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nationalize the fed

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Wed Jul 20, 2016, 07:54 PM Jul 2016

Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller Linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS [View all]

A new study reveals that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto's popular herbicide, alters DNA function that correlates to a number of diseases.

Alternet, July 19, 2016

A review of the scientific literature links glyphosate, one of the most popular weed killers in the U.S. and the active ingredient in Roundup, to a wide range of diseases through a mechanism that modifies DNA functioning, adding a new even more troubling dimension to the herbicide’s cancer classification by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. According to the most recent review, Glyphosate pathways to modern disease V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins, conducted by independent scientists Anthony Samsel, Ph.D. and Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), glyphosate acts as a glycine analogue that incorporates into peptides during protein synthesis. In this process, it alters a number of proteins that depend on conserved glycine for proper function. According to the authors, glyphosate substitution for glycine correlates with several diseases, including diabetes, obesity, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson’s disease, among others.

Glycine, the smallest amino acid commonly found in proteins, has unique properties that support flexibility and the ability to anchor to the plasma membrane or the cytoskeleton. This new direct biological evidence, taken together with correlational data, make a compelling case that glyphosate action as a glycine analogue accounts for much of glyphosate’s toxicity, according to the study. The authors find that glyphosate, as an amino acid analogue of glycine, may be incorporated into polypeptide chains during protein synthesis. In doing so, it has an impact on the structure and function of the proteins. Proteins fold up, and glycine is a small molecule that is often found at the folding places. Since glyphosate is much larger, it prevents the protein molecule from folding properly, leading to the disruption of function of many proteins with essential roles in metabolism and regulatory processes.

The article cites a number of ways that this affects humans and other organisms. According to the study, the consequences of this action can lead to impaired fatty acid release leading to obesity, impaired insulin receptor response leading to diabetes, impaired one-carbon metabolism leading to neural tube defects and autism, impaired cell cycle control during DNA synthesis, and disregulated phosphorylation cascades leading to cancer, lung disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

Stephen Frantz, Ph.D., a pathobiologist research scientist explains it like this: “When a cell is trying to form proteins, it may grab glyphosate instead of glycine to form a damaged, mis-folded protein. After that it’s medical chaos. Where glyphosate replaces glycine, the cell can no longer conduct business as usual causing unpredicted consequences with many diseases and disorders as a result.”...snip
Read More: http://www.alternet.org/food/monsantos-roundup-weedkiller-changes-dna-function-causing-chronic-disease

