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Racist NRA members will keep voting him in. The industry is run by racists. Hoyt Feb 2016 #1
The firearms industry is run by racists? GGJohn Feb 2016 #2
Every one of them I've seen are racist. Confederate flags, racist pistol grips, and the patrons Hoyt Feb 2016 #4
Yeah Hoyt, we believe you, GGJohn Feb 2016 #8
You know iit's true, GG. You hang out in those places too often to claim ignorance. Next time you Hoyt Feb 2016 #10
The firearms shows I attend have very few vendors displaying that shit, GGJohn Feb 2016 #11
"Very few." One ought to he enough to find another passion. Hoyt Feb 2016 #13
LOL. GGJohn Feb 2016 #15
Your love gushes, especially among the gungeoneers when you talk about your 5 gun safes Hoyt Feb 2016 #16
LOL Hoyt, GGJohn Feb 2016 #18
In addition to modern weapons, you like weapons used to kill in wars. I do remember. Hoyt Feb 2016 #19
I collect weapons of historical value, not just weapons used in wars, GGJohn Feb 2016 #21
GG, I bet 80% of gun shows I have attended had some dealer/buyer displaying.... Logical Feb 2016 #7
But not the majority of them, and I've attended hundreds of firearm shows, GGJohn Feb 2016 #9
But no other shows have that. It is guns that tend to draw them. GOP and racist. Not all of course.. Logical Feb 2016 #12
where will they find another man of his caliber ? olddots Feb 2016 #3
Or so eager to shoot off his big bazoo? Archae Feb 2016 #22
It is truly astounding that even with opponents like this moron, the gun control movement hack89 Feb 2016 #5
The fact the NRA love nugent proves they are a right wing support group. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #6
The fact that gun control groups keep getting their asses kick by this moron hack89 Feb 2016 #17
Typical gun nut, defending NRA. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #24
No. Pointing out that Nugent is smarter than you hack89 Feb 2016 #26
Hey whiner....... Logical Feb 2016 #27
If Nugent is held up as the face of the NRA - which happens constantly hack89 Feb 2016 #28
Like i said, where the fuck did I mention gun control Einstein? Nt Logical Feb 2016 #29
Never said you did. My comment was about Nugent. hack89 Feb 2016 #31
You gunners jump on shit asap just to whine about gun control. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #32
he's their donald trump without the money or gift of gab spanone Feb 2016 #14
Or the charm. 11 Bravo Feb 2016 #33
I covered this extensively in the last Idiots. Initech Feb 2016 #20
Has there been one mention of any of this outside the innertubes? Gabi Hayes Feb 2016 #23
peroxide is good for smeared-on, baked-in dried turds on any surface MisterP Feb 2016 #25
And the downside to this is? hobbit709 Feb 2016 #30
The choice is pretty clear gratuitous Feb 2016 #34
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