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Sun Feb 14, 2016, 01:04 PM Feb 2016

Elizabeth Warren Humiliates Mitch McConnell For Threat To Block Obama SCOTUS Nominee [View all]


Elizabeth Warren Humiliates Mitch McConnell For Threat To Block Obama SCOTUS Nominee

By Sarah Jones on Sun, Feb 14th, 2016

Senator Warren said in a statement, "Senator McConnell is right that the American people should have a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court justice. In fact, they did - when President Obama won the 2012 election by five million votes."

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced that he would lead Republicans in obstructing President Obama yet again, this time by leading his party to abdicate their Constitutional duties, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reminded McConnell that President Obama’s will is the will of the people and that he won by five million votes.

Then Warren proceeded to remind McConnell about that thing Republicans are always claiming to worship – the Constitution, specifically Article II, “Article II Section 2 of the Constitution says the President of the United States nominates justices to the Supreme Court, with the advice and consent of the Senate.”

Wait for it… “I can’t find a clause that says ‘…except when there’s a year left in the term of a Democratic President.'”


The next time a Republican waves their pocket version of the Constitution around as they drone on about the debt as an excuse for why they have not shown up to work for weeks, someone ought to remind them that they can’t pick and choose what works for them from the Constitution like they do from the Bible.
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Awesome underpants Feb 2016 #1
Excellent! Thanks for posting this! pandr32 Feb 2016 #3
+ underpants Feb 2016 #5
love me some yuiyoshida Feb 2016 #71
So, game on! First up, Elizabeth Warren. Hortensis Feb 2016 #80
like ruling that he is a yuiyoshida Feb 2016 #82
Funny picture. By a phalanx of big federal marshals. Hortensis Feb 2016 #89
Thanks for sharing this! SusanaMontana41 Feb 2016 #57
HERE, HERE! Senator Warren! napi21 Feb 2016 #2
I love her and am so grateful she's a voice that is heard and respected in our crazy world. rosesaylavee Feb 2016 #4
Oh yes! avaistheone1 Feb 2016 #18
Brutal! Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #6
K&R! stonecutter357 Feb 2016 #7
That's my senator! valerief Feb 2016 #8
Was it Ivins or Richards who said, CrispyQ Feb 2016 #9
+1 harun Feb 2016 #46
+2 SusanaMontana41 Feb 2016 #58
KABOOM!! malaise Feb 2016 #10
I wish she would run for president, but TheCowsCameHome Feb 2016 #11
I Feel Elizabeth Warren Is Needed In The Senate Now More Than Ever! n/t ChiciB1 Feb 2016 #43
Correct. TheCowsCameHome Feb 2016 #49
With Bernie in the WH and Warren in the Senate, NorthCarolina Feb 2016 #12
Part of the revolution, it would be awesome! nt slipslidingaway Feb 2016 #79
She is just the best - fearless light for justice Rose77 Feb 2016 #13
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Feb 2016 #14
Donate to DU for Elizabeth Warren MA US Senate here Omaha Steve Feb 2016 #15
Sorry, but I see no humiliation. 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #16
Please give us a solid example. vkkv Feb 2016 #19
Here is your solid example: 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #31
Obama never said that he would be attempting a recess appointment. vkkv Feb 2016 #37
I never said that he did (although he still might) 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #39
Um, that's not a "solid example" - that is a maybe, perhaps, might want to... vkkv Feb 2016 #40
Why isn't it solid? 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #44
It's a very different thing to point out legitimately objectionable aspects in a nominee's resume spooky3 Feb 2016 #63
Uh, the Democrats put it to a VOTE. Republicans won't even do that. HUGE difference. SusanaMontana41 Mar 2016 #98
A resolution is not binding NewJeffCT Feb 2016 #85
