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Mon Dec 19, 2016, 05:52 PM Dec 2016

R.I.P. L.C. baby kitty. I will miss you 8-( [View all]

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about an hour ago she crossed the rainbow bridge.
thank you everyone for all your words and your thoughts you dont know how much that has helped the last 24 hours.

excuse me while i go lose it.


She is 17. Traveled across country with me. Battled a hyper thyroid for the last 5 years. Almost crashed and burned twice from faulty meds and almost died 2 months ago with liver and pancreas issues. But she battled even through that and came back maybe not 100% but enough there that she was still doing most of her cat duties.

A couple days ago i noticed she was having difficulties getting up from a laying position first thing in the morning. Once up and moving around she would be mostly ok. Bad arthritis. Off balance. But over the last 48 hours she is having problems even in the sitting position to eat. She hasnt given up eating but she is real weak and eats on her stomach.

Vet told me she would be lucky to get through the last crisis two months ago so I guess I should be glad I was given that extra time with her.

I was hoping to get her through to at least the new year. 2016 has been awful. We lost my little brother and I had some medical issues that forced me to quit my job. I didnt want to lose her to this god awful year too but not looking like she's gonna make it.

I already made the appointment and unless she has some kind of dramatic turn around over night then tomorrow will be my last day with her.

Sitting here bawling like a baby 8-(

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I know what you're going through malaise Dec 2016 #1
Understand what that's like drh Dec 2016 #3
... Liberal_in_LA Dec 2016 #2
Don't mourn the passing gladium et scutum Dec 2016 #4
Yeah, easy to say that RegexReader Dec 2016 #104
Some people just don't know the bonding that takes place. anniebelle Dec 2016 #111
I'm so sorry crazycatlady Dec 2016 #5
17 years bdamomma Dec 2016 #6
I'm so sorry.... mike_c Dec 2016 #7
Hug shenmue Dec 2016 #8
She knows MFM008 Dec 2016 #9
It sounds like it is time Sanity Claws Dec 2016 #10
Horrible end to a horrible year. So sorry. haele Dec 2016 #11
So sorry... lame54 Dec 2016 #12
Pets are almost more difficult than people HassleCat Dec 2016 #13
Garion, I wish I had comforting words for you but there are no words when you lose a loved one or Alekzander Dec 2016 #14
I'm so sorry. In_The_Wind Dec 2016 #15
Being there for her when she goes is everything to her. ehrnst Dec 2016 #16
Be Strong tparrett62 Dec 2016 #17
I second this. marybourg Dec 2016 #33
We've adopted old shelter dogs, but it's not easy. hunter Dec 2016 #102
I'm so sorry, Garion. We were there with our little Hortensis Dec 2016 #18
So sorry jpak Dec 2016 #19
So sad... Calista241 Dec 2016 #20
I am sorry for your loss Angry Dragon Dec 2016 #21
I'm so sorry, sending you & her positive thoughts.. Raine Dec 2016 #22
Even when it's right, it's still agonizing. 3catwoman3 Dec 2016 #23
So sorry for you riverbendviewgal Dec 2016 #24
What a terrible year for you :( Kittycow Dec 2016 #25
HRH made it to her twenty first birthday Warpy Dec 2016 #26
... 2naSalit Dec 2016 #27
We are sitting with you Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #28
(((((hugs)))))) alittlelark Dec 2016 #29
My heart goes out to you. MontanaMama Dec 2016 #30
I am so sorry Liberalynn Dec 2016 #31
Hugs! tosh Dec 2016 #32
So sorry to hear that... you have my sincere sympathies. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2016 #34
The cross-species bond is strong and can never be broken... VOX Dec 2016 #35
I'm so sorry - KT2000 Dec 2016 #36
So sorry you're about to lose your kitty. QED Dec 2016 #37
so very sorry for your loss as well. May Lady Bast give you peace. niyad Dec 2016 #80
Very sorry, Garron! Been there. Different Drummer Dec 2016 #38
What the vet said when I put my 20+ year ol kitty down... RiverStone Dec 2016 #39
How gently and eloquently stated... 3catwoman3 Dec 2016 #74
I am so sorry. DawgHouse Dec 2016 #40
