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18. I met a pair of Norwegian women on holiday in Chicago
Sun Jan 31, 2016, 10:23 AM
Jan 2016

they were mezmorised by Chicago and comparing it favorably to Norway. They said the social safety net prevents people from being driven. But they also noted that they'd never seen so many homeless people as they've seen in Chicago. I said, that's the trade off we prefer: high highs and low lows over moderation, happiness, and taking care of our own. I told them the excess here is revolting. They totally got it and starter thinking better about socialism. Then I turned the subject to foreclosures. Rampant here, what about Norway? Unheard of. Maybe one or two total. So I told them it's big business here! Assets are created and bets are placed on foreclosures. Bankers and brokers win! That turned them off, too.

My Goodness! riverbendviewgal Jan 2016 #1
Given the choice of living anywhere in the English-speaking world hifiguy Jan 2016 #8
Well don't expect any replies from the Clinton supporters, elias49 Jan 2016 #9
Norway has a sovereign wealth fund from oil Yavin4 Jan 2016 #2
U.S.A. doesn't have oil and other similar resources? hunter Jan 2016 #10
We don't rely on oil, Norway is heavily dependent on it LittleBlue Jan 2016 #13
Well, then, shouldn't we have a higher standard of living than Norway??? hunter Jan 2016 #22
Which should lead to a better standard of liviung nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #25
We do have oil, but until recently we didn't allow it to be exported. Yavin4 Jan 2016 #33
And all this time I thought it was because they weren't afraid of socialism... hunter Jan 2016 #35
they would seem to have some inequality as well hfojvt Jan 2016 #26
The way the economy works right now, absolutely nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #27
I sorta read with the official CPI hfojvt Jan 2016 #28
Trust me, poverty is a complex issue nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #29
Well America is a paid for plutocracy, only the dullest dullard would not have noticed by now. Rex Jan 2016 #3
Indeed. hifiguy Jan 2016 #4
You probably had a 2-3 year old car because cars were crap back then Travis_0004 Jan 2016 #6
Bingo. hifiguy Jan 2016 #7
The thought of driving 15,000-20,000 miles a year was also unheard of NickB79 Jan 2016 #32
Doesn't feel backwards, *IS* backwards. hunter Jan 2016 #5
Norway, a capitalist country that is very big on free trade, Nye Bevan Jan 2016 #11
A gallon of milk in Norway averages $6.88 LittleBlue Jan 2016 #12
Yep. moondust Jan 2016 #14
"What is it, though, that makes the Scandinavians so different? ... a deep commitment to equality pampango Jan 2016 #15
Excellent Read malaise Jan 2016 #16
A country the size of Montana, with a smaller population than 22 states The2ndWheel Jan 2016 #17
Because, as everyone knows... ret5hd Jan 2016 #19
It can get tougher as the scale increases in size The2ndWheel Jan 2016 #23
You're implying Norway's smaller population ronnie624 Jan 2016 #21
Like China or India The2ndWheel Jan 2016 #24
Norway and the US are rich Western countries ronnie624 Jan 2016 #34
I met a pair of Norwegian women on holiday in Chicago WhaTHellsgoingonhere Jan 2016 #18
Sitting upon a giant lake of oil helps. AngryAmish Jan 2016 #20
I love Norway LeftishBrit Jan 2016 #30
kick . . .n/t annabanana Jan 2016 #31
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