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23. Fundamentalist is one of many paths to crazy actions.
Mon Feb 29, 2016, 03:49 PM
Feb 2016

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Fundamentalist thinking is magical and irrational thinking.

One can be "crazy" but never act "crazy" and maintain behavior within bounds of society, self-respect, and lack of harm to oneself or others.

Some of us are more predisposed to the "crazy" because of genetics and environment.

Fundamentalism, drugs, alcohol, cults in general, poverty, and physical, spiritual, or sexual abuse are paths that fertilize and activate the innate "crazy".

Hijabed, Allah Akbar, and beheading suggest that some strain of Islam had a part in forming the reality of this horrid woman.

Why does the hijab matter? Fearless Feb 2016 #1
you are correct, they should have just stated "fundie asshole takes little girls life" snooper2 Feb 2016 #3
Wtf? Fearless Feb 2016 #4
and it isn't very DEMOCRATIC to scream Allahu Akbar while holding a severed childs head snooper2 Feb 2016 #10
Dreadful tragedy, and dreadful responses here. Hortensis Feb 2016 #19
i share your feelings on this - notice the comments are not on the poor child or the family MariaThinks Feb 2016 #27
If she had been wearing a large crucifix, Nye Bevan Feb 2016 #6
The presumption of relevance is unsupported. LanternWaste Feb 2016 #11
Shouldn't the story simply report all the facts Nye Bevan Feb 2016 #15
If any bigot was suggesting this was intrinsic Hortensis Feb 2016 #20
And I wouldn't blame you for that, either. kentauros Feb 2016 #39
Yes, almost all child murderers are mentally "ill" Hortensis Feb 2016 #41
I don't buy this story Egnever Feb 2016 #7
Right melman Feb 2016 #9
I stand corrected Egnever Feb 2016 #40
And the envelope please!!! LiberalArkie Feb 2016 #32
The BBC isn't known for making things up. hifiguy Feb 2016 #38
"Masked gunman robs bank" Matrosov Feb 2016 #37
What is the difference between being a fundamentalist and being crazy? Oneironaut Feb 2016 #2
Fundamentalist is one of many paths to crazy actions. PufPuf23 Feb 2016 #23
your last point is right on target. There is something religious at play and this happens MariaThinks Feb 2016 #28
The hijab doesn't matter in the big picture virgogal Feb 2016 #5
I always see clothing referenced in news stories. Wilms Feb 2016 #8
He was last seen wearing a black jacket, a black shirt, black pants and black shoes. snooper2 Feb 2016 #13
How dare they mention the "Santa Claus jacket". Nye Bevan Feb 2016 #16
Please continue. Wilms Feb 2016 #17
i think what the killer was yelling might be relevant to what was on her mind MariaThinks Feb 2016 #29
And the big story is she wore a head scarf? bhikkhu Feb 2016 #12
A guy in camo outfit takes out movie theater. Atman Feb 2016 #14
The hijab doesn't bother me, but this does. B2G Feb 2016 #18
Sadly that phrase will be associated with death for a long time Marrah_G Feb 2016 #22
Mental illness is a terrible, terrible thing. Marrah_G Feb 2016 #21
Stigmatization is a terrible terrible thing. HuckleB Feb 2016 #31
That or just regular old religion... TipTok Feb 2016 #36
It's telling romanic Feb 2016 #24
.+10 840high Feb 2016 #25
how fucking horrible JI7 Feb 2016 #26
Let her rot in prison in Siberia. Rex Feb 2016 #30
Any other international crime news you wish to share w/ us today? Scurrilous Feb 2016 #33
This story is on the front page of many news sites. Bonx Feb 2016 #34
Some of the very best DUers share international news here. Nye Bevan Feb 2016 #35
Here's the results of the alert... progressoid Feb 2016 #42
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