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Sat May 7, 2016, 08:44 AM May 2016

If you're an elected dem who is open to cutting Social Security, or Medicare or S.N.A.P., Fuck you. [View all]

It doesn't matter if you call yourself a democrat. It's not excusable because you support marriage equality. It's not enough that you support reproductive rights. Being a social liberal isn't enough. Period.

If you're an elected dem who leaves the door open to cuts in social security and the safety net, it won't go unnoticed.

And yeah, Fuck you.

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+1 jpak May 2016 #1
Your language is inappropriate and unnecessary. We have no choice but to address our financial Trust Buster May 2016 #2
You don't reach consensus with Dems TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #4
+10000000 CharlotteVale May 2016 #6
Conservadems. Nothing like a big tent. cali May 2016 #10
Well, we ARE a big tent. There are purer parties around for Hortensis May 2016 #83
Is the tent big enough for anti-choicers? cali May 2016 #93
The tent is big enough for everyone, even Trump! Quackers May 2016 #162
His head wouldn't fit in under the tent.... Human101948 May 2016 #179
I thought we were using his head as the main tent post? nt Quackers May 2016 #212
And his hair would be a fire hazard! n/t RKP5637 May 2016 #477
The tent is big enough for Jeb Bush's big donors, apparently. Kall May 2016 #323
Ouch! 7962 May 2016 #325
Might as well be mdbl May 2016 #439
Yes, it has to be. We have significant religious blocks Hortensis May 2016 #198
You'd be booted off DU for being anti-choice or opposing marriage equality. cali May 2016 #202
Nonsense. It's all in how it's expressed, as you Hortensis May 2016 #209
Bullshit. Those are the rules. Certainly when it comes to marriage equality. cali May 2016 #219
Nonsense. Produce the rule or stop misrepresenting DU's TOS. Hortensis May 2016 #234
Here you go. Scootaloo May 2016 #244
"No bigoted hate speech." Hortensis May 2016 #251
I bolded the relevant point for you Scootaloo May 2016 #253
I'd forgottten other threads we've intersected in. Hortensis May 2016 #261
I'm informing you about the fact that anti-equality opinions are considered hate speech on DU Scootaloo May 2016 #264
Playing the victim after being hoisted on your own petard. Charming cali May 2016 #286
Don't bother. A modicum of honesty is needed. It's not there. cali May 2016 #262
I like watching them turn their own arguments into spaghetti n/t Scootaloo May 2016 #265
Good to see you posting scoot. They can't argue, that why they won't enter any discussions rhett o rick May 2016 #290
Opposition to marriage equality was OK on DU MNBrewer May 2016 #446
You demand to see the rule, and when it's placed right under your nose, you climb onto Marr May 2016 #454
Does crticism of Israel sulphurdunn May 2016 #306
Certainly not. Have you been to the I/P forum? cali May 2016 #317
I'll take a look at it. sulphurdunn May 2016 #318
Plenty of Democrats support civil unions but not same sex marriage. That is not a violation of TOS Henhouse May 2016 #368
It is, in fact. The ToS mandates full equality Scootaloo May 2016 #393
Many socially conservative democrats oppose abortion and same sex marriage. Henhouse May 2016 #366
How do they feel about cutting Social Security? cali May 2016 #444
No party can displease 45-50% of its members on economic issues and remain viable. KPN May 2016 #272
Now... ReRe May 2016 #424
Reps tried purity, and look what happened to them alfredo May 2016 #349
Oh please. There is no party without these bedrock principles cali May 2016 #356
Yes, but we allow for some differences of opinion alfredo May 2016 #362
Yeah, let's just make it the Blue Hat Club. Push any agenda you like, so long as you wear your Marr May 2016 #455
Demanding purity of thought and actions is not alfredo May 2016 #464
Anti-choice is a Republican value, not a Democratic one. nt DLevine May 2016 #435
Yes...Democrats For Life and its members Henhouse May 2016 #363
If Democrats can't back a woman's right to make her own DLevine May 2016 #434
I prefer Bernie's outreach to republicans to the Neo-Liberal method me b zola May 2016 #139
+1000 Kittycat May 2016 #164
Just yes. cali May 2016 #189
Neoliberal is an arcane term for the CONSERVATISM Hortensis May 2016 #190