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The sugar and wheat starch could also have glyphosate if it was the US ....looks like the Person 2713 Jul 2016 #1
almost all wheat is GMO Cryptoad Jul 2016 #5
Utter Bullshit Elmergantry Jul 2016 #7
It can be glysophate sprayed pre harvest but this product is from the Netherlands Person 2713 Jul 2016 #10
Wheat is sprayed with Roundup before harvesting.... HeartoftheMidwest Jul 2016 #13
that does not make wheat "GMO" Elmergantry Jul 2016 #16
If you'll read what I actually wrote... HeartoftheMidwest Jul 2016 #94
Soy and corn too n/t TexasBushwhacker Jul 2016 #8
Actually, the wheat is not GMO but it is sprayed with Roundup a week before harvest to dry it out womanofthehills Jul 2016 #11
so the majority of the wheat in the USA is contaminated with glyphosate Elmergantry Jul 2016 #17
Actually, Tropical Traditions - only sells organic and could barely find wheat without glyphosate womanofthehills Jul 2016 #25
Same researcher claimed GMOs were going to make everyone autistic Major Nikon Jul 2016 #2
And she says GMOs cause concussions, too! HuckleB Jul 2016 #3
The problem is there is no real penalty for being spectacularly wrong. Archae Jul 2016 #4
Nor is there any penalty at DU for ugly attacks against posters who prefer science. HuckleB Jul 2016 #30
Again Projection on who is making ugly attacks!!! womanofthehills Jul 2016 #59
There's no projection. HuckleB Jul 2016 #61
Guess the lawyers against Monsanto have some "good science." womanofthehills Jul 2016 #162
Courts don't do science well, and they haven't even won anything. HuckleB Jul 2016 #165
Many other countries have also banned GMO's - Poland is joining the long list womanofthehills Jul 2016 #57
So you acknowledge that many European politicians aren't very good at science. HuckleB Jul 2016 #93
sciencebasedmedicine is run by a corporate shill - womanofthehills Jul 2016 #14
Once again, you are not being honest at all. HuckleB Jul 2016 #28
Projection again!!! womanofthehills Jul 2016 #35
You are not being honest about Science Based Medicine. There is no projection. HuckleB Jul 2016 #38
Your reality - definitely not mine womanofthehills Jul 2016 #58
I live in the real world, where science, ethics, and honesty matter. HuckleB Jul 2016 #62
So, You're Admitting To Your Own Personal Reality? ProfessorGAC Jul 2016 #88
Bullshit Major Nikon Jul 2016 #73
Here is a great video of Dr. Seneff of M.I.T. explaining her research womanofthehills Jul 2016 #12
Correction: Here is a video of a con artist babbling. HuckleB Jul 2016 #67
I guess that she's even more batshit crazy than the anti-vaxxers doesn't phase you much Major Nikon Jul 2016 #72
Monsanto Advocate Says Roundup Is Safe Enough To Drink, keithbvadu2 Jul 2016 #6
I saw that video PatSeg Jul 2016 #15
As would any of the dispatched posters here. nt villager Jul 2016 #26
So if someone pointed out the fact that human urine is safe to drink... Major Nikon Jul 2016 #75
So drink a few cups of it. keithbvadu2 Jul 2016 #98
... Major Nikon Jul 2016 #99
Very well. I called your bluff and you backed down. keithbvadu2 Jul 2016 #100
Bullshit Major Nikon Jul 2016 #101
"Condemning Monsanto With Bad Science Is Dumb" MohRokTah Jul 2016 #9
All the progressive lawyers over at Ring of Fire disagree with you womanofthehills Jul 2016 #18
They are wrong. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #22
Maybe because some scrap metals have weapons grade plutonium and uranium womanofthehills Jul 2016 #29
"Glyphosate contaminated food" MohRokTah Jul 2016 #32
The FDA Will Begin Testing Food for Glyphosate, the Most Heavily Used Farm Chemical Ever womanofthehills Jul 2016 #41
Actually, the waste of money to test for it is staggering. eom MohRokTah Jul 2016 #42
Yet another example of how stupid pseudoscience nonsense like the OP costs you money Major Nikon Jul 2016 #103
So you believe our food supply should not be tested for herbicides and chemicals. womanofthehills Jul 2016 #152
Nope, it is an incredible waste of money. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #153
Glyphosate is systemic in food and cannot be washed off womanofthehills Jul 2016 #163
Bullshit. eom MohRokTah Jul 2016 #164
Same poster complained about glyphosate measured in wine in ppb Major Nikon Jul 2016 #106
Actually, Mike Papantonio of Ring of Fire is listed as one of the best lawyers in America womanofthehills Jul 2016 #33
He's tainted by association with RFK Jr. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #36
Actually, many people have been injured by vaccines and RFK Jr has represented them womanofthehills Jul 2016 #44
RFK Jr. is an anti-vaxxer nutcase pushing the phony auism bullshit. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #45
Actually, the government Vaccine Court does compensate for autism - from CBS News womanofthehills Jul 2016 #56
Yet Autism has never been caused by vaccines. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #60
So you're an anti-vaxxer also Major Nikon Jul 2016 #77
