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Wed Jun 20, 2012, 06:44 PM

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain... [View all]

The man behind the curtain is of course the very fact that we're in a depression at this very moment because the leaders who are running things and the media who are supposed to document it all are refusing to do their jobs. They will not question the ways of the world. They refuse to advance the right kind of questions and are also refusing to acknowledge the fact that perhaps less than five percent of this nation's wealth is actually being circulated throughout our economy.

They are afraid of the answers, it's so plain to see.

That our great wealth is set aside and is invisible to all of us, we're not even supposed to acknowledge that it even exists. It's like some great secret, known only to the mystical wizards who are guarding them away from the peasants in the street. That's because that wealth is sanctioned for making a bloated and unnecessary arsenal, which either sits around and doesn't make any return on the investment, or is sold overseas at discount prices… Think of that strategy as the kind where pushers give away freebees, hook potential customers on their highly addictive junk and then charge exorbitant prices when they come crawling back, jonesing on their knees for more.

Parts, upgrades and maintenance, that's how you hook the rubes on your Pentagon junk, baby. Those weapons, mind you, create a temping incentive to use them against other people for any damn reason that can be imagined. But more about that some other time.

But the real shameful story is that our wealth is also being hoarded by the über-rich, the multinationals and the banks. Demand creation isn't even being discussed out loud. That's because, in order to create demand, the massive amount of wealth that is currently held and is either being unused or abused by our betters is going to have to be widely redistributed to generate the engine for a truly vibrant and healthy economy.

But who wants say that?

Any one of those pols or talking heads who would say something like that will be quickly discredited and disposed of so fast that it'll make their heads spin. This is in spite of the fact that some of the slide into Republican Hell has been slowed down because of the President's own efforts in the private sector, against the efforts of the GOP dilettantes in the Congress who are refusing to move forward on job creating and while they're too busy trying to legislate uteruses and snipe chasing the Attorney General of the United States.

But, do you REALLY want to see a bloodbath? Just TRY even HINTING at massively redistributing the nation's wealth away from the hoarders at the top towards the rest of the hoi polloi who are just itching to move it along and it will create that bloodbath in the blab-o-sphere. So, we're all, you I and every other person that you know, are resorting to playing with fractions of pennies while hundred dollar bills are being used to light Cohibas in the Halls of Power and Influence.

Oh, and about those pesky banks, I didn't forget about them… They're gambling the wealth of nation on highly risky and unstable financial "instruments" with all of OUR money, while they're feathering their own nests in the long run.

What's left is a society that's been fooled into witch hunting each other for the problems created by those at the very top. Making people feel guilty for wanting fair treatment and the means to create a better standard of living for their families. The rich are at war with the rest of us because 95.5% of the wealth that they have just isn't enough for them. They want it all and they don't want anyone to pull the curtains away.

Let's say that the complete picture is right there in front of everybody, yet they have been thoroughly drilled into not seeing what is plainly there.

That is the situation that we're living in today. Now, that's the bad news.

The good news, however, is that today is the first day of Summer...


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