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Mon Jun 6, 2016, 04:34 PM Jun 2016

The top TEN questions asked to Asian-Americans.. [View all]

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6 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
What country are you from?
2 (33%)
Do you speak English?
0 (0%)
What is your nationality? Are you Chinese?
1 (17%)
DO you like Anime?
0 (0%)
How do you like America so far?
1 (17%)
Would you be able to help me with my Math Homework?
0 (0%)
1 (17%)
Whats your favorite Chinese food? Have you ever eaten DOG?
1 (17%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
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how long have you played violin? nt Fresh_Start Jun 2016 #1
LOL yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #3
Is Israel Asian? Is this wiki list of Asian countries accurate? braddy Jun 2016 #2
IF the world map lists it in Asia yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #4
So saying someone is Asian doesn't tell us anything about race at all, what if the topic is braddy Jun 2016 #5
Just don't call me Oriental..I am not a rug. yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #6
Right now, in America that is what it means, but in Britain doesn't it already mean braddy Jun 2016 #9
I don't live In Britain. yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #10
I just meant that what it means here right now, will become totally confusing in a few years. braddy Jun 2016 #12
I am sure you will be able to handle yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #13
YEA !!! Take it over....BRAVA !!! pangaia Jun 2016 #34
That's nice. Igel Jun 2016 #42
Yeah, you do. Iggo Jun 2016 #11
No one has been able to clarify it yet. braddy Jun 2016 #38
Ethnicites cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #37
Yes, Israel Is Part.. ozone82 Jun 2016 #24
So when we say "Asians", we are including an Icelandic born Israeli, I don't get it. braddy Jun 2016 #28
No, you obviously don't. Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #98
And that's wrong cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #102
I don't disagree. Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #103
Yes MosheFeingold Jun 2016 #32
Isreal is in Asia. isreals do not consider themselves asian Travis_0004 Jun 2016 #33
What does it mean on race forms? Is a Japanese American the same as a Pakistani or Afghan American braddy Jun 2016 #36
In the United States there are a lot of Hyphenated people. yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #49
But I'm surprised at how many different races and ethnicities fall under the race category of Asian. braddy Jun 2016 #50
Probably lots... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #52
You are missing the point, sometimes we need a word to describe what we used to call the oriental braddy Jun 2016 #54
Being called Oriental is insulting.... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #57
Nobody seems to have an answer. braddy Jun 2016 #59
What specifically are you looking for? yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #60
I have asked it repeatedly, I get tired of repeating myself. braddy Jun 2016 #61
You want us to define what Asian means, is that it? yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #62
LOL, I give up, you have not understood my posts at all. braddy Jun 2016 #63
its fine by me... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #64
Wow. braddy Jun 2016 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author pablo_marmol Jun 2016 #67
Translation cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #74
mochiron! yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #85
How about "Chinamen?" Orrex Jun 2016 #79
Where the heck are you that you still hear this kind of nonsense? 😨 AgadorSparticus Jun 2016 #124
Semi-rural Western PA Orrex Jun 2016 #125
Why is "Oriental" insulting? 1939 Jun 2016 #75
You can't possibly be serious. Orrex Jun 2016 #78
The term "Asian" 1939 Jun 2016 #93
Again, you're framing it in terms of your own preferences Orrex Jun 2016 #95
ITS a word we chose.... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #115
Because Oriental refers to a thing yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #86
Lets look at the logic here 1939 Jun 2016 #91
You're reaching cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #92
Yes! yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #116
Again... Orrex Jun 2016 #96
In absolute pedantic theory Pakistanis and Indians are "white" Recursion Jun 2016 #118
"Where are you from?"... "No, where are you really from?" KamaAina Jun 2016 #7
I get that all the time... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #8
That's the one that makes me cringe the most. Iggo Jun 2016 #14
If they ask me that... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #16
I'm a monkey awoke_in_2003 Jun 2016 #69
