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16. I sent Blue a link to your thread, my dear malaise...and she responded:
Sun Sep 18, 2016, 09:43 PM
Sep 2016

She gave me permission to post what she said to me.

Well, that's sweet. You can tell them that I'm alive and well, not posting much anywhere. I just couldn't bring myself to sign a loyalty oath, and I think it kind of bites that a person can't even recommend a post without jumping through that hoop. If they drop that after the election, I might come back, but the tone of the place really put me off. Too many bossy people that I don't know or trust. When it got to the point where I had almost 200 people on ignore, I knew it was time to go.

Shout out for Blue in Alaska [View all] malaise Sep 2016 OP
I miss her very much. scarletwoman Sep 2016 #1
Damn malaise Sep 2016 #2
She's gone, and I don't think she'll be back. CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2016 #3
Yes Sherman A1 Sep 2016 #4
Blue is a wonderful photographer. A gentle soul. alfredo Sep 2016 #14
She sure is both of those things, my dear alfredo... CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2016 #15
It seems to be calming down. I hope she returns now that it's "safe" here. alfredo Sep 2016 #18
Why'd she leave? d_b Sep 2016 #5
Where'd she go? cwydro Sep 2016 #6
Wish I knew malaise Sep 2016 #7
Maybe the primary wars? cwydro Sep 2016 #8
She was posting at JPR. Sissyk Sep 2016 #9
Well, guess my supposition was correct. cwydro Sep 2016 #10
I don't disagree with you but I know Sissyk Sep 2016 #11
True dat! cwydro Sep 2016 #17
Blue In Alaska is missed. She was very active in the Photography Group. SaveOurDemocracy Sep 2016 #12
She was great mrs_p Sep 2016 #13
I sent Blue a link to your thread, my dear malaise...and she responded: CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2016 #16
Thanks for the update. alfredo Sep 2016 #19
I miss her too. redwitch Sep 2016 #20
I get what she's saying malaise Sep 2016 #21
:sigh: demmiblue Sep 2016 #22
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