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22. Transfer the Seriously and Chronically Ill to a Taxpayer funded Public Health.
Mon Oct 17, 2016, 06:08 AM
Oct 2016

Half of what we pay in health insurance goes to cover the couple percent of serious and chronically ill patients. About 5% of people account for 50% of healthcare spending. We really should move them from the regular ACA to a progressively funded Public Health Pool. It puts to much of a regressive load on low income families to lump them in with everyone else. Single Payer Tax funded chronic health coverage for those in the top few percent of healthcare spending and such chronic conditions.

with no aca, even worse plans and still expensive Foggyhill Oct 2016 #1
I understand that SHRED Oct 2016 #2
What is 100% ironic is that Trump is questioning the laws that prevent Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2016 #11
1971 SHRED Oct 2016 #12
Thanks, you just made me sick (no pun intended). Geez, we need a really Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2016 #15
And here is a prophetic article from 2007 SHRED Oct 2016 #14
There's a bunch that could be done. What will be done is anyone's guess Algernon Moncrieff Oct 2016 #3
The only answer I see is expanding Medicare dflprincess Oct 2016 #4
Is that 1500, 1700 and 3500 a month? mahina Oct 2016 #16
The premium is going from $1,500 to $1,700/month dflprincess Oct 2016 #43
Regarding lowering costs... Princess Turandot Oct 2016 #19
I saw an infomercial the other day for "Cancer loans" Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2016 #48
Much depends on the state, your level of income, plans that participate. LuvLoogie Oct 2016 #5
Without the ACA central scrutinizer Oct 2016 #6
It was a positive step forward for sure SHRED Oct 2016 #7
Very soon . I will have only kacekwl Oct 2016 #9
Without ACa most people in their 50s and 60s would be frazzled Oct 2016 #8
I am not questioning the benefits of the ACA SHRED Oct 2016 #13
It will be tough without enough votes in the house. ohnoyoudidnt Oct 2016 #44
I'm so sorry to hear about your news. thucythucy Oct 2016 #27
Fortunately ms. cs is stronger than me central scrutinizer Oct 2016 #42
They could start with removing the profit motive from the process of paying for health care. A HERETIC I AM Oct 2016 #10
Word. mahina Oct 2016 #18
It's time to revisit the public option BainsBane Oct 2016 #17
The increase in premiums even WITH DemonGoddess Oct 2016 #20
GOTV and get rid of the repub's duncang Oct 2016 #21
Transfer the Seriously and Chronically Ill to a Taxpayer funded Public Health. One_Life_To_Give Oct 2016 #22
Everybody needs to be on Medicare. leftyladyfrommo Oct 2016 #23
The only change LWolf Oct 2016 #24
Problem with the ACA vlyons Oct 2016 #26
It has nothing to do with the ACA Dem2 Oct 2016 #28
I think your theard title is causing this to be passed by. bighart Oct 2016 #29
I changed it. SHRED Oct 2016 #30
The failure was the lack of a national exchange. Exilednight Oct 2016 #31
Make it so when a person hits 50, they can stay with what they have or buy into Medicare. tonyt53 Oct 2016 #32
Looking at the numbers edhopper Oct 2016 #33
Our premiums went... SHRED Oct 2016 #34
And there were plenty of stories of premiunms doubling edhopper Oct 2016 #35
Yes it would SHRED Oct 2016 #36
I know. But in 2007, my family premium on supposedly good employer insurance went haele Oct 2016 #37
Yes it is better than before... SHRED Oct 2016 #39
I blame Trump AngryAmish Oct 2016 #38
Mine is going up about 9% next year PasadenaTrudy Oct 2016 #40
There is a dramatic age discrimination built in SHRED Oct 2016 #41
We need single-payer ASAP! JSA944 Oct 2016 #45
No denying it...I can't afford to get sick. Atman Oct 2016 #46
Make Medicare the single-payor. No private health insurance. Include dental as well. N/t roamer65 Oct 2016 #47
So long as the system guarantees profit, nothing. lumberjack_jeff Oct 2016 #49
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