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6. Salvador, Platoon, Born on the 4th of July, JFK...
Sat Aug 20, 2016, 07:12 AM
Aug 2016

Were all pretty spot-on...

Snowden should be a good one

Edward Snowden Verified account ?@Snowden

[font color=darkred]For two minutes and thirty nine seconds, everybody at NSA just stopped working.[/font]

I liked JFK. probably wrecked the real truth but it was still an interesting flick. havent seen msongs Aug 2016 #1
Yea was a fun movie Egnever Aug 2016 #2
Yes I liked JFK too. But I've never believed JFK's death was a conspiracy. Just saw applegrove Aug 2016 #3
Stone called his JFK movie a fiction, and boy, is it ever! stopbush Aug 2016 #4
I used to believe all the conspiracy stuff until.. MicaelS Aug 2016 #5
"Nova" on PBS just had a show about the science, regarding the shooting of Kennedy. Archae Aug 2016 #7
Historical Consultants: John McAdams & Gerald Posner MinM Aug 2016 #9
I guess we need you to show us how it was done. former9thward Aug 2016 #28
Absolute bullshit. stopbush Aug 2016 #29
Bullshit back at you. former9thward Aug 2016 #30
Oswald scored 212 in 1956 - earned a Sharpshooter rating. stopbush Aug 2016 #31
That was after 3 weeks of intensive training. former9thward Aug 2016 #33
You can search the DU archives. I've provided chapter and verse stopbush Aug 2016 #34
Again no links former9thward Aug 2016 #38
Sorry, but I long ago grew tired of arguing with CTists who ignore science stopbush Aug 2016 #39
LOL former9thward Aug 2016 #41
Er, the link I provided IS the testimony from the WC. stopbush Aug 2016 #42
has the intertubes told you who did it then? snooper2 Aug 2016 #45
Salvador, Platoon, Born on the 4th of July, JFK... MinM Aug 2016 #6
"Spot-on" in fantasyland. Archae Aug 2016 #8
Yeah, like when Reagan said the Contras were the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers. Octafish Aug 2016 #11
Oliver Stone is a liar, and an anti-Semite. Archae Aug 2016 #14
I can condemn his anti-semitic crap and still recognize his right to make art cali Aug 2016 #18
I don't think he's an anti-Semite as his father was Jewish. Octafish Aug 2016 #23
I saw Stone's "apology." Even Trump put more into his. Archae Aug 2016 #25
And in real life Jim Garrison, the DA hero of JFK, was a raging homophobe. thucythucy Aug 2016 #27
Yup. He thought Shaw was part of a "homosexual thrill kill club." Archae Aug 2016 #37
Periodically, everyone at the NSA stops working to trick enemies ;-) Jeffersons Ghost Aug 2016 #22
Except in Born on the 4th of July that whistler162 Aug 2016 #32
He's a talented film maker. I want to see it. I'm able to parse fact from fiction. cali Aug 2016 #10
Being a talented film maker doesn't say anything about the truth. Archae Aug 2016 #13
He's a movie director. He makes art. Artists interpret what they see. This is simple shit. cali Aug 2016 #15
Stone can use the 1rst as much as he wants. Archae Aug 2016 #20
I fully support your right to crap all over Stone. I don't find him an appealing figure cali Aug 2016 #21
LOL! Rex Aug 2016 #12
that really is the best response cali Aug 2016 #16
It is just a credible as the Rex Aug 2016 #40
This story deserves to be told. Orrex Aug 2016 #17
Never liked his movies joeybee12 Aug 2016 #19
Lazy-ass has-been who can't come up with anything original. randome Aug 2016 #24
Most of us here condemned Michael Bay and his movie "13 Hours." Archae Aug 2016 #26
The Parallax View: a JFK conspiracy film that gets it right MinM Aug 2016 #35
The sad part is this is only the first Hollywood biopic Blue_Tires Aug 2016 #36
You don't like Oliver Stone? oberliner Aug 2016 #43
I loved is early stuff up to Nixon on a purely movie making stand point Johonny Aug 2016 #44
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