sorry to hear that, catsudon Dec 2016 #41
welcome to du niyad Dec 2016 #81
Garion, deepest sympathy canetoad Dec 2016 #42
I've been through that. My sympathies n/t shadowrider Dec 2016 #43
That pain of loss is the reflection of the depth of love, it is all one, as is your heart bound with JudyM Dec 2016 #44
So sorry. I still miss the four-legged companions I have lost, and cherish the one I still have. FuzzyRabbit Dec 2016 #45
So sorry. TrishaJ Dec 2016 #46
I'm so sorry. CrispyQ Dec 2016 #47
I'm so sorry. emmadoggy Dec 2016 #48
.... spanone Dec 2016 #49
I'm so sorry. CousinIT Dec 2016 #50
I'm sorry :( bravenak Dec 2016 #51
I definitely feel you on this Generic Brad Dec 2016 #52
Something you might try for your cat Cordy Dec 2016 #53
I'm so sorry oldtime dfl_er Dec 2016 #54
I'm so sorry. TexasMommaWithAHat Dec 2016 #55
i'm so sorry to hear that shireen Dec 2016 #56
I know how you feel thegoose Dec 2016 #57
Very sorry to hear - they mean so much to us. bullwinkle428 Dec 2016 #58
i lost my TWELVE year old male before last xmas, i NEED SPARES. 2 babies after xmas. pansypoo53219 Dec 2016 #59
I have had that "last night" with a fyrbaby pnwest Dec 2016 #60
I'm so very sorry. onecaliberal Dec 2016 #61
So sad. It's awful going through that. we can do it Dec 2016 #62
I'm so sorry. beveeheart Dec 2016 #63
If I could be a cat, I'd like to be your cat. raven mad Dec 2016 #64
No dramatic changes this morning. Garion_55 Dec 2016 #65
Blessings to you both Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #66
I'm so sorry. I've lost cats close to that age, and it's devastating to lose highplainsdem Dec 2016 #67
Sigh.... Are_grits_groceries Dec 2016 #68
Thought of you when I read the OP malaise Dec 2016 #112
thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers Garion_55 Dec 2016 #69
We have an 18 year old kitty. redwitch Dec 2016 #71
it does indeed suck!!! your other babies do know what is happening and will need love and niyad Dec 2016 #83
Always Remember howoldami Dec 2016 #70
I am sorry, Garion. nt raccoon Dec 2016 #72
Condolences DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #73
So sorry to hear, positive energy. forgotmylogin Dec 2016 #75
I have lost cats that made it to 17, 18 and 19 years old ginnyinWI Dec 2016 #76
... RKP5637 Dec 2016 #77
(((((((((((garion_55))))))))) I am so very sorry for your expected loss. it is heartbreaking niyad Dec 2016 #78
My condolences kudzu22 Dec 2016 #79
So very sorry, Garion_55. Granny M Dec 2016 #82
So sorry. I have been through this many times. It never gets easier. How many cats do you have? tblue37 Dec 2016 #84
Dog's Will, also applies to cats Bayard Dec 2016 #85
tears here. niyad Dec 2016 #88
I feel with you - lost my two cats within 8 months of each other Big_K Dec 2016 #86
Oh, giant hugs to you and your kitty! hamsterjill Dec 2016 #87
its almost time 8-( Garion_55 Dec 2016 #89
so sorry IcyPeas Dec 2016 #90
I say, be thankful heaven05 Dec 2016 #91
So sorry for you and your furbaby right now. anniebelle Dec 2016 #92
I'm so sorry. My oldest is 17,too, and she's getting a bit frail. Vinca Dec 2016 #93
R.I.P. LC my baby cat. Garion_55 Dec 2016 #94
... Liberal_in_LA Dec 2016 #95
(((((((((garion_55)))))))) I know that nothing can ease the pain right now, but know that niyad Dec 2016 #105
Oh gosh I'm sorry. a la izquierda Dec 2016 #96
She fought to stay with you. I'm so sorry for your loss. nt cry baby Dec 2016 #97
I'm so very sorry for your lose. Captain Stern Dec 2016 #98
I'm glad she had someone who loved her. R. P. McMurphy Dec 2016 #99
it's so hard Skittles Dec 2016 #100
Very sorry LyndaG Dec 2016 #101
Hang in there -- rogerashton Dec 2016 #103
Very so sorry for your loss. tenderfoot Dec 2016 #106
Oh I am so sorry bdamomma Dec 2016 #107
So sorry for your loss. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2016 #108
I'm so sorry, so painful to lose to a furkid.. Raine Dec 2016 #109
I'm so sorry anniebelle Dec 2016 #110
Mind sharing a pic of your baby? crazycatlady Dec 2016 #113
here she is at the end Garion_55 Dec 2016 #114
I'm so sorry for your loss. Let it out. NCTraveler Dec 2016 #115
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