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Mon Jan 18, 2016, 12:14 AM Jan 2016

Itís time to fix it later. [View all]

When we fought for and passed the PPACA (Obamacare) we did so screaming pass it now, fix it later. Well, we’re just a couple of years into it and we desperately need to fix it! 19 million more have been insured, yet 29 million remain uninsured. The 29 million uninsured are those that can least afford it and are getting fucked on their federal taxes for it. Most of those 29 million probably don’t even have the means to cover a copay, let alone a means to make a monthly payment.

Some of the 19 million newly covered under the PPACA are eternally grateful. They had insurance, paid in for decades, only to be dropped when tragedy hit. Those people were helped in ways many will never understand. However, it’s not the majority. The majority of newly covered have a barebones, slightly better than nothing, insurance plan. Those in that majority can’t even afford to use that plan. They pay in every week and get nothing in return because they can’t afford the copay.

It’s time to fix it later and we need to realize the FACT that we can’t fix a for profit system. We cannot fix a system where a company is allowed to take 20% while providing zero care or benefit. We cannot fix a system that allows unchecked pharmaceutical profits. We cannot fix a system that leaves our hospital system as a for profit industry. We cannot fix a system that makes us consumers. We must become patients.

If even one person in our country cannot be guaranteed healthcare, not emergency care, but healthcare, then we all fail. We need to be more important than greed.

Build single payer now, scrap the PPACA once we’ve built it. We can spend trillions for pointless wars, we can find trillions for our own healthcare.

Itís time to fix it later. [View all] Cassiopeia Jan 2016 OP
this.... mike_c Jan 2016 #1
Thanks Cassiopeia Jan 2016 #5
You're absolutely right on the substance, Cass. elleng Jan 2016 #2
I don't give a time frame. Cassiopeia Jan 2016 #3
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I still think "fix it later" was the right call. But now it's later Bucky Jan 2016 #6
Well, we need to address our core mistake Cassiopeia Jan 2016 #7
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