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Thu Jan 21, 2016, 12:27 PM Jan 2016

If the Social Security fund was invested in the stock market...? [View all]

You would probably be getting a letter in the mail in the next week or so stating that your next SS check would be about 10-20% less because of the drop in the market. But, there is no need to panic. That is just the way the market operates.

Those that support the idea of privatizing Social Security are always very quite on the subject matter when the market is as volatile as it is now.

But this is the time to look at the ideas of the free marketeers. Are you sure you want your Social Security tied up in the stock market? Who do you trust the least - the government or the stock market?

Which do you want handling the Social Security fund?

37 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
The same one handling my 401K?
0 (0%)
My personal stock broker?
0 (0%)
The US Government?
37 (100%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Perhaps this should be a poll. eom guillaumeb Jan 2016 #1
If it had been invested in 1940s, we'd all be retired and able to withstand a 20% cut. But Hoyt Jan 2016 #2
Except that if Wall Street gets their hands on SS there will be significant fees... Human101948 Jan 2016 #10
I would not want SS in the stock market. But if I knew someone who could turn my $200 in savings Hoyt Jan 2016 #14
Yes, if they could guarantee that they would not share it with you... Human101948 Jan 2016 #16
Money doesn't just spontaneously become more money. ronnie624 Jan 2016 #24
If they ever understand it. You won't get many people alive today who will work for bartered Hoyt Jan 2016 #26
I'm skeptical of the assumption ronnie624 Jan 2016 #27
not quite Travis_0004 Jan 2016 #3
Without government bailouts and intervention in 2008-2009... kentuck Jan 2016 #5
I dont disagree Travis_0004 Jan 2016 #8
fund? enid602 Jan 2016 #4
Yes. kentuck Jan 2016 #7
Had it been a "lock box" from the start TBF Jan 2016 #12
Blame LBJ and his "unified budget" NT 1939 Jan 2016 #15
fund enid602 Jan 2016 #21
Are you being facetious? A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #23
Revenue for SS goes into the general fund. ronnie624 Jan 2016 #29
Calling a US Treasury security an "IOU".... A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #31
The SS website ronnie624 Jan 2016 #32
No, by definition they are anything BUT IOU's A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #36
Essentially, ronnie624 Jan 2016 #37
No, my "problem" is you are wrong A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #42
The info you posted, which I read long ago, ronnie624 Jan 2016 #43
"ideologically driven views"?!? A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #49
Sorry, but I never made it past the emoticons. n/t ronnie624 Jan 2016 #56
Too bad. I managed to learn something from the text. LiberalAndProud Jan 2016 #57
Thank you. A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #58
Okay, I went back and read it, ronnie624 Jan 2016 #59
..... A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #63
Do you utilize ad hominem attacks ronnie624 Jan 2016 #67
..... A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #69
That isn't going to mitigate the damage to your credibility. ronnie624 Jan 2016 #73
..... A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #75
Does the US Government put IOU's in a box to pay the Chinese for their loans? kentuck Jan 2016 #64
Make your point. Don't be scurd. n/t ronnie624 Jan 2016 #66
My point is: kentuck Jan 2016 #68
Why...they're IOU's! A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #70
I'm not sure. I'll look into that. ronnie624 Jan 2016 #71
Of course you're not sure A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #72
Lol. n/t ronnie624 Jan 2016 #74
Say, A HERETIC I AM... KansDem Jan 2016 #76
Outside of the fact that he probably thought it was charming.... A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #79
Whut? dumbcat Jan 2016 #50
You're right. I'm wrong. A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #52
They are not marketable, and thus have no market value dumbcat Jan 2016 #54
Let me help you a bit further; A HERETIC I AM Jan 2016 #55
the "market" here is "US Treasury Bonds" and as long as those are "marketable" Warren Stupidity Jan 2016 #60
You don't even know what a market is dumbcat Jan 2016 #61
The selective, ideologically driven ignorance is truly perplexing, at times. n/t ronnie624 Jan 2016 #62
there are winners and losers in the world tk2kewl Jan 2016 #6
Why? whatthehey Jan 2016 #9
This is an amazingly ignorant post nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #11
Bernie, with his hammer and sickle Doctor_J Jan 2016 #13
Way Too Much Money ProfessorGAC Jan 2016 #17
Why the f*ck would I want my SS money to go towards paying Glassunion Jan 2016 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jan 2016 #19
The GOP accuses us of picking winners and losers?!?!?!?! CommonSenseDemocrat Jan 2016 #20
I wittnessed the immediate aftermath of Katrina. I saw many, many square MILES bvar22 Jan 2016 #22
Social Security is an insurance fund, not a retirement fund... haele Jan 2016 #25
Social Security is an insurance policy against poverty in one's senior years Samantha Jan 2016 #41
You know they'd hire some gov't contractor to handle it BuelahWitch Jan 2016 #28
I asked that question in 2008 if Social Security had been privatized as Bush* wanted Samantha Jan 2016 #30
and it would all have been more than regained, with dividends whatthehey Jan 2016 #38
Right. kentuck Jan 2016 #39
If you needed all of it in one year, it should have been in bonds whatthehey Jan 2016 #44
Some people on Social Security must have their money on time Samantha Jan 2016 #40
I'm not sure why timeliness is affected by diversified investment. whatthehey Jan 2016 #45
I want them collateralized with CDOs, 400 trillion $$$ of that sloshing around in the markets. bemildred Jan 2016 #33
Why is this even a question on a Democratic website? FSogol Jan 2016 #34
... then someone would have figured out how to steal it. hunter Jan 2016 #35
It doesn't work that way FreeJoe Jan 2016 #46
Depends when it was invested madville Jan 2016 #47
I would have a problem investing my SS money into companies that outsource American B Calm Jan 2016 #48
if social security (and disability) were invested in the stock market, I would have a hollysmom Jan 2016 #51
At the time of receiving benefits the person's funds would not be invested in RB TexLa Jan 2016 #53
Sort of like mortgage securities? kentuck Jan 2016 #65
Never Trust Someone Whose Paycheck Relies On Your Money cantbeserious Jan 2016 #77
Wall Street's function used to be Turbineguy Jan 2016 #78
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