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Or just be like other spouses of a candidate and keep your mouth shout awake Dec 2015 #1
I don't know that he was the reason Hillary lost, but I agree he should let Hillary handle this-- hlthe2b Dec 2015 #3
You maybe right Bill may not have been the reason she lost awake Dec 2015 #5
Bill Helped a ton with fund-raising... Wounded Bear Dec 2015 #6
++ awake Dec 2015 #7
Clinton would do well to stay above responding to the sleaze. Chemisse Dec 2015 #2
Yup.... I think my stock answer to all would be " WHO?" hlthe2b Dec 2015 #4
"When you wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty. And the pig enjoys it." Hekate Dec 2015 #12
Great quote - lol! n/t Chemisse Dec 2015 #24
I wouldn't hit Trump with the divorce angle madville Dec 2015 #8
I've long suspected the Clintons had ... Wounded Bear Dec 2015 #10
A misogynistic, spiteful divorced guy I knew supported Hillary because she stayed with Bill loyalsister Dec 2015 #36
Whom do you think Trump has paid off? He doesn't care what is said about his "indiscretions"! WinkyDink Dec 2015 #9
Mr and Mrs "One marriage" Clinton versus Mr "Four marriages and counting" Trump. Family values, yes? Hekate Dec 2015 #11
It is not possible to know a marriage unless you are in it. KentuckyWoman Dec 2015 #17
You're absolutely right about that Hekate Dec 2015 #22
"No one else ever knows what goes on between two people." lostnfound Dec 2015 #37
no response needed KentuckyWoman Dec 2015 #13
Spot on malaise madokie Dec 2015 #14
LOL malaise Dec 2015 #26
Just in case, I don't think Bill Clinton should brag about not having to pay for discretion. hughee99 Dec 2015 #15
Hi, malaise! Skidmore Dec 2015 #16
It's all good malaise Dec 2015 #25
And a Happy New Year to you and yours too! Skidmore Dec 2015 #30
Better for him to say nothing. He has an ugly history. cali Dec 2015 #18
Let him show his ass every day on every network tavernier Dec 2015 #19
All Hillary needs to say: "My husband isn't running for president. I am." NCLefty Dec 2015 #20
She has done so, iirc -- or maybe it's just us, here at DU. Hekate Dec 2015 #23
Here's my responce: libodem Dec 2015 #21
Perfect malaise Dec 2015 #33
..or Clinton never said if Chelsea wasn't his daughter he would date her. kairos12 Dec 2015 #27
Love it malaise Dec 2015 #29
I dont even know what this is all about, I avoid the day to day bullshit with Trump randys1 Dec 2015 #28
Here's a link malaise Dec 2015 #32
No, not a smart thing to reply with. TM99 Dec 2015 #31
Isn't Bill the "Secret Weapon" Politicalboi Dec 2015 #34
Bill should just act contrite about being a bad boy if someone asks msrizzo Dec 2015 #35
Oh not me. KentuckyWoman Dec 2015 #38
That'll work too. nt msrizzo Dec 2015 #39
Maybe he should give a stand by my women interview... JCMach1 Dec 2015 #40
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