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3. Well, one may very well end up
Sun Mar 13, 2016, 09:04 AM
Mar 2016

being related to the other. I would like to think that Trump (or in the perhaps even scarier alternative, Cruz) would have no real chance in the GE against either Clinton or Sanders, but I don't delude myself that there aren't a LOT of Trump supporters out there, just because they're not in my circle of acquaintances.

And actually, from what I keep reading, a lot of people right here are NOT thinking about it, but have declared without any hesitation that they will never vote for the Democratic candidate that isn't their favorite.

For Clinton Supporters [View all] skepticscott Mar 2016 OP
I don't think one is related to the other Renew Deal Mar 2016 #1
Well, one may very well end up skepticscott Mar 2016 #3
The one "no" vote is a Bernie supporter. Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2016 #2
LMAO leftofcool Mar 2016 #5
I absolutely agree quickesst Mar 2016 #7
What? nt Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2016 #8
Where do you get that? LiberalElite Mar 2016 #9
Favorite Forum: Bernie Sanders nt Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2016 #10
So that explains why it's N/A instead of Sanders... LiberalElite Mar 2016 #12
I replied before. Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2016 #13
The original "No" voter changed or removed his vote. Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2016 #11
I don't even have to think about this! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leftofcool Mar 2016 #4
Of course I would. I'm a democrat. lamp_shade Mar 2016 #6
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