29
I agree tapermaker Dec 2016 #45
Of course you think that, dearie. n/t demmiblue Dec 2016 #46
the cards are (purposely) easy to identify n/t snpsmom Dec 2016 #49
I have one and it's not easy to identify. It looks and works like a debit card. Kaleva Dec 2016 #226
The cards in Texas are easy to identify. They vary from state to state. Lisa0825 Dec 2016 #234
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #275
NC and Ohio's cards are both obvious dsc Dec 2016 #239
A lot of people still call them food stamps, even though it's a card. DLevine Dec 2016 #58
I still call them food stamps...what are they called? LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #91
Here in PA they're called snap benefits. DLevine Dec 2016 #96
I still call them food stamps at times awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #187
But many states also use them for the child support program jberryhill Dec 2016 #191
Do you usually drop by DU for the express purpose of accusing DU'ers of lying? Maru Kitteh Dec 2016 #80
Apparently so. ailsagirl Dec 2016 #210
People still call them food stamps gollygee Dec 2016 #86
A Card, But You Can Tell erpowers Dec 2016 #125
calling out another du'er is actually frowned upon here. niyad Dec 2016 #154
IF the poster made it up that definitely wouldn't be the way to "make someone feel good about Raine Dec 2016 #168
There are a couple of giveaways. RedWedge Dec 2016 #109
In Pennsylvania, there is no way to mistake the Access card for a credit/debit card Orrex Dec 2016 #113
I guess I am naive. demmiblue Dec 2016 #132
Personal bubbles vary a lot from area to area. politicat Dec 2016 #272
this. nt LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #184
Easy to Tell erpowers Dec 2016 #129
I know they look different, this is my state's card (called a Bridge card): demmiblue Dec 2016 #140
Probably the Swipe Pads erpowers Dec 2016 #197
Good for you, standing up against a bully like that. DawgHouse Dec 2016 #30
It's a card, but in MD, it's a bright Orange card. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #40
Wow that's ridiculous that the card is so identifiable. DawgHouse Dec 2016 #263
I am pretty sure that most of them are... LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #264
K & R and wondering... LAS14 Dec 2016 #30
I live ina a red area of a blue state. I wasn't in my neighborhood though LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #95
Thank you. That was beautiful. CentralMass Dec 2016 #32
K&R...THANK YOU! spanone Dec 2016 #33
Thank You Gymbo Dec 2016 #34
Proud to have you and your bravery as a fellow DU'er! hamsterjill Dec 2016 #35
I LOVE YOU! nt ThingsGottaChange Dec 2016 #36
Good For You! Texin Dec 2016 #37
Remind them that Fox News is owned by a Foreigner and a Muslim. FACT. nt LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #41
Good on you Laydee. We appear to be entering another Reagan age. Me! Me! Me! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2016 #39
Bullshit. Reagan didn't get Gorbachev to interfere in or election. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #44
THANK YOU onetexan Dec 2016 #42
How would he have known? Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #43
Yep. He eagle eye spotted her card because I was reaching into my cart and putting my things on the LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #47
Most are pretty distinctive looking. They are made to be that way. Lochloosa Dec 2016 #54
Shall we do state EBT/SNAP card pics....? Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #207
Nah...see post #113 LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #246
When I was on snap, I had to tell the cashier before I could swipe the card. DLevine Dec 2016 #63
Not buying it.....sorry. Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #141
You are replying to your own post. DLevine Dec 2016 #160
I did no such thing.."..calling her a liar.."...I said I'm not buying it. Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #176
Obviously many of us have had a much different experience than you. nt DLevine Dec 2016 #180
which is the same as saying I am lying. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #248
If I said you were lying I would say you are lying...exactly like that...no grey, I'd say it. Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #268
Sorry. You don't get to have it both ways. Saying you don't buy it is the same LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #271
You don't make the rules though do you? Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #276
Conflate much? LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #277
