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Omaha Steve

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Thu Jan 14, 2016, 09:06 PM Jan 2016

And they finally outed that scammer OmahaSteve (update) [View all]

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for disability fraud with his false dementia claims, because he is still able to do things like make forum posts. Whoever created that site might have a legitimate disability claim, I would vouch for them, provided the authorities take away their internet privileges.

It seems I have dementia and still have a better mind than this POS!


Update...I'm sure this is one of those from the other site. The story changed and wasn't consistent with the Act Blue books. When I had the info they stopped replying: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1014&pid=1311567

I retired: http://hr.cityofomaha.org/images/stories/public_documents/retirement/Civilian/2014/12-2014%20Minutes.pdf

The disability requests are further up the page.



Getting your loved one to give up the car keys can be one of the most difficult things a caregiver must do. For many people, driving has been a powerful symbol of independence from the time they were teenagers and got their first license. It can be very distressing when limiting that independence becomes necessary.

Receiving a diagnosis of frontotemporal degeneration need not mean an immediate end to driving. In time however, everyone with FTD or any other degenerative neurological disorder, will become unable to drive. The characteristic behavioral changes associated with FTD can increase risk, and highlight the importance of caregivers getting involved early. People have reduced judgment and are typically unaware of the changes they are experiencing.

A study conducted in 2007 by a team of researchers at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) evaluated the driving competency of FTD patients and healthy controls in a driving simulation task. The FTD patients received more speeding tickets, ran more stop signs, were involved in more accidents, and had a significantly higher average speed than the controls (de Simonea, L. Kaplana, N. Patronasb, E.M. Wassermanna, J. Grafmana 2007).

Caregivers share in the responsibility for the safety of the person diagnosed and that of others who may be at risk if the person continues to drive when no longer safe. Caregivers need to excercise their own judgment, as well as heed the advice of their physician, when it comes to “taking away the keys.”

