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H2O Man

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Wed Apr 6, 2016, 06:04 PM Apr 2016

Guilty! (Road Rage) [View all]

The scumbag who shot my cousin & his son was found guilty on 15 counts this afternoon. It only took the judge a half an hour to determine his verdict.

I will post more -- much more -- about today's events in court later tonight. (At this time, a few family members and associates are here, celebrating the verdict.)

The DA was on fire today. I've never seen a DA do nearly this perfect a job.

H2O Man

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Guilty! (Road Rage) [View all] H2O Man Apr 2016 OP
Good news. It won't bring the boy back but will give some comfort to the family. nm rhett o rick Apr 2016 #1
Peace, H2O Man. dchill Apr 2016 #2
glad to hear this good news! steve2470 Apr 2016 #3
Excellent news. Solly Mack Apr 2016 #4
! Octafish Apr 2016 #5
Good to hear justice was served in this case . . . Journeyman Apr 2016 #6
...... daleanime Apr 2016 #7
Good and may this help to bring some peace for your family. jwirr Apr 2016 #8
Thanks for keeping us updated ornotna Apr 2016 #9
I hope it's not too long until sentencing gratuitous Apr 2016 #10
I hope this verdict will help you heal maxpower Apr 2016 #11
I remember you talking about this. Good news that was justice was served. iandhr Apr 2016 #12
The defendant requested trial by judge. He didn't want a jury trial. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2016 #59
Ah ok iandhr Apr 2016 #64
It is a good question! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2016 #67
It was a cop who shot his cousin and nephew. passiveporcupine Apr 2016 #88
good irisblue Apr 2016 #13
Justice is served! hatrack Apr 2016 #14
It sounds like justice was done. 11 Bravo Apr 2016 #15
it is good when justice prevails. spanone Apr 2016 #16
Glad to hear it.... Capt.Rocky300 Apr 2016 #17
Justice is served. nt Codeine Apr 2016 #18
slow and tortuous, but truth and justice prevails! bbgrunt Apr 2016 #19
! etherealtruth Apr 2016 #20
Good News! n/t RoccoR5955 Apr 2016 #21
Glad to hear another one biting the dust. Best to you and yours Vincardog Apr 2016 #22
I haven't commented on this before mindwalker_i Apr 2016 #23
I hope this brings some relief to your family n2doc Apr 2016 #24
Great News!!! denvine Apr 2016 #25
Yes! Justice is served. FourScore Apr 2016 #26
((Love and Peace to the Waterman Family)) blm Apr 2016 #27
Peace Melissa G Apr 2016 #28
I am glad that justice was served. I will write the judge again and msanthrope Apr 2016 #29
Peace to you, H2O Man. immoderate Apr 2016 #30
Thanks for posting Omaha Steve Apr 2016 #31
Thank goodness dorkzilla Apr 2016 #32
Justice. bigwillq Apr 2016 #33
Throw away the key. Oneironaut Apr 2016 #34
I'm so glad! renate Apr 2016 #35
I have mixed feelings meow2u3 Apr 2016 #36
The cousin is still alive. retrowire Apr 2016 #68
Peace and love to you and yours. peace13 Apr 2016 #79
Excellent News malaise Apr 2016 #37
Outstanding! panader0 Apr 2016 #38
Sometimes the system works Little_Wing Apr 2016 #39
May it bring the family a measure of peace. AngryAmish Apr 2016 #40
I'm happy for you H20 man. onethatcares Apr 2016 #41
Fantastic. cwydro Apr 2016 #42
Good to hear. Jim__ Apr 2016 #43
I wish you and yours peace and healing. myrna minx Apr 2016 #44
Congrats SCantiGOP Apr 2016 #45
Sentance? trof Apr 2016 #46
So happy to see this news! ms liberty Apr 2016 #47
Excellent. Dems to Win Apr 2016 #48
Peace waterman... AuntPatsy Apr 2016 #49
Thank goodness. I am so relieved for your family. Ilsa Apr 2016 #50
I hope that this decision brings you and your family peace. Trailrider1951 Apr 2016 #51
I hope the sentence is appropriate to the offense. MADem Apr 2016 #52
Thankfully, justice was served. I hope you and your family will be able to find peace. PWPippin Apr 2016 #53
YES! NBachers Apr 2016 #54
Good! NV Whino Apr 2016 #55
Thanks for keeping us updated bearssoapbox Apr 2016 #56
Good. This man needs to be removed from society. mountain grammy Apr 2016 #57