So... you don't actually know what a standard political term means or where it comes from, then Scootaloo May 2016 #206
OK -- we've heard you make this argument before and easily discredited its relevance. KPN May 2016 #274
This message was self-deleted by its author TM99 May 2016 #380
Exactly so! suffragette May 2016 #276
Thank you. myrna minx May 2016 #320
This isn't fucking 'diversity', or some incidental issue. He's mouthing the Marr May 2016 #147
I SURE DO !! pangaia May 2016 #333
Cutting social programs to "reduce debt" is what Republicans do AllyCat May 2016 #365
We need a new tent if this one shrinks SS to fund another war. leveymg May 2016 #457
.that^ 840high May 2016 #321
Oh for fuck's sake. How lame is your whingeing. You sound just like cali May 2016 #7
I would like to think that such language is not found to be offensive by just Republicans. Trust Buster May 2016 #11
That you are more concerned with language than this vital issue, and that you are open cali May 2016 #12
Please re-read the TOS. Negotiation and compromise is a political reality regardless of your nasty Trust Buster May 2016 #15
Alert then. I've been here for a decade longer than you. Cursing is not a violation. cali May 2016 #24
Posters have abused the alert system IMO. Just pointing out that some find such language Trust Buster May 2016 #28
Tough. I find people who think cutting.the social safety net acceptable, more than offensive. cali May 2016 #32
+1000 hobbit709 May 2016 #40
I really wish people would go take back their own party Kittycat May 2016 #176
+10000 Silver_Witch May 2016 #227
Hell yeah! TrueDemVA May 2016 #73
+ a million. Thank you. nt DLevine May 2016 #80
Thank you! cali May 2016 #82
Totally apalling FlaGranny May 2016 #143
+1 snort May 2016 #193
Just a post Stryder May 2016 #186
Lol. Thanks. Now please post more. cali May 2016 #187
Well fuck. snort May 2016 #191
My thoughts exactly.. I'll go add my thoughts right now.... pangaia May 2016 #335
Annnnnnd Fuck! n/t ebayfool May 2016 #395
Sorry, but GROW UP. maddiemom May 2016 #210
You're patently transparent. Really you are... Just look at your profile. n/t JimDandy May 2016 #293
Let me go on record and say Ilsa May 2016 #376
By "the poor," do you mean those lazy moochers who expect the government to assist them just because maddiemom May 2016 #447
Every jobless person I know that needs work is Ilsa May 2016 #451
Hello! Were you paying attention? maddiemom May 2016 #467
+100 - n/t mazzarro May 2016 #103
It doesn't sound like you've read many posts here . . . hatrack May 2016 #21
Someone caught the vapors awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #134
lol Love it. ctsnowman May 2016 #407
All this political correctness Skink May 2016 #63
Naw, finding the term "F*** Y** to be offensive isn't political correctness. It's common decency. Trust Buster May 2016 #67
I take it you disapprove of the rude pundit. cali May 2016 #70
Does he or she post on DU ? Trust Buster May 2016 #75
Never fucking mind. You really are clueless. cali May 2016 #81
What a take down ... aggiesal May 2016 #137
You mean you don't know that answer to that question? Why don't you know the answer? nt ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #173
That's fucking ridiculous. n/t Brainstormy May 2016 #86
People who want to cut SS and SNAP awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #136
Your initial post made it clear you're just trying to silence an opinion you disagree with Scootaloo May 2016 #249
Are you fucking serious? truebrit71 May 2016 #361
Fuck Yeah! chwaliszewski May 2016 #443
Oh my stars and garters! The language! TransitJohn May 2016 #87
LOL! maddiemom May 2016 #222
Offensive in what way? blackspade May 2016 #114
If you are so offended by the language NV Whino May 2016 #175
No, putting posters on ignore is a form of self censorship IMO. Trust Buster May 2016 #181
Only Democrats noiretextatique May 2016 #437
you would be wrong hfojvt May 2016 #452
and cutting SS and Medicare is "helpful" jpak May 2016 #8
Allowing these systems to go belly up would be even worse. Compromises must be sought. Trust Buster May 2016 #13
Bullfuckingshit. And yeah, I hope that offends you to the core. cali May 2016 #17
^^^T H I S katsy May 2016 #90
+1 stage left May 2016 #228
Nice to see you too, sl. Thanks. And agree. cali May 2016 #236
Food Shelter Clothing Safety Protalker May 2016 #311