I never said that - womanofthehills Jul 2016 #81
So why are you working so hard trying to defend JFK Jr's anti-vax nuttery? Major Nikon Jul 2016 #83
Well, it's not the first time she's pushed anti-vaccine nonsense. HuckleB Jul 2016 #90
Gotta love being able to have your cake and eat it too Major Nikon Jul 2016 #95
It is truly amazing, indeed. HuckleB Jul 2016 #96
Your status as an anti-vaccine promoter is well known. HuckleB Jul 2016 #91
The last time you promoted that guy and that page, it didn't work out so well. HuckleB Jul 2016 #39
Of course you would not like a lawyer who goes after polluters womanofthehills Jul 2016 #49
Of course, you would go with a red herring. HuckleB Jul 2016 #51
And they would be wrong, and not progressive. HuckleB Jul 2016 #92
You are on a liberal site saying it's dumb to condemn Monsanto womanofthehills Jul 2016 #21
I love good science, not Monsanto. eom MohRokTah Jul 2016 #23
So what is the good science that says we should eat Roundup? womanofthehills Jul 2016 #34
Good science says the "study" in the OP is complete bullshit because the morons... MohRokTah Jul 2016 #37
It's pretty dumb to pretend the crook, Percy Schmeiser is a hero Major Nikon Jul 2016 #97
All these poisions are killing our beautiful planet Equinox Moon Jul 2016 #19
The damage done by non native invasive plants is far far greater to our beutiful planet .... Botany Jul 2016 #159
This article has as much real science as Ken Ham's religious tourist traps. Archae Jul 2016 #20
I "BELIEVE" the lawsuits have "some real science" womanofthehills Jul 2016 #24
The most liberal federal court in the nation has already dismissed most of the claims from one suit Major Nikon Jul 2016 #76
EPA takes offline report that says glyphosate not likely carcinogenic womanofthehills Jul 2016 #112
Bullshit Major Nikon Jul 2016 #117
And the fact that the largest generation is aging can't possibly have anything to do with it loyalsister Jul 2016 #169
Yes because those diseases never occurred before Roundup went on the market. Warpy Jul 2016 #27
Actually, autism is increasing big time - 6 to 15 per cent each year womanofthehills Jul 2016 #50
Increased diagnosis doesn't necessarily mean the condition is getting more common. Marr Jul 2016 #54
Well, we have that figured out already. HuckleB Jul 2016 #55
HuckleB - I really don't want to read your blogspot by Kevin Folta womanofthehills Jul 2016 #63
Once again, you attack honest, ethical scientists. HuckleB Jul 2016 #65
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #70
Differential diagnosis is increasing Warpy Jul 2016 #74
From the article... Duppers Jul 2016 #109
The article is the worst type of pseudoscience around. HuckleB Jul 2016 #110
Deflection increased 1,000,000,000,000,000% RapSoDee Jul 2016 #177
People toss Roundup around like it was water. milestogo Jul 2016 #31
Where the heck do you live where people do that? HuckleB Jul 2016 #40
They don't. Archae Jul 2016 #43
That's what it turned out to be, apparently. HuckleB Jul 2016 #48
I know gardeners who use it liberally to kill weeds. milestogo Jul 2016 #46
Ah, the unsupported Internet anecdote. HuckleB Jul 2016 #47
Using a product for exactly what it was designed for. Whodathunkit? Major Nikon Jul 2016 #78
Which is why France no longer allows its sale to the general public jmowreader Jul 2016 #85
The reason actually had a lot more to do with politics than anything that approached sound reasoning Major Nikon Jul 2016 #102
People think if it's on the shelf in the store womanofthehills Jul 2016 #64
What kind of a moron puts roundup on their lawn? Major Nikon Jul 2016 #84
What kind of idiot would deny RoundUp is used extensively in the suburbs? bvar22 Jul 2016 #104
What kind of idiot would claim I denied that? Major Nikon Jul 2016 #105
I found the idea of people spraying Roundup willy-nilly in the suburbs quite amusing. NuclearDem Jul 2016 #108
Have you never had a lawn? Millions of people spray Roundup on the weeds in their lawn. womanofthehills Jul 2016 #111
The key word being weeds, not lawn Major Nikon Jul 2016 #116
Of course, if you use it on the weeds in your lawn, you will probably kill lawn, too. HuckleB Jul 2016 #118
Kinda funny how someone panics over the possibility that glyphosate MIGHT get tracked on their rug Major Nikon Jul 2016 #125
That poster doesn't appear to take the IARC seriously, though. HuckleB Jul 2016 #132
Certainly didn't take the IARC seriously when they said the Seralini rat study was shit Major Nikon Jul 2016 #156
It's sold as a home weed killer. Why do you think it's not on people's lawns? Squinch Jul 2016 #127
Weed =/ lawn Major Nikon Jul 2016 #128
Seriously? You couldn't figure out what the poster was talking about? This is like the Squinch Jul 2016 #129
Seriously? You couldn't figure out what the poster was talking about? Major Nikon Jul 2016 #130
Yes. And yes, I understand, from the fact that you and one other turn up in every thread Squinch Jul 2016 #131
So you are opposed to poisons. HuckleB Jul 2016 #136
