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30. I don't think there ever has been.
Fri Jun 24, 2016, 08:50 AM
Jun 2016

That's why we're supposed to investigate, think critically, and be prepared to shift our truths when we get new information.

Some or all of the above, LWolf Jun 2016 #1
Outstanding ! Opposition as well? Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #3
Of course. LWolf Jun 2016 #26
+1,000,000,000..but Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #29
I don't think there ever has been. LWolf Jun 2016 #30
NPR and DU teamster633 Jun 2016 #2
NPR, BBC, and DU etherealtruth Jun 2016 #4
oh geez...forgot BBC, I really screwed this up - basically want to Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #5
No not screwed up at all etherealtruth Jun 2016 #9
And, the US cable news has really become the new network news, huh. Although, Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #24
I listen to some Fox News on the radio, but I assume they are lying most of the time. Shrike47 Jun 2016 #21
I'm SUCH a damn junkie annabanana Jun 2016 #6
WADR, can't think of a better example of the fallacy of Gabi Hayes Jun 2016 #7
People seek validation tymorial Jun 2016 #8
Really? I think people who read and absorb it all are more vocal ! I hate Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #13
Haven't watched television news since Linda Ellerbee signed off from "Overnight" in '84. . . Journeyman Jun 2016 #10
Ouch...miss her Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #14
LOL @ TV News Iggo Jun 2016 #11
Thought my mom might have signed on. Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #17
BBC, Guardian, NYT, Washington Post Spider Jerusalem Jun 2016 #12
Man...you just made me think ...why couldn't Palin have mentioned Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #15
The Daily Telegraph (UK, aka "the Torygraph") Spider Jerusalem Jun 2016 #20
NBC and MSNBC Motown_Johnny Jun 2016 #16
where you been?????????????? Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #19
btw, you have my favorite name in all the time I've wasted, I mean, spent Gabi Hayes Jun 2016 #18
you are cool GH, was thinking it was clever for a couple days. Didn't know Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #23
who's worse, the chimp or the orangutan? Gabi Hayes Jun 2016 #32
I choose based on accuracy. BootinUp Jun 2016 #22
I hear you. I just watch occasionally to see what their bent is. What Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #25
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Rex Jun 2016 #27
Exactly Rex !! Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2016 #28
Ny times, Rachel maddow, bbc, and some wonky podcasts La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2016 #31
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