great news Mosby Apr 2016 #58
Glad to see Justice prevail in this deserving case! Dustlawyer Apr 2016 #60
What great news, my dear H20 Man! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2016 #61
*happy hugs* n/t eggplant Apr 2016 #62
I have followed your postings about this case, H2O Man: joanbarnes Apr 2016 #63
may your family find peace and healing... islandmkl Apr 2016 #65
YES! retrowire Apr 2016 #66
Great news!! Tess49 Apr 2016 #69
Oh thank God. I am so relieved for you and your family. Hekate Apr 2016 #70
good. tk2kewl Apr 2016 #71
What an awesome day for you, H20 Man! shanti Apr 2016 #72
I'm so glad to hear this. Arugula Latte Apr 2016 #73
Woo hoo!!! C Moon Apr 2016 #74
Good news matt819 Apr 2016 #75
It only took the judge a half an hour to determine his verdict. AlbertCat Apr 2016 #76
Well, there were fifteen counts to consider. tclambert Apr 2016 #96
Peace to you Punx Apr 2016 #77
So glad for you and yours, H2O Man. Zorra Apr 2016 #78
Glad to hear it noretreatnosurrender Apr 2016 #80
YES!!!!! ProudToBeBlueInRhody Apr 2016 #81
This has to be a bit of light. I'm glad for you, man. marble falls Apr 2016 #82
This is the absolute best news I've seen all day! passiveporcupine Apr 2016 #83
( ) Jack Rabbit Apr 2016 #84
Fantastic! babylonsister Apr 2016 #85
Some justice for you folks. Sentencing next I assume Person 2713 Apr 2016 #86
Saw that! Sensitive soul Apr 2016 #87
I am so glad for your family that the judgment went that way. Not I hope the sentence will keep FailureToCommunicate Apr 2016 #89
Good News KT2000 Apr 2016 #90
I do have one question passiveporcupine Apr 2016 #91
while it doesn't bring anyone back, I hope you and your family rurallib Apr 2016 #92
Good. malthaussen Apr 2016 #93
May the verdict bring your family peace and closure Moostache Apr 2016 #94
Link here to the trial. edbermac Apr 2016 #95
Thanks for the link. kag Apr 2016 #104
I hope this brings some peace, and healing to all of you! herding cats Apr 2016 #97
VERY happy for you and your family Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2016 #98
Faith renewed that justice can still prevail. salin Apr 2016 #99
I so sorry that happened to your family. ZombieHorde Apr 2016 #100
Peace and closure H2O Man CanonRay Apr 2016 #101
So glad to hear this guy will pay in some way for the pain and loss AllyCat Apr 2016 #102
I'm so glad. Great news. mmm413 Apr 2016 #103
Peace and love for you and your family, H2O Man. Scuba Apr 2016 #105
Great news! Bittersweet but justice delivered. riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #106
Happy to hear your family got justice angrychair Apr 2016 #107
Great to hear. Can't wait for the sentencing! sinkingfeeling Apr 2016 #108
Damn, that was fast awoke_in_2003 Apr 2016 #109
K&R! I am glad that Justice was served in the case of your cousin & his son.... Ghost in the Machine Apr 2016 #110
Peace to you and your family. So Far From Heaven Apr 2016 #111
KnR for visibility. nt tblue37 Apr 2016 #112
yes! hopemountain Apr 2016 #113
I hope this brings closure and peace LiberalLovinLug Apr 2016 #114
Good news. Thanks for keeping us informed. And congratulations on getting justice. eom Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #115
Peace to you lovemydog Apr 2016 #116
Justice! Beowulf Apr 2016 #117
Some Justice, and a cold comfort Fairgo Apr 2016 #118
Excellent! nt valerief Apr 2016 #119
Justice...may he get the maximum magical thyme Apr 2016 #120
Great news, H2O Man MrScorpio Apr 2016 #121
Let justice be done. aikoaiko Apr 2016 #122
Most excellent news! ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #123
Good! yardwork Apr 2016 #124
Enjoy some justice - enjoy some peace Jemmons Apr 2016 #125
OUTSTANDING!! 2banon Apr 2016 #126
I'm glad this was over so quickly Warpy Apr 2016 #127
Hopefully this will bring a small measure of comfort and peace to your family. onecaliberal Apr 2016 #128
I wish I could have seen his reaction. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2016 #129
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