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Response to Stuart G (Original post)

ok.... quinnox Jun 2012 #1
F**kin' A Right there Stuart. Marie Marie Jun 2012 #2
Was it George Carlin who said something about this word..?? Stuart G Jun 2012 #4
This one? Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #14
I have an issue with it being used at times rufus dog Jun 2012 #3
Fuckin state basher! panader0 Jun 2012 #7
Well if you are a liberal in AZ, then you are acutely familiar rufus dog Jun 2012 #15
Fuck republicans! underseasurveyor Jun 2012 #5
Here's a good observation on the "F" word Harry Monroe Jun 2012 #6
I worry more that we are going to run out of apostrophes Lex Jun 2012 #8
The list of things that are no longer what they are called is very long Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #13
Here is a website for you, then...the Apostrophe Protection Society! Tanuki Jun 2012 #25
I know some forums that discourage profanities in Shankapotomus Jun 2012 #9
J.D. Salinger used it a lot in Catcher In The Rye lunatica Jun 2012 #10
The most useful spoken word in the English language. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #11
I say .... MrMickeysMom Jun 2012 #12
If you don't want to say fuck, Rincewind Jun 2012 #16
Skinner's post using the word was alerted! LOL! freshwest Jun 2012 #17
I think what my mom said is true: cwydro Jun 2012 #18
"It loses its power with overuse" is the main point for me. surrealAmerican Jun 2012 #21
I thought the word was given to us by the Dutch? Blue_Tires Jun 2012 #22
Fuck. nt Javaman Jun 2012 #19
It's a great way to show class and maturity! deaniac21 Jun 2012 #20
Fuck... the Documentary. -..__... Jun 2012 #23
What starts with F and ends in UCK? Aerows Jun 2012 #24
Post removed Post removed Jun 2012 #26
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