I'd like clarification too Wibly Feb 2016 #32
You are not well informed. 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #35
What is it about "during recess" that you don't understand? spooky3 Feb 2016 #64
You really have no idea what you are talking about oberliner Feb 2016 #50
They found Bork as an individual nominee objectionable on the basis of his record. That is spooky3 Feb 2016 #65
I was referring to this comment: oberliner Feb 2016 #66
Thanks for the clarification. But if I am understanding your last pgh, spooky3 Feb 2016 #69
What I meant by the last paragraph oberliner Feb 2016 #74
Thanks, but I think you're moving the goalposts. spooky3 Feb 2016 #75
Fair enough oberliner Feb 2016 #77
I think it's miscommunication as I am no longer sure I understand what point I am making either! SusanaMontana41 Feb 2016 #90
Thanks oberliner Feb 2016 #91
Totally! SusanaMontana41 Feb 2016 #92
Bork was nominated NewJeffCT Feb 2016 #86
Just refuse the nominee? Duppers Feb 2016 #20
But, the Senate is not offering "advice and consent" tkmorris Feb 2016 #22
I blame the information age. 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #33
Only because Republicans are incapable of shame. Crunchy Frog Feb 2016 #47
Republican lawmakers all think that Americans are simply TOO DUMB to notice. vkkv Feb 2016 #17
Except for the red states. Duppers Feb 2016 #23
I wish Obama would but I think he's going to try for a moderate in the hopes of CTyankee Feb 2016 #88
nominate Ted Cruz to replace Scalia kiri Feb 2016 #21
Lol. Good one. Duppers Feb 2016 #25
A hilarious proposal. 21st Century Poet Feb 2016 #41
Actually (and I"m not really kidding) - bring Souter out of retirement Flaxbee Feb 2016 #53
Not a joke LynnTTT Feb 2016 #83
I'm so sorry to disagree withsuch a fine post (but it's just the last part) kristopher Feb 2016 #24
Ignoring 213 years of precedent. Manifestor_of_Light Feb 2016 #30
I want to see Elizabeth Warren as president some day. Initech Feb 2016 #26
absolutely! shanti Feb 2016 #29
Ummmm, Warren/Sanders eom ThreeWayFanny Feb 2016 #73
This would shame a decent human being, but McConnell is a republican. randys1 Feb 2016 #27
"We are all Trump now" question everything Feb 2016 #28
Cool 4bernie28 Feb 2016 #34
K&R! gademocrat7 Feb 2016 #36
As this primary season grinds on lapfog_1 Feb 2016 #38
K&R... spanone Feb 2016 #42
You tell them Elizabeth!! AikenYankee Feb 2016 #45
Ouch awoke_in_2003 Feb 2016 #48
If he had a chin to quiver that would have made it quiver. yellowcanine Feb 2016 #51
The gop's pocket version of the constitution is editable at anytime they are losing. Dont call me Shirley Feb 2016 #52
"In fact, they did - when President Obama won the 2012 election by five million votes." mike dub Feb 2016 #54
How about a Warren nomination? pdsimdars Feb 2016 #55
How many Republicans do you think will vote to confirm her? oberliner Feb 2016 #61
appoint in the hard break pdsimdars Feb 2016 #96
Republicans can prevent that oberliner Feb 2016 #97
Since when...? curiouso Feb 2016 #56
K&K myrna minx Feb 2016 #59
The Constitution doesn't specify madville Feb 2016 #60
K&R. n/t FSogol Feb 2016 #62
Oh, Snap! blackspade Feb 2016 #67
Kick!!! red dog 1 Feb 2016 #68
Yeah, yeah, yeah, when monkeys fly they'll rewrite the Constitution, etc. etc. ... L. Coyote Feb 2016 #70
Sadly, McConnell isn't capable of feeling humiliation mythology Feb 2016 #72
I love Liz Warren. iandhr Feb 2016 #76
The Democrats need to use this issue if the Senate republicans block a qualified candidate Gothmog Feb 2016 #78
Just have to love this lady. Why does itseem like she is the only D Sen. To say the right things? AgadorSparticus Feb 2016 #81
Damn straight Elizabeth! We fill supreme court vacancies regardless of who is president.. dubyadiprecession Feb 2016 #84
She is truly a national treasure! MynameisBlarney Feb 2016 #87
Does Elizabeth Warren understand that Mitch McConnell is to IGNORANT to rladdi Feb 2016 #93
. libodem Feb 2016 #94
None of those repug morons ever read the constitution mdbl Feb 2016 #95
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