I NEVER said what you've put in quotation marks, and you can't show I have... Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #278
Yes. You did. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #279
Link it....it's JUST.THAT.SIMPLE. Uggwearingdad Jan 2017 #281
Read your posts. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #282
Or..you provide a link to your claim...I typed my posts....I know what they say. Uggwearingdad Jan 2017 #283
Nope. Just read for context. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #285
Just read it. It's that simple. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #287
Need a declared enemy..... Uggwearingdad Jan 2017 #290
Nope. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #291
Really?? Let's see how that works in any Court... Uggwearingdad Jan 2017 #292
Yup. REALLY. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #293
Who decided we are at war with Russia or called them enemies? Besides Romeny in '12? Uggwearingdad Jan 2017 #294
They decided we are at war with them when THEY committed an act of war against the USA LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #301
That is not true. Sanity Claws Dec 2016 #185
2 shopping carts back....really? Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #205
Who says there were carts? Sanity Claws Dec 2016 #206
If this gets you through....she didn't say there weren't carts. Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #209
See post # 38 and post #40 LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #245
Laydee said ....That's at least ONE cart Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #270
Awwww, and yet, it *still* happened, and by now, I think that makes you upset LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #273
Not buying it...if you worked for social services you'd know they changed the design SticksnStones Dec 2016 #241
...but...but...they said, "Shall we compare cards?" Royal *we* and everything. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #259
Some of the conversations here at DU seem to be unnecessarily hostile of late. SticksnStones Dec 2016 #260
Thank you for that. I don't know how to make them feel better LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #261
I think many of us are feeling all kind of raw nerves, right on the edge... SticksnStones Dec 2016 #262
That's the new card.....new applicants started getting these in the 4th qrtr.. Uggwearingdad Dec 2016 #269
And yet, STILL, you are *WRONG* LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #274
Not wrong....I quoted the linked material...which is included in our work literature. Uggwearingdad Jan 2017 #284
Absolutely wrong, since you are trying to tell me what happened didn't happen LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #286
I never ONCE said it didn't happen and you can't show I did....try. Uggwearingdad Jan 2017 #288
What aren't you buying then? LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #289
Good for you. Maybe that asshole will think twice before openly offering his stopbush Dec 2016 #48
How did you know she was in a veteran's family? NT Eric J in MN Dec 2016 #50
ESP? cwydro Dec 2016 #69
Wild guess...but these parts it's a pretty safe bet. Truth is, I didn't know LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #106
Do you have any idea how many veteran's families are on assistance? Pathwalker Dec 2016 #174
Thank you for standing up for her. DLevine Dec 2016 #51
Thank You! deancr Dec 2016 #53
We, as a society indigoth Dec 2016 #55
Excellent. Well done. lpbk2713 Dec 2016 #56
Oh this is *awesome*. Thank you for it. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #142
Oh dear, I think I have something in my eye.... Useless in FL Dec 2016 #57
Damn! We need more of you! C Moon Dec 2016 #59
Those assholes THINK they are in the majority. They have to be shown they are not. n/t Binkie The Clown Dec 2016 #60
Exactly! Raster Dec 2016 #103
Beautiful. K&R. ck4829 Dec 2016 #61
That's awesome fescuerescue Dec 2016 #62
Bless your heart. Enjoy your stay! nt DLevine Dec 2016 #67
Thanks! fescuerescue Dec 2016 #78
It *IS* awesome..and no one said a word to either one of us LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #107
thanks again fescuerescue Dec 2016 #131
Oh I will...bless your heart LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #165
is there a problem? fescuerescue Dec 2016 #170
I posted the OP. No problem at all. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #171
Nice work. Turbineguy Dec 2016 #64
What told you she's in a veteran's family? SunSeeker Dec 2016 #65
Didn't need to be told... LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #108
Let me tell you something Coolest Ranger Dec 2016 #66
