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34. Under the new system juries do deal with Terms of Service.
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 07:32 PM
Jun 2016

I've served on a couple of juries so far and each one quoted this section of the TOS as the alleged violation that I was to judge:

No divisive group attacks
Do not smear, insult, vilify, bait, maliciously caricature, or give disrespectful nicknames to any groups of people that are part of the Democratic coalition, or that hold viewpoints commonly held by Democrats, or that support particular Democratic public figures. Do not imply that they are fake Democrats, fake progressives, conservatives, right-wingers, Republicans, or the like.

Why we have this rule: Substantive disagreement on important issues is always welcome on this website, but our members should not be made to feel unwelcome simply because they hold a different point of view. Democratic Underground welcomes all people who are members of the Democratic coalition, including the full range of center-to-left viewpoints and supporters of all Democratic public figures.

The new DU TOS:
Post removed [View all] Post removed Jun 2016 OP
Doesn't entirely defeat the purpose, but elleng Jun 2016 #1
There should be full transparency. Notification to the poster and the thread itself. Expose abuse. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #58
I thought only donors could serve on juries. arcane1 Jun 2016 #2
That was changed. DUers don't need a star to serve. In_The_Wind Jun 2016 #7
For info ... lpbk2713 Jun 2016 #8
I would argue that the purpose of the jury Cassiopeia Jun 2016 #3
well for me.... chillfactor Jun 2016 #4
The purpose of the jury is to keep DU in check. Cassiopeia Jun 2016 #9
Yep. I want to know. trof Jun 2016 #12
I agree malaise Jun 2016 #24
Served on two today don't need to know unapatriciated Jun 2016 #57
Juries evaluate possible violations of Community Standards. TOS violations are handled by the rhett o rick Jun 2016 #14
Ok, my terminology was incorrect. Cassiopeia Jun 2016 #16
I wasn't picking at your terminology. I find that a number of people here believe rhett o rick Jun 2016 #19
Under the new system juries do deal with Terms of Service. eomer Jun 2016 #34
I stand corrected. rhett o rick Jun 2016 #46
That's no longer the case. pintobean Jun 2016 #40
So what's wrong with us knowing the results? Doesn't hurt you. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #62
seems OK to me KT2000 Jun 2016 #5
Served on my 3rd or 4th today...very very boring metroins Jun 2016 #6
Same here. trof Jun 2016 #13
I opted out when my jury serving privileges were removed/reduced ornotna Jun 2016 #38
Skinner's reasoning, which I think makes a lot of sense: TwilightZone Jun 2016 #10
Not to me. I strongly disagree with Skinner. trof Jun 2016 #15
I can see both sides awoke_in_2003 Jun 2016 #26
Screenshots take more work and require a place to store the file. LiberalFighter Jun 2016 #39
Posting results would be a hidable offense. pintobean Jun 2016 #41
I feel very disconnected with it. Texasgal Jun 2016 #61
I used to think posting jury results was an expected custom here IronLionZion Jun 2016 #47
Hiding what someone did wrong... scscholar Jun 2016 #56
It would stop all those postings of jury results treestar Jun 2016 #53
You are not on a jury anymore, you are acting as a moderator for the site now. Rex Jun 2016 #11
I totally agree. I really like the new system. MerryBlooms Jun 2016 #22
Me too, hats off to them. Rex Jun 2016 #36
I agree, not sure why they decided to do that. nt Logical Jun 2016 #17
I like knowing the results of the jury, because it provides a good barometer as to whether my Brickbat Jun 2016 #18
Exactly. trof Jun 2016 #20
Yep jberryhill Jun 2016 #35
I have served on three etherealtruth Jun 2016 #21
You can find out. It just takes some extra effort. Crunchy Frog Jun 2016 #23
I was a little surprised at first LisaM Jun 2016 #25
The whole idea of half a dozen choices is a bit disconcerting. You either want it hidden or madinmaryland Jun 2016 #27
I served on a jury earlier today Gothmog Jun 2016 #28
I think seeing results is entertaining, but it caused a lot of meta drama Lisa0825 Jun 2016 #29
+1000, couldnt agree more jack_krass Jun 2016 #49
I agree, I thought maybe it was just me. n/t kevinmc Jun 2016 #30
I am with you. ghostsinthemachine Jun 2016 #31
I agree Dyedinthewoolliberal Jun 2016 #32
I have been on 4 now, sheshe2 Jun 2016 #33
If you don't see it, you can't post it... JHB Jun 2016 #37
How about edhopper Jun 2016 #42
I got results. LWolf Jun 2016 #43
I served twice and haven't gotten them either time. GoCubsGo Jun 2016 #44
I like that they don't show results. Straw Man Jun 2016 #45
I also served and was curious as to what the results were kimbutgar Jun 2016 #48
...and what is good, and what is not good, need we define these, Phaedrus? Buns_of_Fire Jun 2016 #50
I have a trick I use that allows me to check the results of my jury service anyway. tblue37 Jun 2016 #51
Anyone can go to the thread and see if pintobean Jun 2016 #59
True. nt tblue37 Jun 2016 #60
I believe this thread is technically illegal. byronius Jun 2016 #52
I was just asked to serve on a new rules jury James48 Jun 2016 #54
I prefer to know the results too... but actually, your OP here should be alerted on. thesquanderer Jun 2016 #55
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