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9. I signed the petition
Fri Sep 2, 2016, 11:12 AM
Sep 2016

and thought I'd kick this too, even though I doubt it will really accomplish anything...although not really well-known or all that widely used in the U.S., relatively speaking, this plant has the potential to really cut into pharmaceutical profits, so is probably doomed to be scheduled as a Very Bad Thing.

As long as they're making more plants illegal, they should go ahead and add one of kratom's relatives in the Rubiaceae family, the Coffea Arabica plant, to Schedule I. This plant seems to meet the qualifications...no legitimate medical use, and a very strong potential for addiction and abuse. Anybody who uses this dangerous drug/plant is clearly a threat to society and needs to be locked up immediately.

K and R. NaturalHigh Sep 2016 #1
Same here... I'm really surprised by this action as lots of jack_krass Sep 2016 #2
simply insane G_j Sep 2016 #3
I've never heard of Kratom. Control-Z Sep 2016 #4
It's a natural herb Revanchist Sep 2016 #5
Such devastating news... welivetotreadonkings Sep 2016 #6
KICK. Please everybody sign this petition. This herb had helped so many people jack_krass Sep 2016 #7
k G_j Sep 2016 #8
I signed the petition anarch Sep 2016 #9
Caffeine delivered by way of coffee is my addictive psychoactive drug of choice. nt tblue37 Sep 2016 #15
Kicked and signed. pamela Sep 2016 #10
The DEA is corrupt Calculating Sep 2016 #11
The whole idea of a Schedule I drug is ridiculous. RAFisher Sep 2016 #12
where are they threatening to do that? wildbilln864 Sep 2016 #13
They've done it. pamela Sep 2016 #14
How do they get to decide these things for us!? wildbilln864 Sep 2016 #16
It's not over till it's over. Crunchy Frog Sep 2016 #18
Thats good to hear... Lucinda Sep 2016 #20
Signed the petition. Thank you for posting. Crunchy Frog Sep 2016 #17
Huge K&R - I've used Kratom myself, to help when I am backing down my pain med levels Lucinda Sep 2016 #19
Giving this a kick. n/t Crunchy Frog Sep 2016 #21
Because prohibition has worked so well for everything else. Warren DeMontague Sep 2016 #22
k&r (eom) CanSocDem Sep 2016 #23
not sure what it is or does but the 'refined plant' floods in asian shipments to the USA Sunlei Sep 2016 #24
Everything Not Compulsory Must Be Illegal TheSarcastinator Sep 2016 #25
Rufus T. Firefly said it best SwankyXomb Sep 2016 #26
61,141 SIGNED, needs 100,000. nt G_j Sep 2016 #27
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