Well they showed their true colors today, repeating GOP talking points without any shame. Rex May 2016 #254
Yep. cali May 2016 #256
Me either, you told them the easy alternatives and they ignored you roundly. Rex May 2016 #258
It makes.me want to puke cali May 2016 #263
Yeah, sure, but just try and fucking do that cheapdate May 2016 #343
The vast majority of dems.feel as I do on these issues. cali May 2016 #345
Sure, the "vast majority" of Democrats in blue states and safe blue districts. cheapdate May 2016 #353
A Blue Dog still counts as a dog. Keep em. Come up with a better plan Teamster Jeff May 2016 #441
I think winning is more important. cheapdate May 2016 #449
The vast majority of Americans. ctsnowman May 2016 #408
It's almost too easy sometimes. dchill May 2016 #401
Some things are not for sale. TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #20
You realize that cutting SS & MC is not a "compromise" - it's surrender to the douchebags jpak May 2016 #22
+1 cali May 2016 #26
And don't forget Single Payer / Universal Health Care weknowvino2 May 2016 #122
I find it sad that such a Republican paradigm has come to infect the Democratic Party. eShirl May 2016 #34
It's sickening. cali May 2016 #39
Because Repubs have infected the Democratic Party.... blackspade May 2016 #118
Hm......I think they are called..... Phlem May 2016 #314
I think you can blame Bill Clinton for that. alarimer May 2016 #152
Yep! KPN May 2016 #282
You're pushing austerity measures here? Lars39 May 2016 #36
That's not a compromise. The two political parties need to compromise to shore up these programs. Trust Buster May 2016 #41
Tax the rich or eat the rich. Lars39 May 2016 #61
That's whats actually gonna happen if people don't wake up. KPN May 2016 #280
When has the GOP compromised on SS or MC? When have they been fiscally responsible? jpak May 2016 #68
Not since 1980 Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #211
Spoken like a true Clintonian! Beowulf May 2016 #98
Republicans don't compromise! Silver_Witch May 2016 #239
Horseshit. You do realize SS can't go "belly up"? HooptieWagon May 2016 #44
We've been compromising my whole life. They_Live May 2016 #141
It is impossible for SS and Medicare to go "Belly Up" C0RYH0FFMAN May 2016 #174
On the backs of some of the most vulnerable members of society? Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #207
Fuck compromises ... until we've done everything else first ... KPN May 2016 #278
and it is never the rich that compromise DonCoquixote May 2016 #347
Now the rich COULD compromise by accepting a 50% MARGINAL (not total) Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #350
Under FDR Urchin May 2016 #399
We could start by actually paying the interest on money borrowed from SS and other federal pensions Mnpaul May 2016 #413
Such utter bullshit. Arugula Latte May 2016 #417
Have you called the White House to explain how you feel to the President. Leontius May 2016 #405
Keep on clutching those pearls n2doc May 2016 #14
I have no idea what "clutching at pearls" is supposed to mean. I do know that our Trust Buster May 2016 #23
The Peterson Institute called - they want their talking points back hatrack May 2016 #29
You just wish to insult. Congratulations. Trust Buster May 2016 #33
The overwhelming majority here have no use for repuke "solutions" that harm cali May 2016 #42
I just used the word "compromise". What a curious time we live in when using the word Trust Buster May 2016 #46
We duers know precisely what repuke compromise entails cali May 2016 #48
Then the SS system will run out of money. That would be the worst case scenario. Trust Buster May 2016 #52
You are wholly wrong and terribly misinformed. cali May 2016 #59
That is some shitty shit snort May 2016 #200
That is exactly what republicans say too...you must be so proud of yourself. Rex May 2016 #252
Suprise! What clintonistas are really all about... Katashi_itto May 2016 #334
Holy shit BlindTiresias May 2016 #383
I don't play your game n/t n2doc May 2016 #37
You don't? Is English your first language? maddiemom May 2016 #375
You are terribly misinformed my friend. The only compromise will be to scrap the cap of $118,500 YOHABLO May 2016 #411
+1000 noiretextatique May 2016 #438
Well in that case hobbit709 May 2016 #18
