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17. Rightwingers and many republicans fear the idea that people can change.
Sun Aug 28, 2016, 10:40 AM
Aug 2016

It interferes with their easy assumptions that everything is either black or white, one is "with us or against us", and "things have always been this way and always will be".

It's why "flip-flop" was made a pejorative—the progressive concept that a person can hold one opinion and then another after learning more about an evolving situation makes them crazy because it undermines the religious concept of "unshakeable belief". (Which it actually does not; learning from mistakes is one of the tenets most religious parables teach. They often eagerly conflate "faith" with "personal opinion" because they like to have faith. Lots of it.)

Also, thinking is hard and revisiting a situation objectively takes time. They'd rather go with what they know, which was learned from their parents, which has always been "the way it was, the way it is". Shades of gray are too complicated to explain to their children.

They'd much rather shoot first and believe there was no good that could have been done because that lets them sleep at night.

Isn't Redemption a big part safeinOhio Aug 2016 #1
Playing it up for the rubes is important...kind of. graegoyle Aug 2016 #3
Rightwingers and many republicans fear the idea that people can change. forgotmylogin Aug 2016 #17
EXCELLENT reply. nolabear Aug 2016 #22
Byrd should be slammed for what was real. Not this imaginary "support for the Klan." Archae Aug 2016 #2
Love matters; keeping my third eye open read profile GummyBearsRYummy Oct 2020 #25
Byrd is ok in my book. 90-percent Aug 2016 #4
I loved Senator Byrd; he babylonsister Aug 2016 #5
Man, who's chopping onions? lillypaddle Aug 2016 #6
I know, me, too. nt babylonsister Aug 2016 #8
thanks for this. mopinko Aug 2016 #11
"I weep for my country" Martin Eden Aug 2016 #18
Amen, Babsis. He achieved greatness. Hekate Aug 2016 #19
I don't think tRump has ever apologized ... for anything. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2016 #7
Trump has never apologized for stirring up fear and racial animus in 1989 ... napkinz Aug 2016 #9
The GOP is tRump and they are filth SHRED Aug 2016 #10
Isn't it strange? gratuitous Aug 2016 #12
Get a pass from who? loyalsister Aug 2016 #24
Although it's almost impossible to do, Byrd all but made up for his racism early in his life... George II Aug 2016 #13
"Misspent youth"? He was 24 when he joined the Klan and recruited 150 people into it. Nye Bevan Aug 2016 #14
Is 27 too old to turn one's life around? Unit 001 Aug 2016 #15
No. But I wouldn't describe a 27-year old as being a "youth". (nt) Nye Bevan Aug 2016 #16
Byrd redeemed himself, long before he was middle aged. He was still young. Hekate Aug 2016 #20
I'm 63 Years old. 24 and 27 is youth louis c Aug 2016 #21
He did redeem himself on race dsc Aug 2016 #23
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