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Lol, lighten up. Many states have that issue, like missouri. No big deal. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #1
I guess I'm just a weird guy. mwb970 Feb 2016 #4
Most of the US can't pronouce the name of one of our Mountain ranges correctly NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #16
Thank you NutmegYankee! R. P. McMurphy Feb 2016 #32
I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, squarely in the foothills of the Appalachians Orrex Feb 2016 #36
I was born in West Virginia and went to college in Western Virginia. NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #46
I work in commercial customer service, and... Orrex Feb 2016 #70
Where are they located? NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #72
They're in western Pennsylvania Orrex Feb 2016 #83
Yawn. Then keep saying it incorrectly. NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #100
That's just asinine and intellectually dishonest Orrex Feb 2016 #126
You called me a hipster - now that's funny. NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #129
If it postures like a hipster and is smug like a hipster, it's a hipster Orrex Feb 2016 #136
You never did read the Wikipedia did you? NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #137
I graduated from Appalachian State University. cwydro Feb 2016 #159
Yes, both pronunciations are accepted Orrex Feb 2016 #160
And as a grad, then you also know ms liberty Feb 2016 #207
Lol. cwydro Feb 2016 #213
To be fair, the only person from Appalachia I ever knew pronounced every other word incorrectly GummyBearz Feb 2016 #190
Spent my first 32 years of life in VA and never heard it either. n/t arcane1 Feb 2016 #78
Where in Virginia? NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #105
Richmond, which can kind of go either way depending on who you talk to. arcane1 Feb 2016 #113
When I lived in the Shenandoah Valley in the late 1950s 1939 Feb 2016 #165
not in Maine royable Feb 2016 #68
Yeah, that bugs me the way out-of-staters say Bangor too. Zing Zing Zingbah Feb 2016 #102
It must be a southern vs northern thing. NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #104
And yeah, everyone in Maine says apple-ae-shun. Zing Zing Zingbah Feb 2016 #115
The mountain range extends far. AHEM: WinkyDink Feb 2016 #145
It is also ColorRAdo not Drahthaardogs Feb 2016 #162
Maybe it's people in NevADDah who don't know how to pronounce it. pangaia Feb 2016 #130
It's Missour"uh", right? 11 Bravo Feb 2016 #31
No, no, no TuxedoKat Feb 2016 #90
I was chatting once with someone from Missouri and asked him which was correct. Tanuki Feb 2016 #183
Yes TuxedoKat Feb 2016 #187
It's actually pronounced NobodyHere Feb 2016 #121
mih sur ree ChairmanAgnostic Feb 2016 #188
Yes. We here in OR-UH-GUN get awful tired of OR-EE-GAWN. [n/t] Maedhros Feb 2016 #37
Yeah but that's an I on the end, not an Uh. Volaris Feb 2016 #108
Warshington, DC, or Warshington state? kwassa Feb 2016 #138
No, Missouri. Volaris Feb 2016 #140
it is Missery, not Missouri snooper2 Feb 2016 #174
Wait until they get to Arkansas. edbermac Feb 2016 #2
Ar Can Saw not Ar Kansas LiberalArkie Feb 2016 #76
Oh, who cares? People mispronounce Chicago all the time..... Peregrine Took Feb 2016 #3
Apparently the reaction is going to be "who cares?" mwb970 Feb 2016 #6
There is such a thing as regional dialects and accents. cemaphonic Feb 2016 #22
Language also declines when one does not allow for the colloquial LanternWaste Feb 2016 #27
Language dies when it does not evolve Orrex Feb 2016 #38
Sic verum est TheUndecider Feb 2016 #211
Since you bring it up, being obsessed with one 'correct' pronunciation is far more right wing muriel_volestrangler Feb 2016 #48
I love this one! mwb970 Feb 2016 #198
That's the problem - you think you're a "smart one" muriel_volestrangler Feb 2016 #206
So most of our schooling is needlesly "authoritarian", right? mwb970 Feb 2016 #208
Pronouncing Nevada with a short A is not intellectual muriel_volestrangler Feb 2016 #214