We cannot find solutions to challenges with that kind of attitude. Trust Buster May 2016 #25
Solutions do NOT include selling out. hobbit709 May 2016 #31
The political reality is that compromise is essential in divided government and rudeness will not Trust Buster May 2016 #35
Appeasement worked so well for Neville Chamberlain. hobbit709 May 2016 #38
And to think that some are accusing me of using Republican talking points because I dared to use Trust Buster May 2016 #43
Evidently you believe everything is negotiable, including selling out the safety nets. hobbit709 May 2016 #45
Well, let's see if your "rule with an iron fist" strategy works any better for you than it did for Trust Buster May 2016 #49
I don't want to rule anything much less with an "iron fist" I will let myself be governed, not ruled hobbit709 May 2016 #51
Silly, we weren't talking about your own thoughts. Quit hiding behind victimhood. Trust Buster May 2016 #54
Sovereign nations do not "run out of money" The Far Left May 2016 #167
Don't be silly, Republicans have forgotten the word FlaGranny May 2016 #171
And you.have the unmitigated gall to accuse someone else of hyperbole? cali May 2016 #53
No, I referenced "ruling with an iron fist" to describe the attitude that the SS imbalance can be Trust Buster May 2016 #55
You're being called a republican awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #144
What the hell have Democrats been doing without reciprocation for 35-40 years? KPN May 2016 #462
You have no clue how SS works, do you? HooptieWagon May 2016 #47
I know it's going bankrupt unless we act. I know telling anyone that does not bow to your position Trust Buster May 2016 #50
No, it cannot go bankrupt. HooptieWagon May 2016 #56
There use to be 20 workers for every SS recipient. Now it's down to a 3:1 ration and heading for Trust Buster May 2016 #64
How does it run out of money if money continues to be paid in? HooptieWagon May 2016 #69
Nope, just "parroting" basic math. Trust Buster May 2016 #74
Then you failed. HooptieWagon May 2016 #79
No I didn't. There is still just 3 workers for every one SS recipient. The fund is still projected Trust Buster May 2016 #97
You might want to read this book. Harcourdt Fenton Mud May 2016 #448
How many bots will you include in your ratio? nt The Far Left May 2016 #192
We certainly haven't found solutions by compromising with the GOP KPN May 2016 #285
There are better solutions than 'bust the trust" by privatizing or cutting S.S. suffragette May 2016 #288
+100 cali May 2016 #27
No language is too strong for those who would harm the less fortunate to get the debt shraby May 2016 #19
Thank you, shraby. Horrifying to see such views here. cali May 2016 #30
You're very welcome Cali. This place isn't what it used to be that's for sure. Du had caring people shraby May 2016 #403
I know. cali May 2016 #459
Ah well you malaise May 2016 #106
Debt is out of control due to the war machine arikara May 2016 #111
The money pit that people in mainstream Dem society don't talk about Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #226
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #115
Cutting the safety net is not compromise. It's CAPITULATION. cali May 2016 #170
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #340
Horseshit. As has been explained over and over. cali May 2016 #342
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #344
No. Turin_C3PO May 2016 #331
Much of your post reads like something you'd see on FreeRepublic. Very telling... WIProgressive88 May 2016 #414
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #442
"Revolutionary Vanguard of the hippie campus left" is certainly a phrase you'd see on FreeRepublic. WIProgressive88 May 2016 #469
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #470
Completely not what I said, as that comment was based on your choice of words rather than your WIProgressive88 May 2016 #472
Our debt is not out of control...yet. puffy socks May 2016 #120
I disagree with your rebuttal of Cali's OP. nt ladjf May 2016 #128
Our financial shortfalls awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #132
Are you a Democrat, because you just used Fox News/GOP talking points about debt? Feeling the Bern May 2016 #138
That is the Republican position. /nt Marr May 2016 #142
There are a couple around here that I cannot tell any difference between their POV Rex May 2016 #250