K&R! Aristus Dec 2016 #68
Excellent! You are my hero. Lint Head Dec 2016 #70
Inspirational- Thank you for your courage! redstateblues Dec 2016 #79
you are freakin' awesome!!!! renate Dec 2016 #73
GOOD. FOR. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 2016 #74
You are my hero. we can do it Dec 2016 #75
THAT is AWESOME!! meadowlark5 Dec 2016 #76
MORE of THIS! world wide wally Dec 2016 #81
Good for You! Leith Dec 2016 #82
You win, LB. moondust Dec 2016 #83
Bravo to you! Vinca Dec 2016 #84
K and a big fucking R! TheBlackAdder Dec 2016 #85
Good Job-thank you for your actions here Gothmog Dec 2016 #87
Wow jeffreyi Dec 2016 #88
These idiot Neanderthals must be shouted down at every possible opportunity! lastone Dec 2016 #89
good job!!!!from another military brat!!! demigoddess Dec 2016 #90
Good for you! treestar Dec 2016 #92
Well, that just made my day. Missn-Hitch Dec 2016 #93
That is just beautiful.... Freedomofspeech Dec 2016 #94
Awesome!!!!! SummerSnow Dec 2016 #97
I know your intentions were good. cwydro Dec 2016 #98
Respectfully disagree Red Mountain Dec 2016 #105
I agree with you. There was no need to "project" it to the entire store. kickitup Dec 2016 #116
Agreed. Ms. Toad Dec 2016 #143
I'm not on public assistance, but I would have been horribly embarrassed had it been me. cwydro Dec 2016 #155
My son and his girlfriend received SNAP benefits before and after their child was born. kickitup Dec 2016 #167
Years ago, I had a part-time job at a grocery store. cwydro Dec 2016 #177
I would agree melman Dec 2016 #152
+1 BuddhaGirl Dec 2016 #189
I would definitely applaud that! Initech Dec 2016 #99
Two thumbs up. stage left Dec 2016 #100
You are a good person. Thank you. nt Chalco Dec 2016 #101
What a beautiful post malaise Dec 2016 #102
Great story. Thanks for standing up. SpankMe Dec 2016 #104
Seems like you could've made your point without screaming and swearing oberliner Dec 2016 #110
LaydeeBug for President! Dave in VA Dec 2016 #111
We can start small, mayor. ffr Dec 2016 #120
Thank you! mchill Dec 2016 #112
You're a Warrior for Humanity! Thank you! nolabear Dec 2016 #114
That's wonderful! RavensChick Dec 2016 #115
I teared up ... Jopin Klobe Dec 2016 #117
God bless you for your courage!!! Hulk Dec 2016 #118
Bravo! MarinCoUSA Dec 2016 #119
Thank you, Ladeebug PlanetBev Dec 2016 #122
We have become so callous in this country. alarimer Dec 2016 #126
Excellent! Tracyjo Dec 2016 #127
And in the end.... Jacob Boehme Dec 2016 #128
to the greatest with you DonCoquixote Dec 2016 #130
I have a feeling this will go viral. Folks, be sure to credit LaydeeBug! Hekate Dec 2016 #133
That tickled me! PatrickforO Dec 2016 #134
Thank you! Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #135
Thank you for being bold Lifelong Protester Dec 2016 #136
Congratulations doggie breath Dec 2016 #138
And I cried too! teezy Dec 2016 #139
Real Patriot Right There Afromania Dec 2016 #146
good for you, LB!!! we cannot allow these bigoted jerks to go unchallenged in their arrogance. niyad Dec 2016 #149
That's so funny! My bestie's initals are LB, and I call her this all the time LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #157
you are most welcome!! niyad Dec 2016 #159
Picture this humbled_opinion Dec 2016 #161
EBT cards can't be used for prepared or hot foods...so LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #182
and you are wrong EBT's are humbled_opinion Dec 2016 #216
Actually, I am not wrong at all, but don't let that stop you LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #222
As stated below in post 231, EBT cards can be used for fast food in 4 states Packerowner741 Jan 2017 #296
The program is only for some who are homeless, elderly, or disabled. DLevine Jan 2017 #297
No I don't LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #300
You accuse the poster of lying just like that other poster did to you Packerowner741 Jan 2017 #302
No I don't, but don't let it stop you LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #304
They are available in FL only for some who are disabled, elderly, or homeless. DLevine Jan 2017 #298
People who use EBT cards know *Exactly* what it can be used for - and it's NOT fast food nadine_mn Dec 2016 #192
No that is not true the rules humbled_opinion Dec 2016 #217
Of course a living wage is important - but not everyone can work nadine_mn Dec 2016 #231
Yes, damn those useless eaters! Where are their bootstraps! DLevine Jan 2017 #299
I guess they ate them ... LOL.. n/t humbled_opinion Jan 2017 #303
K&R! stonecutter357 Dec 2016 #162
Great Job! Caliman73 Dec 2016 #163
You're the absolute best! nt Raine Dec 2016 #164
we are going to need to be loud and proud DonCoquixote Dec 2016 #166