cool beans!! yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #70
I enjoy reading your posts. nt awoke_in_2003 Jun 2016 #72
Why The Derision RobinA Jun 2016 #77
The difference cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #82
awesome answer! yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #84
One of the differences being that historically in the United States, the dominant Anglo culture... Marengo Jun 2016 #112
So... RobinA Jun 2016 #119
LOL!!! pangaia Jun 2016 #35
26 Questions Asians Have For White People yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #68
LOL.. pangaia Jun 2016 #83
Thanks for bringing this safeinOhio Jun 2016 #15
its a nice pick up line yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #18
Too old for that, but safeinOhio Jun 2016 #19
If it works, sure yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #26
Ranch 99! Prism Jun 2016 #99
My experiences with these questions gohuskies Jun 2016 #17
Oooh HOney!! I love your accent.... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #20
A lot of people like a Southern accent. Igel Jun 2016 #43
Why are you so intelligent.... rufus dog Jun 2016 #21
Have you ever seen Hanoi drivers??? yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #22
Looks like game theory greiner3 Jun 2016 #48
Zero, which is amazing. nt awoke_in_2003 Jun 2016 #71
That is really high art!! pangaia Jun 2016 #80
I'm going into the motorcycle brake pad... Whiskeytide Jun 2016 #89
Dumbest question I have been asked cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #23
wow... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #25
Oh gawd cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #30
That's because Americans are dolts when it comes to geography. Chellee Jun 2016 #39
That's awful! spooky3 Jun 2016 #44
That could happen tomorrow, even though not an 'operator.' pangaia Jun 2016 #81
Try living in New Mexico Warpy Jun 2016 #101
Sorry. I cannot choose which is the most ridiculous. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #27
There are so many more... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #29
Can you cook? pangaia Jun 2016 #31
I guess anyone could ask that question... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #46
LOL!! pangaia Jun 2016 #51
I LOVE the SCIENCE BUNNY... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #53
Yeah... I know.... pangaia Jun 2016 #55
do you leave your shoes on the doorstep? Skittles Jun 2016 #40
Are those real? NBachers Jun 2016 #41
They are real yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #45
Netflix and chill? n/t malthaussen Jun 2016 #47
I can understand the 'Do you date' one, that's pretty basic and is, imo, respectful (depending... Shandris Jun 2016 #56
Indeed. yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #58
As a white parent of half Japanese children I am constantly asked dilby Jun 2016 #66
Wow nobody picked anime yet? nt Rex Jun 2016 #73
amazing ne? yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #117
The local ahem rustic types all want to know about Japanese girls and anime. Rex Jun 2016 #128
Absolutely love your posts! longship Jun 2016 #76
Oh my! yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #87
Yup! Not sure what to say about that. longship Jun 2016 #90
You left off the number 1 question I've asked asians in my life GummyBearz Jun 2016 #88
Your posts are an oasis of positivism on DU. LanternWaste Jun 2016 #94
What kind of Asian are you? yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #106
Any of the ladies in that photo single? Blue_Tires Jun 2016 #97
NorCal Asians VS. SoCal Asians yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #107
I'm a lifelong East-coaster, so I didn't even know there was a difference... Blue_Tires Jun 2016 #121
lots of Pinoy here! yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #126
But did you know about the earwax? Bucky Jun 2016 #100
"How did you get here?" That is an actual quote from a clueless individual... Marengo Jun 2016 #104
I can be walking the street and some guy yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #105
Douchebags with yellow fever are the worst douchebags cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #108
Things Asian girls hate... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #109
Ugh! That's awful, I have to wonder if people who say such things... Marengo Jun 2016 #110
smh yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #111
it's not THAT awful hfojvt Jun 2016 #113
Really? cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #120
yes really hfojvt Jun 2016 #122
Yolo cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2016 #123
thank goodness hfojvt Jun 2016 #127
Wifey gets that "Where are you from question?" a lot, but no one gets it right... MrScorpio Jun 2016 #114
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