Many ways to address our financial shortfalls tiredtoo May 2016 #157
You sound just like a right-winger... Why did you start posting so prolifically in the past 90 days? ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #169
Debt is not out of control. Helen Borg May 2016 #177
Those with your perspective always conveniently forget to mention . . FairWinds May 2016 #178
And another post from Trust Buster... ljm2002 May 2016 #184
Bravo. cali May 2016 #196
. Iggo May 2016 #275
Her language is completely appropriate in this instance. ScreamingMeemie May 2016 #194
But somehow, cutting the military budget is NEVER on the table Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #203
Did your feelings get hurt by dirty words?? Silver_Witch May 2016 #216
I don't believe we are at the point where cutting SS is necessary. HOWEVER, it is ludicrous to say Hoyt May 2016 #220
Nonsense pottedplant May 2016 #458
Raising the cap is one of the options I would pursue first. Problem is, if economy does not produce Hoyt May 2016 #463
Here's an idea pottedplant May 2016 #465
Look, I used to work for gubmit and loved it. But, we aren't going back to those levels anytime soon Hoyt May 2016 #466
Republican compromises would have the opposite effect Bradical79 May 2016 #225
"our debt is out of control" WHAT! So you are saying that Social Security is a debt? bkkyosemite May 2016 #240
But you lecturing some username on an anonymous forum will help? Rex May 2016 #248
Want to do something about the debt? - Tax the rich who created it with their wars and tax cuts Betty Karlson May 2016 #259
You have to be fucking kidding! nt G_j May 2016 #268
I second the OP's sentiment Android3.14 May 2016 #269
Our financial shortfalls can be dealt with by taxing massive wealth hoarders Cal Carpenter May 2016 #270
So cut fucking defense and corporate subsidies. KPN May 2016 #271
Aw. Iggo May 2016 #273
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #279
Only you can decide that. Freeperville? RimJob? Ugh. cali May 2016 #281
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #284
Social Security has never been a problem shadowmayor May 2016 #283
Always money for wars. But none for the citizens of our country. Is that what you are saying? jillan May 2016 #287
Addressing our "financial shortfalls" is code for cut programs that help those struggling. I can rhett o rick May 2016 #289
OMFG. Phlem May 2016 #312
Let's address our shortfalls. Specifically, let's address the billions and billions and BILLIONS octoberlib May 2016 #327
OMGGIH -- balancing the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable is obscene magical thyme May 2016 #328
Social Security... gregcrawford May 2016 #329
Damn RW talking point nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #332
Well, fuckity fuck fuck on a fuck stick. pangaia May 2016 #336
How about addressing the shortfalls by RoccoR5955 May 2016 #339
If our debt is out of control, we should cut our military spending. JDPriestly May 2016 #341
Exactly. It's a matter of priorities. Arugula Latte May 2016 #418
the fix for social security has ben there for years DonCoquixote May 2016 #346
High gov't debt when interest rates are so low is a good thing. ihaveaquestion May 2016 #364
There should be no consensus lbrtbell May 2016 #369
The fucking, mother fuckers taking our jobs and giving them to slaves in India now whereisjustice May 2016 #371
Nah.....fuck that Red Mountain May 2016 #372
LOL Skittles May 2016 #396
How about taxing the super rich before cutting social security???? Urchin May 2016 #398
People have been cussing about corruption here on DU since the beginning of the Bush administration. Hissyspit May 2016 #402
The language is plenty appropriate, and if you think unnecessary... MrMickeysMom May 2016 #404
Bullshit. The Green Manalishi May 2016 #406
Remember when we used to call Republicans for being full of shit when they spouted this stuff? Lancero May 2016 #410
Please go back and fix your own party ibegurpard May 2016 #422
First, have the government repay what it took from Social Security emsimon33 May 2016 #425
I think you are taking the OP personally noiretextatique May 2016 #436
Why not balance it on the backs of those reaping huge reward from our decline? n/t JPnoodleman May 2016 #468
You sound like a Republican. Odin2005 May 2016 #471
