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Thu Jun 14, 2012, 09:34 AM

The "Tell".... [View all]

If you play cards on a regular basis with the same people, eventually you become used to their "tells"..those minor physical movements that indicate whether they have a great hand or they're bluffing. I think the same applies to those we hear and watch on a daily basis. I'll use McCain and Scarborough as examples, they are the easiest for me to read.

McCain is complaining that POTUS ignored him after the election. Of course, this is nonsense and McCain knows this but here's his "tell." He is complaining about the President loudly because the "nice guy" image is bothering him. Rmoney is not a "nice guy" and it's being hammered home to the electorate, Mitt is not charismatic nor is he honest. Deep down repubs know their man is a loser so diversions must be made. I doubt McCain cares one way or the other if Obama pays him any mind. The Senate and House are in jeopardy of going all Democratic and this is very upsetting to Repubs. Their "tell" is to spout nonsense, any diversion will do, whether you look and sound like an idiot does not matter. The public are stupid and will forget about his ranting when the next shiny thing comes along.

I've been watching Scarborough for many years. When he's in a good mood he's quite charming, good conversation and almost hits the intelligence conversationalist mark. He's even non-condescending to Mika and let's her speak at length about whatever point she wants to make. However, he becomes shrill and downright nasty and snarly when his information and observations of his repubs are going off the rails. He was not enthralled with Rmoney from the beginning but like a good right-winger, fell in line. The shrillness comes from the doubt and fear he feels when Mitt open his mouth and comes out with more distortions and lies. Joe gives the public more credit than McCain does. He knows, in his heart of hearts that repubs will most likely lose it all because of such a flawed candidate. Norquist is a serious problem for people like Scarborough. Joe doesn't have the spine to say it out loud but I notice Norquist is not a guest, ever as far as I know, on his show.

I really don't pay much attention to either McCain or Joe when they get this way. They're about to go down and they know it. They are depending on stealing and cheating, sad to say, and push the "close race" meme as much as possible. I doubt it will be as easy to steal as some may think, but keep in mind these "tells." Jovial and relaxed, uh oh...Shrill..they have problems. I'm betting on shrill until November and then wailing until Christmas.

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