Oh boy! Dorian Gray Feb 2016 #163
Wow, i thought grammar nazis were uptight. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #179
There's a difference between "ah" and "aw"? NutmegYankee Feb 2016 #11
"AH" is what you say at the doctor's office. "AW" is what you say ... 11 Bravo Feb 2016 #33
I think 'aw' is a uniquely local pronunciation but plenty of us go with 'ah' or a very subtle 'aw' Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2016 #41
Ah and aw? OnionPatch Feb 2016 #98
To me aw is a long sound, ah is a short sound. n/t Zing Zing Zingbah Feb 2016 #118
AH and AW is the difference between a midwestern accent and a non-midwestern accent! Skittles Feb 2016 #116
The opposite, actually harrisbierhoff Feb 2016 #5
Thank you, Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #8
Ha! harrisbierhoff Feb 2016 #20
Local Version Here, Kelvin ProfessorGAC Feb 2016 #45
And Beauforte, SC Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #53
The funniest one is (and you'd know this if you're from Detroit) Wednesdays Feb 2016 #67
Not Grass shit... Grashit... k8conant Feb 2016 #153
to distinguish it from Beaufort (BOW-fuht) in NC :-) zazen Feb 2016 #210
Yes, here in Virginia, we have: phylny Feb 2016 #96
Grew up down the road from Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #131
Our daughter lives in Waynesboro now :) phylny Feb 2016 #164
Yes, the town had some serious environmental problems given the factories that used to be there Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #181
Born in Farmville 1939 Feb 2016 #169
Buena Vista city in Virginia 1939 Feb 2016 #168
I know, Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #180
We had an old southern lady on the staff in college 1939 Feb 2016 #182
And I am sure he would have used the Italian pronunciation Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #185
4th generation after him migrated to Virginia NT 1939 Feb 2016 #194
Have you talked to anyone from Nevada about this? mwb970 Feb 2016 #10
I have 2 sets of relatives who live in Vegas harrisbierhoff Feb 2016 #15
Ummm, no, they did not "create" the state. kiva Feb 2016 #56
Man if the irony in this post isn't thick enough to cut with a knife... cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #128
Splitting hairs aren't we? harrisbierhoff Feb 2016 #193
That was meant to be tongue in cheek. cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #195
Just want to support your sentiment on this. graegoyle Feb 2016 #25
Thanks! harrisbierhoff Feb 2016 #35
Texas: It's "TAYhahs" IDemo Feb 2016 #49
Verdad harrisbierhoff Feb 2016 #52
Actually, the Spanish pronunciation would be closer to "Nev-AH-tha" . . . markpkessinger Feb 2016 #103
There's on D in it... scscholar Feb 2016 #7
If I hear one more person say, "I shall scream" instead of, "I will scream..." ScreamingMeemie Feb 2016 #9
Meh. None of you out of staters pronounce Oregon correctly either. HuckleB Feb 2016 #12
I love the way they say Yachats, one of my favorite places. Shrike47 Feb 2016 #77
+1,000,000 ... 000 HuckleB Feb 2016 #79
They make that part of their tourism ads! KamaAina Feb 2016 #13
Can't Pronounce Nevada Correctly? You're Not Alone HuckleB Feb 2016 #14
"Tahoe is a mispronunciation of the Washoe word for “the lake” (Da ow). Donkees Feb 2016 #17
Is the mispronounced Lake Tahoe in the Sierra or Sierras? Brother Buzz Feb 2016 #23
Sierra Donkees Feb 2016 #39
Do they commonly mispronounce Spanish words in Great Britain? IDemo Feb 2016 #18
Heck, they mispronounce English words theah. MineralMan Feb 2016 #24
I asked a Brit co-worker one day on the elevator IDemo Feb 2016 #26
What colour was her hauh? MineralMan Feb 2016 #28
Sterling IDemo Feb 2016 #43
And that would be different from 'elevator' how? (nt) muriel_volestrangler Feb 2016 #50
True that IDemo Feb 2016 #51
Have you ever heard a BBC reporter say "Barrack"? kiva Feb 2016 #57
Or "ALuMINium"? Qutzupalotl Feb 2016 #107
Or sometimes "alooMINyoom." Codeine Feb 2016 #125