Indeed. n/t demmiblue May 2016 #474
Since when are the Democrats supporting this cut? FarPoint May 2016 #3
No it is not. Senator Warner yesterday. cali May 2016 #9
Talk is cheap and easy... FarPoint May 2016 #16
Like that time Bill Clinton was going to bring it up. Octafish May 2016 #185
I guess saving SS and Medicare is moot to anyone with their head in their pocket. nm rhett o rick May 2016 #291
My point is....this issue is and has not been on the table. FarPoint May 2016 #297
Since the 1990's when Bill and Newt talked about it n/t arcane1 May 2016 #476
K&R. I won't vote for anyone who wants to cut SS...I live in CharlotteVale May 2016 #5
Fellow Virginian here. dgibby May 2016 #183
I'm for the small tent movement alc May 2016 #57
Oh, brother. Wednesdays May 2016 #412
What Dem wants to do that? apcalc May 2016 #58
Mark Warner, for one. cali May 2016 #62
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #131
That was a joke, right? A lame one? Right? truebluegreen May 2016 #146
He's a close hilly.ally, friend. cali May 2016 #172
So a rat. The DNC is infested with rats. greymouse May 2016 #197
Truth inversion... ljm2002 May 2016 #201
Some people lie with great ease. Like Hillary. cali May 2016 #215
Yes indeed... ljm2002 May 2016 #221
Who does that poster remind you of? nm rhett o rick May 2016 #292
So... we're using "DemocRAT" on DemocraticUnderground now? Scootaloo May 2016 #214
I would not call a member of the Democratic party a "DemocRAT" that is just for stonecutter357 May 2016 #223
Personally I reserve neocon warmonger for hilly. cali May 2016 #231
Actually you just did exactly that. Scootaloo May 2016 #235
no i called bernie democRAT. stonecutter357 May 2016 #238
So you're not able to understand the stuff you write. Scootaloo May 2016 #242
you seem a little unhinged are you ok? stonecutter357 May 2016 #245
And now we get into the insults. Nice. Scootaloo May 2016 #247
you insults your·self. stonecutter357 May 2016 #266
Are you finished yet? Scootaloo May 2016 #267
I feel compelled to say exactly that to you. It's unhinged to suggest that Catfood Warner cali May 2016 #260
Projection. Unhinged would be like using no caps and weird sentence structure. rhett o rick May 2016 #295
You are calling Mark Warner a "democRAT". Here is your quote, "he must be a bernie democRAT." rhett o rick May 2016 #294
I am guessing that you want to "save" SS by cutting benefits. I recognize you. rhett o rick May 2016 #382
DLC / Third Way Dems - The Clintons influence on the Democratic Party FreakinDJ May 2016 #60
Fucking frightening and grotesque. cali May 2016 #65
and YES - Hillary will Cut Social Security FreakinDJ May 2016 #66
No she won't and has said as much. apcalc May 2016 #71
I hope you're right about Hillary. cali May 2016 #72
How does she feel about Chained CPI? dragonfly301 May 2016 #76
Chained CPI... apcalc May 2016 #91
It's either raise the cap or Chained CPI. That is the reality. I know which Hillary prefers. Enthusiast May 2016 #301
Social Security funding DOESN'T run out in 8 years ??? FreakinDJ May 2016 #77
+1,000,000 eom dragonfly301 May 2016 #96
It should have apcalc May 2016 #102
It was - by Bernie FreakinDJ May 2016 #104
70 Dems committed to expanding a couple years ago and it was Warren not Bernie puffy socks May 2016 #218
What do you expect from an irresponsible media? Enthusiast May 2016 #305
remove the salary cap and SS lasts forever. greymouse May 2016 #195
+1! Weasel words are not comforting. Enthusiast May 2016 #303
She has also said awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #149
She said a lot of things. Just words. Enthusiast May 2016 #308
Her position apcalc May 2016 #309
. . . for thse who most need it. Ed Suspicious May 2016 #389
I can't believe the people setting up the talking points to wreck these programs further upthread Hydra May 2016 #78
Hillary supporters seem to be blindly loyal and quite a few are not liberals cali May 2016 #85
You just don't live in reality, and want free stuff. TransitJohn May 2016 #84
Hill supporters parrot that one a lot cali May 2016 #88
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #100
You are the one spouting.right wing crap cali May 2016 #108
And please cite. Kingofalldems May 2016 #110
Go.....use your imagination. And take your right wing crap and.... cali May 2016 #113
Still waiting for proof of right wing crap. Kingofalldems May 2016 #116