What state still uses food stamps? Kaleva Dec 2016 #169
Many of us still call them food stamps. We know it's actually a card. nt DLevine Dec 2016 #173
My SNAP card looks like and works like any debit card Kaleva Dec 2016 #223
PA Access cards are a solid blue-green background with ACCESS written in bold, DLevine Dec 2016 #232
You sound like one helluva woman! JPPaverage Dec 2016 #172
So proud of you, LaydeeBug! ailsagirl Dec 2016 #175
I applaud and salute you Docreed2003 Dec 2016 #178
I absolutely love you BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2016 #179
I can't believe this! Guys!!! You are awesome and I feel so good for LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #181
Awesome job!! PatsFan87 Dec 2016 #183
I would have joined in with you my friend. I would be pointing my finger directly at him YOHABLO Dec 2016 #186
And they don't want to help people. calimary Dec 2016 #199
They will give you Luke. We will give them Matthew. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #249
I wish it were Luke - more than what we usually get from them: a Leviticus mentality. calimary Dec 2016 #265
They should really ask whether they follow the Old Testament or the New one. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #266
Run for office Sucha NastyWoman Dec 2016 #188
Maybe you weren't being a lady but you sure shoved a bug up her ass. Auntie Bush Dec 2016 #190
These selfish, cold-hearted shit-heads NEED to be confronted. calimary Dec 2016 #193
... UTUSN Dec 2016 #194
Beautiful Uponthegears Dec 2016 #195
Stand up, stand out, and shout!!! benld74 Dec 2016 #198
We ARE stronger together! Madam45for2923 Dec 2016 #200
Bravo !! Dawgman49 Dec 2016 #201
BLESS your beautiful soul heaven05 Dec 2016 #202
PROUD OF YOU! blue sky at night Dec 2016 #203
Good for you, we all need to stand up to these assholes liberal N proud Dec 2016 #204
Bravo LadyBug jodymarie aimee Dec 2016 #208
I feel like I am watching " Invasion of the body snatchers " as I come in contact with geretogo Dec 2016 #212
Wow! Good for you for leveling a clear-eyed response he couldn't miss! FailureToCommunicate Dec 2016 #213
Good. It's time we do that all the time Feeling the Bern Dec 2016 #214
You are a true American. roamer65 Dec 2016 #215
I am so glad people like you are out there. Big hugs to you, ladeebug! AgadorSparticus Dec 2016 #218
You are an incredibly brave and wonderful person! dae Dec 2016 #219
Thank you!! denvine Dec 2016 #220
Awesome! jimlup Dec 2016 #221
The lady was probably using WIC coupons and not food stamps Kaleva Dec 2016 #224
It was the bright orange card...I don't know what they're called. We call 'em food stamps. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #228
good for you barbtries Dec 2016 #225
Good for you Lotusflower70 Dec 2016 #227
Haha! Love it! True_Blue Dec 2016 #229
It's no wonder so many food stamp leftyladyfrommo Dec 2016 #233
Yep. Or that they're dressed nicely... LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #235
Speak up Johnny2X2X Dec 2016 #236
GOOD FOR YOU LaydeeBug!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! onecent Dec 2016 #237
You've just moved to the top of my list of future wives. Big_K Dec 2016 #238
A safety pin moment Bucky Dec 2016 #240
I am not sure what a safety pin moment is, but am shocked at the response here LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #242
wearing a safety pin to indicate that one is "safe haven" if someone is being bullied or niyad Dec 2016 #250
This is an amazing idea, and something I hadn't heard of LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #251
the safety pin idea started in britain after the insane brexit vote. and I would guess that niyad Dec 2016 #252
The safety pin movement started right after the election... Bucky Dec 2016 #257
It showed manyhow to do the same malaise Dec 2016 #267
I asked you in another thread what you meant (in a practical sense) by 'fighting back' FiveGoodMen Dec 2016 #243
There is no good answer to "fight back" when they own or run everything LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #244
Excellent! Mountain Mule Dec 2016 #253
God Bless itcfish Dec 2016 #254
you too. Thank you. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #256
My one and only issue with food stamps is that it perpetuates Medicaid expenditures.f MadDAsHell Dec 2016 #255
This is a strawman LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #280
As the father of a naval officer, thank you. Packerowner741 Jan 2017 #295
As the daughter of an Army Officer, you are most welcome LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #305
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