My ears have a hard time listening to British auto racing phylny Feb 2016 #216
I've been watching a lot more British kiva Feb 2016 #217
Can't think of any Spanish-derived UK place names offhand, Denzil_DC Feb 2016 #75
Mentioned because the OP said "NevAHda does not make one sound smart and British." IDemo Feb 2016 #117
Because English is frikkin weird. n/t Denzil_DC Feb 2016 #119
More than that, why does the UK have the River Thames, River Tay, River Avon etc. muriel_volestrangler Feb 2016 #161
can we say it like d_r Feb 2016 #19
Better not listen to any Spanish speakers, then. MineralMan Feb 2016 #21
Muchisimas gracias, Señor. harrisbierhoff Feb 2016 #30
De nada, mi amigo. MineralMan Feb 2016 #34
If Spanish.. KatyMan Feb 2016 #87
It cuts both ways, of course Warpy Feb 2016 #60
Sympathies from out here in "Ore-GONE." (*grrr*) Lizzie Poppet Feb 2016 #29
Nu Yawk Donkees Feb 2016 #40
Nueva York n/t IDemo Feb 2016 #42
MyYAMma, even for Floridians upstate. Eleanors38 Feb 2016 #44
like louisville ky - or duquesne saturnsring Feb 2016 #47
Well, I know about "Loo-uh-ville, But Duquesne? Who doesn't know that one? WinkyDink Feb 2016 #146
me that was new to me saturnsring Feb 2016 #184
"You Oughta NOT Say Ne vaw da!" Hissyspit Feb 2016 #54
It goes both ways Matrosov Feb 2016 #55
Na-Va-Da is how I say it bigwillq Feb 2016 #58
This seems to be a strange attitude. mwb970 Feb 2016 #199
The Na-Vaa-Da school of words (nt) bigwillq Feb 2016 #215
This message was self-deleted by its author stopbush Feb 2016 #59
Do they say "Lass Veegass"? Or might they use the, you know, original Spanish? WinkyDink Feb 2016 #147
Yup, gets on the nerves of most Nevadans. kiva Feb 2016 #61
and what exactly is wrong with "not being from around there" Skittles Feb 2016 #132
What they are actually saying is "Who cares?" There is a LOT wrong with that. /nt mwb970 Feb 2016 #200
I guess I should be outraged when people say ILLINOISE Skittles Feb 2016 #219
Come down here to TX and see how Manchaca, Guadaloupe, and Refugio are pronounced hobbit709 Feb 2016 #62
We used to float the Gwa-da-loo-pay River a lot back Seeking Serenity Feb 2016 #69
Or San Jacinto and Mexia kentauros Feb 2016 #82
In Austin TX Guadaloupe St Quantess Feb 2016 #158
Or Bexar County JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2016 #167
I only know 'cause I used to live in Austin Seeking Serenity Feb 2016 #172
along with Mexia, Bexar County, or San Jacinto Zen Democrat Feb 2016 #191
I lived there a couple of years and mispronounced it the whole time Blasphemer Feb 2016 #63
Nevada is one of our fifty states. mwb970 Feb 2016 #201
I call it "Nev-AHH-da." I'm a New England Liberal heathen. chrisa Feb 2016 #64
remember the people on the Mayflower thought olddots Feb 2016 #65
We here in AR-kan-SAW (Arkansas) get tickled Seeking Serenity Feb 2016 #66
My husband went to Lafayette College (PA), and hereabouts we use the original French. Of course, the WinkyDink Feb 2016 #148
People say things different ways in different parts of the country melman Feb 2016 #71
Not the names of states. mwb970 Feb 2016 #202
Same with ColorADDo. Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #73
Ha! The citizens of Louisiana disagree over how to pronounce Louisiana TexasMommaWithAHat Feb 2016 #74
Data point: I'm British, and I've always assumed it was NevAHda. Donald Ian Rankin Feb 2016 #80
Americans wishing to appear smart often adopt inappropriate British pronunciations. mwb970 Feb 2016 #203
Then let me make you scream. kentauros Feb 2016 #81
People mispronounce Illinois, but you don't see people in Illinois getting bent out of shape B Calm Feb 2016 #84
I agree with you, and I'm not even from there Populist_Prole Feb 2016 #85
Alabama is pronounced AlaDamnBama according to an Alabama truck driver I met long ago. B Calm Feb 2016 #86
potayto potahto, tomayto tomahto ;) mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #88
I feel the same way about OldHippieChick Feb 2016 #89
Just don't say "Cali". Throd Feb 2016 #91
hey shanti Feb 2016 #92
This 8th generation Californian says you may not be one... Throd Feb 2016 #95