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Steve be proud that you these low-lifes disparage you. They are cowards hiding behind the rhett o rick Jan 2016 #1
to silence those that don't meet their approval passiveporcupine Jan 2016 #49
Good point. nm rhett o rick Jan 2016 #51
Steve, those assholes don't deserve a second thought from you and you don't need to explain anything Autumn Jan 2016 #2
I hadn't heard of this site... smiley Jan 2016 #35
Wow abelenkpe Jan 2016 #45
Same here. That is one dystopic site. It casts DSM-IV perversion akin to top Conservative sites. nt TheBlackAdder Jan 2016 #124
Oh. My. God. historylovr Jan 2016 #48
So let me get this straight. TIME TO PANIC Jan 2016 #55
You got that just right. Autumn Jan 2016 #57
Whoever of them that are on my ignore list LiberalElite Jan 2016 #62
Agree on all counts MissDeeds Jan 2016 #92
They had set up another one Aerows Jan 2016 #71
Not just anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic as well. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #82
Yep Aerows Jan 2016 #98
The avatar of Manny was really nasty. Autumn Jan 2016 #99
Yep, first thing I noticed. They've hated him for years, now we know why. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #102
Reading those posts I understand where their hatred of Bernie is coming from. Autumn Jan 2016 #104
They're free to show their true colours there. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #106
They showed their colors, their asses, everything. Autumn Jan 2016 #108
Enough! William769 Jan 2016 #86
Oh please. Aerows Jan 2016 #94
Well I just laid it out for you. William769 Jan 2016 #97
I'll take that risk. Aerows Jan 2016 #100
Sanders supporters have their own site as well, with similar content. NYC Liberal Jan 2016 #101
This is a lie. smokey nj Jan 2016 #109
Not talking about that site NYC Liberal Jan 2016 #115
Jackpineradicals is NOTHING Aerows Jan 2016 #111
Jackpine is open for all to see. We do not allow trash talking about DU or DUers, there are no Autumn Jan 2016 #113
Link please? countryjake Jan 2016 #114
I'm not going to link to any such content, from any side. NYC Liberal Jan 2016 #122
I'm well aware that smear-DU offshoot groups have sprung up over the years ... countryjake Jan 2016 #129
I never said that the Jackpine Radicals site had it, NYC Liberal Jan 2016 #130
I haven't seen anything slanderous about DU members on Jackpine Radicals. TIME TO PANIC Jan 2016 #118
link please roody Jan 2016 #126
Fuck them, Steve ... I just continue doing you for as long as you can. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #3
Well said Cassiopeia Jan 2016 #15
I could not agree more. Seriously, thank you. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #77
I denounce and reject this kind of behavior. Both sides need to chill. Metric System Jan 2016 #4
Both sides? That site wasn't started by a Bernie supporter Autumn Jan 2016 #5
I'm talking in general. There's plenty of bad behavior out there from Sanders supporters too. Metric System Jan 2016 #9
Sure. Autumn Jan 2016 #10
Bullshit. Prove it. Anything remotely as vile. Show me to be wrong. We both do it doesn't fly here. DirtyHippyBastard Jan 2016 #22
No, both sides don't do this. OS is a DUer and that site Autumn Jan 2016 #31
Not to mention Aerows Jan 2016 #33
A lot of that is very familiar isn't it. For them to go after Steve like that is beneath contempt. Autumn Jan 2016 #36
I'm trying to understand Texasgal Jan 2016 #32
Because they demand a purity test. draa Jan 2016 #66
Whoa, ugliness like that can not be excused by primary choices...it's just plain vile and nasty. madfloridian Jan 2016 #40
Sorry...nothing like this passiveporcupine Jan 2016 #53
I appreciate your first sentence and I believe you. Sadly you had to ruin it with the second rhett o rick Jan 2016 #16
Please note that this is the SECOND Aerows Jan 2016 #28
They hate us for our freedom and truths. nm rhett o rick Jan 2016 #54
I honestly don't think that site is Clinton folks a2liberal Jan 2016 #72
Of course it is, they link to the same right wing hit pieces on Jane Sanders posted here. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #74
Yes, they sure do. n/t Aerows Jan 2016 #78
They also whine about hides here too. Autumn Jan 2016 #89
No. The posts there are straight out of the complaint book here Autumn Jan 2016 #76
Oh it most certainly is the same bunch. Aerows Jan 2016 #81
Ok sorry a2liberal Jan 2016 #116
I can see why that would cause confusion. Aerows Jan 2016 #117
And which is the first? William769 Jan 2016 #90
I'm glad you denounce and reject it but please drop the "both sides" bull - LiberalElite Jan 2016 #67
You'll always madokie Jan 2016 #6
Steve, I don't know about you, Downwinder Jan 2016 #7
