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36. Great OP
Tue Jan 26, 2016, 12:23 PM
Jan 2016

I'm always amazed that we let this persist:

Sorry but free education works and single payer health care works quite well in other parts of the world as does child and elderly care for all. Most nations in the world are not at war, have minimal militaries and still get on just fine.

How did the U.S. get installed as the military of global capital? And why does this meet so little resistance from U.S. citizens? It's insane. Not only do they not respect our wishes re foreign policy, they use our sons and daughters to do it, and they get us all to pay for it!

Growing up, I was taught all sorts of myths about what a great force we are for peace in the world and for freedom and liberty. As I grew up I gradually figured out what a load that is, and that we are propagandized to believe it by the nexus of corporate and military interests. It was always that way to a certain extent, at east in modern times, I don't know our early history too well, but it's gotten much worse in my lifetime, both from our foreign and our domestic policies.

Our own party's centrists are fully onboard with having U.S. military bases in every corner of the earth, waging multiple and simultaneous wars or whatever euphemsm they are using for war that day. They position themselves slightly on the more doveish side than the kabuki opposition party, to make a slight distinction without changing the nature of power and global control. and our party's reps prefer smaller-scale "interventions" on the down low rather than massive ground wars, it's more civilized, or something.

Wake up people. It doesnt' have to be this way. It isn't generally this way for other countries. Because of our success in WWII, corporate forces have captured our government and are using the immense power of it to do their bidding in every corner of the planet. And they aren't even generous with sharing the proceeds, not that that would make it ok.

I want real substantive change, and I will support candidates who also want, and fight, consistently, for it. No more fake change candidates. You can tell the difference if you try, too many people just find it easier (and sometimes more profitable) to buy into the lies than to honestly look at the system they're supporting and work to regain control of it.

We can do this! We need all the help we can get to do it, but it can be done, and we shouldn't accept compromised phonies who do nothing but support business as usual.

I focused on war but could have done the same rant with a few tweaks to the other issues you listed. People need to wake up to the reality of it and lend a hand to become a country we can rightfully be proud of again.

Thanks for the OP.
Don't you mean a soundstage that looked like the Moon? NightWatcher Jan 2016 #1
Well we have to get honest brokers in elected offices first, not Cleita Jan 2016 #2
Unforunately, that can of worms has already been opened VulgarPoet Jan 2016 #29
I agree that we need to bring them to justice. Cleita Jan 2016 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author drm604 Jan 2016 #7
Soundstage? Get serious. KamaAina Jan 2016 #34
I would recommend this MuseRider Jan 2016 #3
Great post, Cleita! K&R nt antigop Jan 2016 #4
Has any country suffered because their citizens were too educated? FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #5
Well, that was then, and now all we get told is hifiguy Jan 2016 #6
Attitude determines Altitude. Octafish Jan 2016 #19
You're remembering wrong. The Russians didn't beat us into space. That was a myth. valerief Jan 2016 #8
Hee - Hee! Yeah, That's The Ticket! ChiciB1 Jan 2016 #23
It's sad that doing here what most every other country is doing ShrimpPoboy Jan 2016 #9
+1 draa Jan 2016 #13
JFK knew that if we could do the 'impossible' like going to the moon... Octafish Jan 2016 #10
This. hifiguy Jan 2016 #11
We should return to the Moon and then go on to Mars. drm604 Jan 2016 #12
here's the nonsense this is all about MisterP Jan 2016 #14
Or this. Cleita Jan 2016 #15
Excellent! nt emsimon33 Jan 2016 #16
You said it, old timer! Odin2005 Jan 2016 #17
I heard someone say not long ago madokie Jan 2016 #18
But Don't You Remember What Was On The ChiciB1 Jan 2016 #25
when I was a kid in the 1970s hfojvt Jan 2016 #20
I was working that July day when the first landing happened... Wounded Bear Jan 2016 #21
Fortunately for Me ProfessorGAC Jan 2016 #30
Hillary asked for those things from the 1% and they said "No".... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2016 #22
I had just turned 19 when he gave that speech. zeemike Jan 2016 #24
That day was my tenth birthday - New Orleans Strong Jan 2016 #26
I wasn't born until 1980 so I wasn't alive then Victor_c3 Jan 2016 #27
Kick Little_Wing Jan 2016 #28
Going to the moon was FUCKING USELESS and a waste of money. frizzled Jan 2016 #32
Yuri Gagarin was a robot? Vinca Jan 2016 #33
He didn't go to the moon Johonny Jan 2016 #45
We are just now getting computing power to have reuseable rockets and robots. FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #35
Simply not true. Russia got robots to retrieve lunar samples in 1970. frizzled Jan 2016 #37
Oh I know my history. FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #38
For the cost of the dead end US manned program vastly more could've been done by robots frizzled Jan 2016 #39
Again, read some engineering books FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #41
Your post was FUCKING USELESS and a waste of time. And... ChisolmTrailDem Jan 2016 #40
Like it or not, Russia won. We're exploring other planets with robots not humans. frizzled Jan 2016 #42
Says only you, comrade. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jan 2016 #44
I'd stick to the allegation too, despite having no objective sources... LanternWaste Jan 2016 #43
Great OP dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #36
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