oh really... shanti Feb 2016 #97
You really say "Cali"? Codeine Feb 2016 #127
Yes I occasionally say cali shanti Feb 2016 #141
i had a bf once who said ne-vah-da shanti Feb 2016 #93
I don't live there and never been there. Zing Zing Zingbah Feb 2016 #94
I agree with you - I lived there for awhile nadine_mn Feb 2016 #99
I grew up saying "NevAHda" . . . markpkessinger Feb 2016 #101
Seems like a strange thing to obsess about . . . markpkessinger Feb 2016 #106
A simple fix: Qutzupalotl Feb 2016 #109
We have a few towns here in Washington that we use as a test... Wounded Bear Feb 2016 #110
Hahaha, we were stationed at Lewis & lived in Puyallup. giftedgirl77 Feb 2016 #120
Spo can shanti Feb 2016 #122
Awww (not ahhh) you gave it away... Wounded Bear Feb 2016 #123
Hee! shanti Feb 2016 #142
Didn't Michelle Obama teach us that when she was actually booed LiberalElite Feb 2016 #111
sorry, you are incorrect Skittles Feb 2016 #112
NevAHda 👹 abelenkpe Feb 2016 #114
It's -not- Neh-vay-der? Whut? Do that mean Iowa aynt prunownst O-hi-A????????? HereSince1628 Feb 2016 #124
It's a Spanish word, so NevAHda is closer to the correct pronunciation. roody Feb 2016 #133
Not according to the residents. /nt mwb970 Feb 2016 #205
Thanks for bringing a Lounge thread into GD. Well played, my friend!! madinmaryland Feb 2016 #134
My first day doing radio news in southern Illinois I didn't pronounce Cairo "kay-roh" Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2016 #135
Not the same. Illinois wasn't founded by Egyptians. WinkyDink Feb 2016 #144
Well, I suspect neither is the Egyptian pronunciation. Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2016 #171
You should come to Colorado sometime. backscatter712 Feb 2016 #139
But it IS "Ne-VAH-da." Es verdad! "Majority rules" doesn't make it "Nevadda'! WinkyDink Feb 2016 #143
The whole thread made me think of this scene from The Simpsons. CBGLuthier Feb 2016 #149
Yeah! It is also Or`e'gon not Or A Gone Sam_Fields Feb 2016 #150
Here in Oregon the sound of "Oregon" is indistinguishable from the sound of "organ". Binkie The Clown Feb 2016 #152
Glance at a map of regional dialects of American English. Binkie The Clown Feb 2016 #151
If I ever move to Nevada, I'll learn to pronounce it like a native. Until then, leave me alone NT Ex Lurker Feb 2016 #154
Is it Or-e-gun? Or-e-gone? or O-ree-gone? Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2016 #155
I saw a bumper sticker on my dog walk yesterday: "Orygun" IDemo Feb 2016 #218
I've had a lot of people "correct" me about how to spell my surname, merrily Feb 2016 #156
And don't get me started on how to pronounce "pronunciation" yellowcanine Feb 2016 #220
Everyone has equal rights to take a stab at pronouncing "pronunciation," merrily Feb 2016 #222
Customer service telephone operators learn quickly how places are pronounced. Quantess Feb 2016 #157
Prescriptive grammar. Deadshot Feb 2016 #166
This drives me crazy as well, my friends and family here say "Ten-uh-SEE" reflection Feb 2016 #170
Just to add one from my corner of the land IDemo Feb 2016 #173
Yes there is, it is Lil Boozie! snooper2 Feb 2016 #175
I can't go there IDemo Feb 2016 #176
so so many place names in the US lapfog_1 Feb 2016 #177
You should hear what foreigners (outside of the city) call Louisville, Ky rock Feb 2016 #178
NevAH knew that underpants Feb 2016 #186
I've had Nevadans correct me when I said "Nev-add-a" and say, "NO-- it's Nev-ahh-da". Marr Feb 2016 #189
Take corrections in stride, just like people take your perceived errors in stride when they Quantess Feb 2016 #196
They were wrong. /nt mwb970 Feb 2016 #221
Don't fuck up San Rafael! WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2016 #192
LOL! I don't know when we started adding an H in there but we did! Rex Feb 2016 #197
Nevaduh! n/t Lodestar Feb 2016 #204
Oregon TheUndecider Feb 2016 #209
read up on "Great Northern Cities Vowel Shift" that flattens vowels zazen Feb 2016 #212
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