Roundup is a poison. You know it and I know it. The difference is that you are hysterically Squinch Jul 2016 #139
So you only "care" about one product. HuckleB Jul 2016 #141
It's an obvious fact in the same way salt and vinegar is a "poison" Major Nikon Jul 2016 #172
I understand you have a passionate desire to defend complete bullshit like the OP Major Nikon Jul 2016 #154
I have said, which seems to terrify you, that Roundup is a poison that is damaging to people. Squinch Jul 2016 #157
I'm not the one terrified by benign substances Major Nikon Jul 2016 #171
And? I've done it in the backyard to kill some vines, its not much more toxic than table salt... Humanist_Activist Jul 2016 #71
It's less toxic than table salt and kitchen vinegar Major Nikon Jul 2016 #82
my kid is a manager at a MFM008 Jul 2016 #52
What store? HuckleB Jul 2016 #53
A home improvement MFM008 Jul 2016 #87
So they're not dropping the product. HuckleB Jul 2016 #89
Are you going to turn him in? RapSoDee Jul 2016 #122
He has made this bogus claim several times over the past year or so. HuckleB Jul 2016 #123
Oh, that's your excuse. RapSoDee Jul 2016 #168
What's your excuse for promoting ludicrous pseudoscience and baseless fear mongering? HuckleB Jul 2016 #170
So you agree that it is true what people say about you. RapSoDee Jul 2016 #178
LOL! HuckleB Jul 2016 #181
I always tell people not to buy it womanofthehills Jul 2016 #68
It doesn't kill everything, where the fuck did you hear that? Humanist_Activist Jul 2016 #69
You've been telling that same story for at least a year Major Nikon Jul 2016 #79
Literally every article from your first link shows studies from Stephanie Seneff, a debunked... Humanist_Activist Jul 2016 #66
Glyphosate causes autism and concussions! Major Nikon Jul 2016 #80
Oh, come on now Major.... jmowreader Jul 2016 #86
Debunked by Monsanto and corporate shills womanofthehills Jul 2016 #113
Debunked by actual science and scientists. HuckleB Jul 2016 #120
WHO clarifies glyphosate risks Major Nikon Jul 2016 #107
WHO's Agency for Research on Cancer sticks to it's claim that it's probably carcinogenic womanofthehills Jul 2016 #114
Thank you very much for all your posts on this thread nationalize the fed Jul 2016 #115
Correction: "Great disinfo." HuckleB Jul 2016 #121
Sure, everyone who says something you don't like is part of the conspiracy Major Nikon Jul 2016 #124
Most of the older farmers around here have one chemical affliction or another RapSoDee Jul 2016 #119
Thanks for this observation, RapSoDee. Do you notice how your first hand knowledge is being ignored Squinch Jul 2016 #179
Yes. I noticed. It is standard Republican-style corporate strategy. RapSoDee Jul 2016 #180
Did you notice how that anecdotal, unsupported nonsense is meaningless? HuckleB Jul 2016 #182
Same two posters in this thread who ALWAYS show up to shill for Monsanto are absolutely Squinch Jul 2016 #126
Bullshit. Archae Jul 2016 #133
Creating those kinds of Straw Men appears to be getting more common again. HuckleB Jul 2016 #135
Lack of ethics among the "organic" pushers. Archae Jul 2016 #138
Yeah, changing the subject to anti-vax doesn't support your position. Roundup is a poison. Squinch Jul 2016 #137
He merely pointed out the fact that the anti-GMO crowd tends to push all types of pseudoscience. HuckleB Jul 2016 #140
Roundup is a poison. It's damaging people. You know it and I know it. Squinch Jul 2016 #142
Your mantra is meaningless. HuckleB Jul 2016 #144
Some pictures "organic" groupies don't like... Archae Jul 2016 #147
So is ethyl acohol. Archae Jul 2016 #143
I think I know why he got so upset about that. HuckleB Jul 2016 #145
I'm not surprised in the least. Archae Jul 2016 #146
You guys really are throwing out the "kitchen sink" argument on this! So far you've Squinch Jul 2016 #148
That's funny. HuckleB Jul 2016 #149
I haven't supported any pseudoscience. I've merely said that Roundup is harmful to people. Which Squinch Jul 2016 #150
As we now know. HuckleB Jul 2016 #151
And again, you are changing the subject from the fact that Roundup is a poison that is harming Squinch Jul 2016 #155
The OP is about the Samsel and Seneff pseudoscience. HuckleB Jul 2016 #158
The OP is about the fact that Roundup is a poison that is damaging people. You and your buddies Squinch Jul 2016 #160
So you do believe the nonsense pseudoscience pushed by the OP. HuckleB Jul 2016 #167
The OP is bullshit Major Nikon Jul 2016 #176
Not the same idea. Now who is conflating? Major Nikon Jul 2016 #174
Are you supporting the debunked pseudoscience promoted by Samsel and Seneff? HuckleB Jul 2016 #134
15 Health Problems Linked to Monsanto's Roundup womanofthehills Jul 2016 #161
Nice fictional claims from a crap source. HuckleB Jul 2016 #166
Global warming linked to the decline of the pirate population Major Nikon Jul 2016 #175
"diseases, ... diabetes, obesity, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis .... L. Coyote Jul 2016 #173
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