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2. I used to exercise obsessively and not eat.
Thu Feb 18, 2016, 12:58 PM
Feb 2016

The exercise was obsessive, but the not-eating, I'd tell people "I forgot."

Nobody believed the "I forgot" to eat part, but it really was like that, I simply never thought about food. That's not anorexia.

I met my first girlfriend in the computer lab. I'd probably been there at least sixteen hours. There was a bathroom and drinking fountain down the hall, so I was fine.

She said, "C'mon, you need to eat."

I also used to drive out to the desert with a few gallons of water, no food, and come back in a few days when I was expected to be somewhere, or I was running low on water. I'd also take day jobs loading and unloading trucks. The first time I made $100 in a day I was loading trucks.

Yep, I do have an "autistic spectrum" diagnosis (among other things...) so some of this "spectrum news" seems reasonable to me.

Some of it does not. I'm not fussy about food, probably because of my childhood. In my parent's house you ate what there was to eat or you starved. Most food of my childhood was stuff my parents bought cheap in bulk, or fish my dad caught back when there were fish to be caught in the ocean, or stuff from family and neighbors gardens. If I've got rice and beans in the cupboard and a few things to flavor them with, then I'm happy. My wife is not like that at all. She loves Trader Joe's. Our city doesn't have one, so she and her sister will make the journey every couple of months.

Alas, now in my fifties, every damned joint in my body hurts, and maybe it's possible I labored and exercised too hard while malnourished when I was younger.

I had coffee and ibuprofen for breakfast today. I'll put some rice on later, maybe throw an anchovie and some spinach in it.

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