With regard to the site that disparages Steve and mocks his illness, and mocks the memory of rhett o rick Jan 2016 #8
I'm jealous that I wasn't mocked too. panader0 Jan 2016 #13
I do understand. nm rhett o rick Jan 2016 #18
Me too! Perhaps liberalhistorian Jan 2016 #105
Steve..... way to go! panader0 Jan 2016 #11
Steve....you and I disagree on much. If you need my legal advice, tell me. nt msanthrope Jan 2016 #12
I appreciate your response. nm rhett o rick Jan 2016 #21
You are one awoke_in_2003 Jan 2016 #107
What a cowardly thing to do. Attacking from the shadows proves they are vile. DirtyHippyBastard Jan 2016 #14
That isn't fair mythology Jan 2016 #80
I hope you didn't mind dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #17
Not at all Omaha Steve Jan 2016 #23
Great, and sorry I didn't ask you before posting, didn't occur to me. dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #43
I laughed about some of the things they said about me Aerows Jan 2016 #19
The rest was silly and childish, the post about OS crossed a line. Autumn Jan 2016 #24
I absolutely agree Aerows Jan 2016 #37
I think that the posters they went after there is a real tell as to who they are. Autumn Jan 2016 #41
It's patently obvious Aerows Jan 2016 #59
FWIW, that site hcsupporters.com was startedby William769, and he has stated here several times that kath Jan 2016 #103
I also laughed. They put in a lot of work and I welcome their ridicule. I do not like their rhett o rick Jan 2016 #26
What a bunch of assholes! Odin2005 Jan 2016 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Jim Beard Jan 2016 #25
Steve, thank you for everything that you do. wilsonbooks Jan 2016 #27
Screw them.... daleanime Jan 2016 #29
Meanwhile on Jackpine Radicals retrowire Jan 2016 #30
Yup. Jackpine Radicals has way more class than that. navarth Jan 2016 #44
I wonder who those people really are. hobbit709 Jan 2016 #34
Seems like it's been really quiet here yesterday and today. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #52
Whois says site was registered Dec. 31, 2015 hobbit709 Jan 2016 #56
It has been quiet. Almost like people are taking time off... or something. Autumn Jan 2016 #60
I found this interesting as to who someone else is TRYING to blame. hobbit709 Jan 2016 #61
OMG. Autumn Jan 2016 #63
"Started by someone who hates Hillary" LiberalElite Jan 2016 #68
Oh for goodness's sake Aerows Jan 2016 #91
Such Drama! (from the link) Change has come Jan 2016 #121
Steve, you don't owe anyone a thing and certainly not your personal info. Please consider self- merrily Jan 2016 #38
Merrily is right Steve...you really ought to delete it dorkzilla Jan 2016 #58
Breitbart & the Conservative Cave posted all my info when I ran for office Omaha Steve Jan 2016 #64
Fuck, dude I'm sorry dorkzilla Jan 2016 #70
Dorkzilla, you replied to me, not to the OP. merrily Jan 2016 #73
Whoopsie dorkzilla Jan 2016 #79
Everything, but you keep telling me you're married. merrily Jan 2016 #93
For you, I could forget for an hour or two... :) dorkzilla Jan 2016 #110
illegitimus non carborundum.... paleotn Jan 2016 #39
Their true colors are showing Steve dorkzilla Jan 2016 #42
That is pretty damn low, they need to get a life. TIME TO PANIC Jan 2016 #46
That site is pathetic. navarth Jan 2016 #47
It's embarrassing & a shame on our entire DU community... countryjake Jan 2016 #50
Hey OmahaSteve... You've Gotten Under Their Reptilian Skin... If I May... WillyT Jan 2016 #65
"withered souls" God I love you Willy Autumn Jan 2016 #69
Thanks... I Love You Too... WillyT Jan 2016 #119
Plus a Jillion!!!! MrMickeysMom Jan 2016 #88
Oh Come On... You Know I Love You... WillyT Jan 2016 #120
Steve, you have my complete support--your word carries more weight than any form. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #75
I thought only Republicans could be that low. Fuck 'em. CharlotteVale Jan 2016 #83
They are assholes. Not worth a seconds worth of thought. Jackilope Jan 2016 #84
It looks like the lull of posts from the usual suspects here... MrMickeysMom Jan 2016 #85
You don't have to prove anything to anyone here. Warpy Jan 2016 #87
+1. Agreed. n/t FSogol Jan 2016 #96
Wow. What a childish site. nt SusanCalvin Jan 2016 #95
Don't let such small minded people bother you Steve, the derision of fools is a badge of honor. Bluenorthwest Jan 2016 #112
Fancy plaque the PD gave you there nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #123
If I can find their address SandersDem Jan 2016 #125
Sorry Steve, it is a disgusting site and its members should be ashamed of themselves. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #127
You didn't deserve this Steve Mnpaul Jan 2016 #128
Proud to kick and rec this! NT LostOne4Ever Jan 2016 #131
Locking.. one_voice Jan 2016 #132
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