We are done. And everyone can see what you are. cali May 2016 #119
Oh we are not done. Kingofalldems May 2016 #123
Off. Brushes shoulders. You whine after calling me a freeper. Been here longer cali May 2016 #130
I posted I thought you were a republican. Kingofalldems May 2016 #140
Sorry, that was another Hillary fan in another thread. So many of you cali May 2016 #145
Well isn't that special. Kingofalldems May 2016 #154
Lol. And now buh bye. cali May 2016 #155
are you a a freeper? stonecutter357 May 2016 #160
Lowdown bogus garbage... ljm2002 May 2016 #205
Are you a Berniebro ? stonecutter357 May 2016 #217
I am a 67 year old woman... ljm2002 May 2016 #232
Berniebroing has nothing to do with being a man are woman. stonecutter357 May 2016 #237
What utter nonsense... ljm2002 May 2016 #241
The hell it doesn't. It's sexist crap! I am a woman, don't fucking call me a bro. CharlotteVale May 2016 #352
if you are not a berniebro ,I did not fucking call you a bro. stonecutter357 May 2016 #355
Stop spinning. You just said it had nothing to do with sex. But there is only one meaning CharlotteVale May 2016 #357
Bernie's female supporters? stonecutter357 May 2016 #358
PS. stonecutter357 May 2016 #359
This message was self-deleted by its author Matt_R May 2016 #391
Welcome to DU! stonecutter357 May 2016 #430
Bwahaha. Sure you are. cali May 2016 #478
I believe you aren't paying enough attention. Fuddnik May 2016 #112
And these *expletive deleted supporters of a certain candidate, have the fucking nerve cali May 2016 #117
I agree. Fuck you......... socialist_n_TN May 2016 #89
Agreed yourpaljoey May 2016 #92
That should read "open to hurting and killing the most vulnerable, you coward, by cutting..." jtuck004 May 2016 #94
Just so. deancr May 2016 #95
I was starting to think my "ignore function" wasn't working. Fuddnik May 2016 #99
This message was self-deleted by its author Matt_R May 2016 #392
Which Dems have stated this? n/t puffy socks May 2016 #101
Start with Warner. This has been going on for years in the dem party cali May 2016 #105
Then concentrate on finding progressives to replace the 9 whole Dems I can find... puffy socks May 2016 #127
I'm from vermont. We don't elect Catfood Democrats cali May 2016 #135
Damn straight. blackspade May 2016 #109
Agree. Those aren't Democrats, they are Libertarians wearing Democrat Amimnoch May 2016 #121
YES! They ARE Libertarians in disguise! Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #224
If only we could get them to just take a step back.. Amimnoch May 2016 #257
Didn’t Democratic U.S. President Barack Obama offer up cuts to Social Security? CobaltBlue May 2016 #124
So that makes it alright ??? FreakinDJ May 2016 #125
So that makes it all right? Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #229
and the Lewinsky scandal's the only reason we have it around today MisterP May 2016 #277
That's why Bernie wanted someone to run vs. Obama in the primary for 2012 2cannan May 2016 #302
I second that. (and, I've missed you on DU.) nt ladjf May 2016 #126
Thanks cali May 2016 #133
And the horse they rode in on... awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #129
Ignore the tone police alarimer May 2016 #148
Tone police = Concern trolls Populist_Prole May 2016 #230
Plus one for truth! Enthusiast May 2016 #313
there wasting when a person with similar inchhigh May 2016 #150
Also, if you feel taxes on the rich are too damn high. Spitfire of ATJ May 2016 #151
Yes cali May 2016 #159
Few things frost me more than the Western world's least-taxed rich people Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #233
agreed gopiscrap May 2016 #153
Agreed, Cali. There is no good argument against your post. Just neoliberal white noise. floriduck May 2016 #156
Could all such supposed Dem's open to this be listed please? EndElectoral May 2016 #158
An abusive over culture felix_numinous May 2016 #161
when i saw the topic line i thought straight click bait dembotoz May 2016 #163
DLC sell-outs zentrum May 2016 #165
KNR n/t. DirkGently May 2016 #166
Where is your party loyalty??? C0RYH0FFMAN May 2016 #168
Gotta love that mindless drivel. Not. cali May 2016 #180
Dems that will throw social security under the bus . . ? FairWinds May 2016 #182
Third way scum. FOAD. JEB May 2016 #188
Agree with every word and sentiment The Second Stone May 2016 #199
