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sofa king

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22. We won't see him for a few days.
Mon Nov 7, 2016, 11:50 PM
Nov 2016

He's a narcissist, the biggest, most stupendous narcissist in American history... next to George W. Bush. Getting his ass whipped will trigger a crash of self-esteem and for a brief, crushing moment he will be able to feel empathy, possibly for the numerous people he has harmed and the nation he has damaged.

He'll retreat into sullen reclusion for a few days until his sycophants can puff him up again, and then he'll be back to being a self-important asshole with a new television network to run into the dirt. But it will never be the same. Never again will he feel the thrill of the adoring crowds and the delusions of grandeur he enjoyed this year. And at the corners of his psyche will lurk the his favorite insult, clawing at his spirit:


I think Tuesday, Nov. 8, 3:16 AM. EST world wide wally Nov 2016 #1
. geomon666 Nov 2016 #3
I imagine his "Curse you, Dorothy, I'm melting, melting" moment will run several more years Bucky Nov 2016 #4
Can't wait for twitter to be turned back on for him. Egnever Nov 2016 #6
Another thing he's flipping out about is he's not the story. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2016 #8
He's had his twitter privileges suspended by his staff Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #9
I love that he's such a child Dorian Gray Nov 2016 #27
it would be downright Hilarious if some ridiculous percentage of the voting populace wasn't fully Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #28
You're right, of course, Dorian Gray Nov 2016 #29
Meltdown or nervous breakdown. One or the other. Donald sounds exhausted ffr Nov 2016 #10
His business empire is crumbling, too. leftyladyfrommo Nov 2016 #13
I hope he gets his Twitter back just in time for Election Day... backscatter712 Nov 2016 #16
Failed businessman, failed politician, bitter, resentful, .. Albertoo Nov 2016 #18
Wish I could be on the corner thursday am when his limo pulls out and there are no reporters lindysalsagal Nov 2016 #19
Must be some dust at the Dump Tower. lonestarnot Nov 2016 #21
I wish. & wish for *popcorn*!1 When does he sleep? "Speed"/cocaine/what? UTUSN Nov 2016 #20
We won't see him for a few days. sofa king Nov 2016 #22
He must be doing a lot of cocaine tonight. milestogo Nov 2016 #23
Didn't he attack the Somali population malaise Nov 2016 #25
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