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Yes it will. These Y'allquida assholes are just children in adult bodies playing dressup OffWithTheirHeads Jan 2016 #1
Am I the only one who laughed reading the name "Captain Moroni"? Bjorn Against Jan 2016 #2
No you are not A Little Weird Jan 2016 #5
No, and I'm still chuckling at it. SMC22307 Jan 2016 #6
No, and I have already decided to change it "Captain I, Moron" Ghost in the Machine Jan 2016 #10
That was a real gem. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2016 #11
Captain Moroni is a figure in Mormon teachings, an important military leader pinboy3niner Jan 2016 #13
I thought Moroni was the angel from the lost tribes of Israel Drahthaardogs Jan 2016 #42
That's a different Moroni pinboy3niner Jan 2016 #53
yep... dhill926 Jan 2016 #46
Moroni is LDS legend Ruby the Liberal Jan 2016 #18
Has to be a Mormon Yeehawdist YallQueda member. eom MohRokTah Jan 2016 #19
I'd prefer Morani malaise Jan 2016 #20
nope Old Codger Jan 2016 #32
Sounds more like Captain Jabroni underpants Jan 2016 #34
Big talk from little men. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2016 #3
Little men can and have often caused an enormous amount of death and destruction. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2016 #12
That's true. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2016 #16
I wish more liberals had that kind of conviction NobodyHere Jan 2016 #4
Just liberals? What about Democrats as a whole? SMC22307 Jan 2016 #9
NO. We have elections so we don't have to die to make a President. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2016 #14
Not to worry PeoViejo Jan 2016 #7
Capt. Moron I says LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jan 2016 #8
LOL! GMTA! See post #10... I posted before I saw your reply Ghost in the Machine Jan 2016 #15
Turning off the electricity likely turns off the water. longship Jan 2016 #17
That would do it for me. 3catwoman3 Jan 2016 #26
Someone on another thread suggested Rick-rolling. ms liberty Jan 2016 #33
You think perhaps they brought a portable generator with them? Nt hack89 Jan 2016 #37
Where will they get the fuel for the generators? longship Jan 2016 #43
How many 55 gallon drums can you get in the back of a pickup? On a trailer towed by a pick up? hack89 Jan 2016 #44
Well, they'll probably end up having to poop in them. longship Jan 2016 #45
What argument? hack89 Jan 2016 #47
If they are closed off, they'll still end up using the barrels for poop. longship Jan 2016 #49
I suspect there's a perfectly adequate septic tank system there. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2016 #54
No water, no flushy! longship Jan 2016 #57
I don't think there's a way to cut off their water. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2016 #58
No fuel, no generator. No generator, no power. longship Jan 2016 #59
Well, yeah...that's what I've been saying. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2016 #60
Why not the Noriega Play List? jmowreader Jan 2016 #50
Altho the Moroni name is well established... 3catwoman3 Jan 2016 #21
That's just his ass talking madokie Jan 2016 #22
Another poster mentioned a good idea to speed the end of a stand off. PufPuf23 Jan 2016 #23
I oppose violence unless they endanger others or Agnosticsherbet Jan 2016 #24
I am also extremely opposed to violence. PufPuf23 Jan 2016 #39
water balloons from 20,000 feet. n/t lumberjack_jeff Jan 2016 #30
aren't they inside? Takket Jan 2016 #25
The problem with all of those things (except electricity)... Lizzie Poppet Jan 2016 #55
cut local wifi -- they want to see themselves on TV same as San Bernardino killers oldandhappy Jan 2016 #27
all communications except direct lines to negotiators should be cut HereSince1628 Jan 2016 #48
perfect!!!!!! oldandhappy Jan 2016 #63
The situation there in Oregon saltpoint Jan 2016 #28
ROTFLMAO! Thread-winner! It's not easy being green! - nt KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #40
KC, howdy. Yep. Desperate times call for saltpoint Jan 2016 #41
I still don't understand what these assholes want. romanic Jan 2016 #29
They appear to object to a sentencing saltpoint Jan 2016 #31
They are Radical Mormon Extremist Terrorists. MohRokTah Jan 2016 #36
Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons. Bertrand Russell Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #35
Get a brain, Morani... Blue Owl Jan 2016 #38
these folks are our ISIS DonCoquixote Jan 2016 #51
Well, I guess thay're looking to have a place 2naSalit Jan 2016 #52
SEND IN THE DRONES !!! (Sung to Send in the Clowns) trueblue2007 Jan 2016 #56
Maybe someone will oblige him. JNelson6563 Jan 2016 #61
‘I didn’t come here to shoot, I came here to die’ yuiyoshida Jan 2016 #62
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