You are too generous. Downwinder May 2016 #204
It's fucked up that on DU you can support cutting social security cali May 2016 #213
Anything short of, "As President, I will veto any cuts to Downwinder May 2016 #243
+100,000,000. Nt daa May 2016 #208
Is there a list of said Democrats liberal N proud May 2016 #246
Get ready to privatized SS, Medicare and Obamacare being gone. JPnoodleman May 2016 #255
That is why it is useful to preserve a Republican majority. Enthusiast May 2016 #315
No she will not apcalc May 2016 #319
Agree with you completely cali Ferd Berfel May 2016 #296
One of those times when I have to log in and give a rec. Efilroft Sul May 2016 #298
Thanks cali May 2016 #299
Yes, FUCK any Dem who thinks we are that stupid Tsiyu May 2016 #300
Righteous rant cali May 2016 #304
I am pissed off Tsiyu May 2016 #307
And the horse ya rode in on! And all of your supporters! n/t brewens May 2016 #310
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast May 2016 #316
kick rec Teamster Jeff May 2016 #322
Amen. K&R closeupready May 2016 #324
wow there's an over fed troll actually defending cuts to our safety net? !? southmost May 2016 #326
Yeah BlindTiresias May 2016 #385
"If you're an elected dem who leaves the door open to cuts in social security" ... Jopin Klobe May 2016 #330
Likewise, if you call yourself a Progressive yet vote with the Bush cronies to poison the Latinos, misterhighwasted May 2016 #337
Your post is chock full of lies. cali May 2016 #429
No lies cali. Bernie voted against the most Progressive, Paul Wellstone misterhighwasted May 2016 #450
+1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! n.t. RoccoR5955 May 2016 #338
Some seniors live or die on $700/mo as is. glinda May 2016 #348
"well, they voted in the primaries, so they can go screw as I fight Trump for Republican voters" MisterP May 2016 #379
Not understanding what you are saying... glinda May 2016 #416
Clinton's the hypothetical speaker--the elderly can starve as she flounders about trying MisterP May 2016 #419
+1 glinda May 2016 #421
By doing this, they are harming the bottom line in overall GDP. glowing May 2016 #351
Well stated. Thank you. nt DLevine May 2016 #431
Righteous, well done! appalachiablue May 2016 #445
Thank you. glowing May 2016 #461
Agreed. SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #354
YES!!!!! wolfie001 May 2016 #360
Interesting how many here supporting "compromise" AllyCat May 2016 #367
You realize this is how the asshole auditions for VP. This was a trial balloon. Vote2016 May 2016 #370
YUP, FUCK YOU! Dont call me Shirley May 2016 #373
K & R! Excellent Fuckin' post! TIME TO PANIC May 2016 #374
DURec leftstreet May 2016 #377
kick warrprayer May 2016 #378
This message was self-deleted by its author TM99 May 2016 #381
+1 Honey pot thread BlindTiresias May 2016 #384
Jesus cali.. what have you done! BlindTiresias May 2016 #386
:-) I have a lot of people on ignore. redwitch May 2016 #388
+1 mr clean May 2016 #460
Not Only F.U.: You're A Self-declared Enemy of the People cer7711 May 2016 #387
Yes. redwitch May 2016 #390
Isn't Trump is against cutting social security? ozone_man May 2016 #394
You f*cking ROCK, Cali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RiverLover May 2016 #397
thank you for your very hopemountain May 2016 #400
K&R Jeffersons Ghost May 2016 #409
Happy to be rec #300. Arugula Latte May 2016 #415
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe May 2016 #420
Thanks for calling attention to this important issue, cali. PoliticalMalcontent May 2016 #423
We are now well organized emsimon33 May 2016 #426
Really. I am tired of having my economics screwed over by Democrats. I reserve my vote to see highprincipleswork May 2016 #427
K & R! nt TeamPooka May 2016 #428
It heartens me to see so many duers are holding strong on this. cali May 2016 #432
How about fuel subsidies? merrily May 2016 #433
Kick Teamster Jeff May 2016 #440
We have a center right and a far right party nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #453
Skinner, if you want some *real* purge material, THIS is the thread to pull from. Marr May 2016 #456
Kick for exposure. demmiblue May 2016 #473
A 'Pub I knew told me that it would take a Dem admin to dismantle the New Deal. haele May 2016 #475
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