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17. HA HA HA This is the funnest thing I have ever read here.
Thu Nov 3, 2016, 09:22 PM
Nov 2016

There is A Mormon mafia in the FBI too!

All this time, I thought Hanssen was CIA LeftInTX Oct 2016 #1
I think CIA's distrust of FBI was valid, but, led to disrupted communication blm Oct 2016 #2
Ture and I think this will only make things between the two agencies worse. sarcasmo Nov 2016 #33
Kicking for younger DUers who probably never heard of Robert Hanssen. blm Oct 2016 #3
Antonin Scalia was rumored to belong to the Opus Dei Society. Fla Dem Oct 2016 #6
He was Opus Dei. blm Oct 2016 #7
Alito, Thomas, Roberts, quite possibly. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #11
Add FBI's Opus Dei Mafia to Putin's Russian Orthodox authoritarians. blm Nov 2016 #14
Are we talking about James Kallstrom on the fed end? Mc Mike Nov 2016 #15
Don't know, but, the MO sounds familiar. Methinks this ODmafia at the FBI has grown since Hanssen. blm Nov 2016 #16
This explains dRumpf's stupid and incomprehensible slam at the Al Smith dinner Mc Mike Nov 2016 #21
Whoa…I forgot about that Al Smith dinner slam - Everyone was shocked that he'd say blm Nov 2016 #22
And I believe that Putin took over the Rusian Orthodox Church. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #23
Exacty, and their unifier is hatred for others and their admiration for authoritarian fascists. blm Nov 2016 #24
We'd have to change the planet name to ''Drumpf", for that one ruler idea. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #28
I wonder if Opus Dei has malicious intent for Pope Francis who is NOT an Opus Dei Catholic. blm Nov 2016 #31
JP I found out about that the hard way, Mc Mike Nov 2016 #32
Banco Ambrosiano: Mc Mike Nov 2016 #34
Yip, that was the Great Conversion Fever for spooks, Robt NOVAKula, & INGRAHAM UTUSN Oct 2016 #4
Hoping younger DUers catch up to this group. blm Oct 2016 #5
Opus Dei is just another reason I left Dawson Leery Oct 2016 #8
Earthquake stopped me. blm Nov 2016 #9
Wondering how many FBI agents are working for KGB at this point? blm Nov 2016 #10
I Wanted To Make A Joke About.... Laxman Nov 2016 #12
Thank you. I never forget these things and view all events like this through blm Nov 2016 #13
HA HA HA This is the funnest thing I have ever read here. KWR65 Nov 2016 #17
So…..post your reasons why it couldn't possibly be plausible. We'll listen blm Nov 2016 #18
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