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Bad Dog

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1. It could be.
Wed Feb 10, 2016, 11:29 AM
Feb 2016

Or it could just be hand waving. In A Very British Coup a right wing newspaper proprietor analysis lots of pictures of the left wing prime minister to find out that looks a bit like a Nazi salute so he can put it on the front page.

We know Trump is fascistic and that his supporters revel in his rhetoric. He is an awful person and a real threat to World peace. We should be spending time attacking what he says, not what his supporters may or may not be doing with their hands.

What's with the bloke trying to neck two pints in one go? That's no way to drink beer.

It could be. Bad Dog Feb 2016 #1
No, it is not the Nazi salute Lurks Often Feb 2016 #2
I think you are seeing what you wish to see. Snobblevitch Feb 2016 #3
Oh please. Nye Bevan Feb 2016 #4
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