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Person 2713

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6. Suburban white women '16 vote is a lot less than Rmoney achieved. They are desperate peddling
Tue Sep 13, 2016, 01:32 PM
Sep 2016

whipped up fear and fairy tales
Everyone sane is already done with trump and his klan

Deplorable MohRokTah Sep 2016 #1
Deplorable. (n/t) Iggo Sep 2016 #2
Deplorable Deluxe. n/t Avalux Sep 2016 #3
Sounds like his sick fantasy, to me. elleng Sep 2016 #4
I have heard similar comments from mainstream Republicans. gordianot Sep 2016 #5
Suburban white women '16 vote is a lot less than Rmoney achieved. They are desperate peddling Person 2713 Sep 2016 #6
And Pence is perfectly fine with him SwankyXomb Sep 2016 #7
Wow! I guess he'll have some trouble landolfi Sep 2016 #8
Sounds like the king of crud that incited lynchings decades ago. Deplorables will agree with DD. Hoyt Sep 2016 #9
Does he not realize that he is giving voice to his own sexual fantasies? nt msanthrope Sep 2016 #10
Where on earth do people dream up this shit from? n/t Calista241 Sep 2016 #11
their own sick and perverted little "minds" niyad Sep 2016 #13
comes from living in an 1860 dream world. n/t dixiegrrrrl Sep 2016 #20
Another good reason not to shop at Walmart? PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2016 #12
makes one know that one does not wish to associate with the kind of person who can niyad Sep 2016 #14
I was just thinking Walmart is probably not too thrilled with that statement..n/t monmouth4 Sep 2016 #22
And Mike Pence doesn't want to call him deplorable... sarae Sep 2016 #15
So the lesson is......... shop at K-Mart? nt Guy Whitey Corngood Sep 2016 #16
I would say "unreal", but we all know this how he and his kind think. Behind the Aegis Sep 2016 #17
As a Black man, I am deeply offended by this remark. Yavin4 Sep 2016 #18
Smile....... dixiegrrrrl Sep 2016 #21
Gee. Wonder why some lucky lady hasn't snapped him up. nolabear Sep 2016 #19
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