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31. Never said you did. My comment was about Nugent.
Fri Feb 19, 2016, 11:11 AM
Feb 2016

you seem somewhat upset by my innocuous comment so perhaps we should drop the subject? Ok?

Racist NRA members will keep voting him in. The industry is run by racists. Hoyt Feb 2016 #1
The firearms industry is run by racists? GGJohn Feb 2016 #2
Every one of them I've seen are racist. Confederate flags, racist pistol grips, and the patrons Hoyt Feb 2016 #4
Yeah Hoyt, we believe you, GGJohn Feb 2016 #8
You know iit's true, GG. You hang out in those places too often to claim ignorance. Next time you Hoyt Feb 2016 #10
The firearms shows I attend have very few vendors displaying that shit, GGJohn Feb 2016 #11
"Very few." One ought to he enough to find another passion. Hoyt Feb 2016 #13
LOL. GGJohn Feb 2016 #15
Your love gushes, especially among the gungeoneers when you talk about your 5 gun safes Hoyt Feb 2016 #16
LOL Hoyt, GGJohn Feb 2016 #18
In addition to modern weapons, you like weapons used to kill in wars. I do remember. Hoyt Feb 2016 #19
I collect weapons of historical value, not just weapons used in wars, GGJohn Feb 2016 #21
GG, I bet 80% of gun shows I have attended had some dealer/buyer displaying.... Logical Feb 2016 #7
But not the majority of them, and I've attended hundreds of firearm shows, GGJohn Feb 2016 #9
But no other shows have that. It is guns that tend to draw them. GOP and racist. Not all of course.. Logical Feb 2016 #12
where will they find another man of his caliber ? olddots Feb 2016 #3
Or so eager to shoot off his big bazoo? Archae Feb 2016 #22
It is truly astounding that even with opponents like this moron, the gun control movement hack89 Feb 2016 #5
The fact the NRA love nugent proves they are a right wing support group. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #6
The fact that gun control groups keep getting their asses kick by this moron hack89 Feb 2016 #17
Typical gun nut, defending NRA. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #24
No. Pointing out that Nugent is smarter than you hack89 Feb 2016 #26
Hey whiner....... Logical Feb 2016 #27
If Nugent is held up as the face of the NRA - which happens constantly hack89 Feb 2016 #28
Like i said, where the fuck did I mention gun control Einstein? Nt Logical Feb 2016 #29
Never said you did. My comment was about Nugent. hack89 Feb 2016 #31
You gunners jump on shit asap just to whine about gun control. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #32
he's their donald trump without the money or gift of gab spanone Feb 2016 #14
Or the charm. 11 Bravo Feb 2016 #33
I covered this extensively in the last Idiots. Initech Feb 2016 #20
Has there been one mention of any of this outside the innertubes? Gabi Hayes Feb 2016 #23
peroxide is good for smeared-on, baked-in dried turds on any surface MisterP Feb 2016 #25
And the downside to this is? hobbit709 Feb 2016 #30
The choice is pretty clear gratuitous Feb 2016 #34
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