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Mc Mike

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46. Thanks, Zam. I never heard the resolution of them, just remember hearing
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Sun Oct 23, 2016, 08:01 PM
Oct 2016

they were unprecedented. Like usual, for the repugs.

OK, then: "Gropen-suer." Gottit. This one's a keeper. n/t. lindysalsagal Oct 2016 #1
deplorable, despicable, demented! napkinz Oct 2016 #4
Disastrous - his favorite word for anything not about him.. spiderpig Oct 2016 #33
Nov 8 ... the word will be DEFEATED napkinz Oct 2016 #37
He can try that anyway. He's the assault-with-lawsuit king. Hortensis Oct 2016 #2
so his agenda in the first 100 days ... napkinz Oct 2016 #5
Trump-style wet dreams. Hortensis Oct 2016 #7
Did he also say he would then stiff his lawyers for the bill? chelsea0011 Oct 2016 #3
he probably thinks he could use government-paid lawyers to do the suing RussBLib Oct 2016 #34
Or pay for them through his foundation to benefit Donald Trump. greatauntoftriplets Oct 2016 #39
He thinks the AG is a volunteer position lol Volaris Oct 2016 #40
He just gave women more motivation to turn out on Election Day LongTomH Oct 2016 #6
yep, THIS ... napkinz Oct 2016 #8
... napkinz Oct 2016 #20
Is this really the guy we want as president running things? Initech Oct 2016 #9
40% of Americans think so napkinz Oct 2016 #12
I've been hearing how stupid a lot of Americans are for my whole life RussBLib Oct 2016 #36
The discover phase of those lawsuits would be priceless. herding cats Oct 2016 #10
Did he say HE will sue, or they 'will be sued???' elleng Oct 2016 #11
"will be sued" napkinz Oct 2016 #16
So he'll use the presidency to destroy his enemies? yardwork Oct 2016 #13
sounds Nixonian napkinz Oct 2016 #19
Nixon had bigger hands. Volaris Oct 2016 #41
Late breaking news safeinOhio Oct 2016 #14
Correction: He said after the election; he didn't say he'd be suing as President. pinboy3niner Oct 2016 #15
Trump is all about revenge. avebury Oct 2016 #17
I believe Branson....Trump is only focused with getting even with folks HipChick Oct 2016 #21
What an ass! smirkymonkey Oct 2016 #18
go ahead, Donald, make my day napkinz Oct 2016 #22
He won't be Presidentand he'll face a class action law suit malaise Oct 2016 #24
as an MSNBC commentator said, it's INTIMIDATION napkinz Oct 2016 #25
He just proved he is a dictator Lanius Oct 2016 #26
"the law and order candidate" ... "seeking revenge against his enemies" napkinz Oct 2016 #27
LMAO. roamer65 Oct 2016 #42
Why would you do that? Why tell the world? Trump constantly amazes me. Rex Oct 2016 #28
that shark he keeps 'jumping' will come forward and Trump will threaten to sue napkinz Oct 2016 #29
BHAHAHAHA!!! Rex Oct 2016 #31
thanks Rex napkinz Oct 2016 #32
Unbelievable. greatauntoftriplets Oct 2016 #38
yep napkinz Oct 2016 #44
Doesn't the repug congress have 2 unprecedented lawsuits going, against the current prez? Mc Mike Oct 2016 #43
Great pics, throughout the thread. Thanks, napkinz, nt. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #47
you're welcome Mc Mike napkinz Oct 2016 #48
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