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Politics is losing the white cat in the dark room and claiming it's black Proserpina Dec 2015 #1
Snort bigwillq Dec 2015 #2
+1 Buzz Clik Dec 2015 #3
Reality is being trapped in a dark room with a pissed off bobcat. hunter Dec 2015 #4
Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it! Thanks for the laugh! Proserpina Dec 2015 #5
Glad it arrived safely ThoughtCriminal Dec 2015 #7
. hunter Dec 2015 #13
I Like It ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #6
THAT's not a cat. That's Pikachu in black and white. Octafish Dec 2015 #8
that *is* how the "science" route usually ends up MisterP Dec 2015 #9
Leave the flashlight off jdadd Dec 2015 #11
funny thing is, the creator doesn't seem aware of that obvious joke MisterP Dec 2015 #14
I learned that in civics at Communist Martyrs High School. Octafish Dec 2015 #17
hey, even I Bernard Cohen managed to mix up "superstitious" and "Commie" MisterP Dec 2015 #21
. GeeNeeUs Dec 2015 #10
Love it! valerief Dec 2015 #12
Errr, you sure that is #7,548,922? Tab Dec 2015 #15
That'll teach me to proofread!! DFW Dec 2015 #18
Like it, DFW! Hortensis Dec 2015 #16
Asimov was brilliant, had few peers in the candlepower department. DFW Dec 2015 #19
Yes, a good one. I went looking for quotes from Carl Sagan, Hortensis Dec 2015 #20
Excellent! Scuba Dec 2015 #23
K&R smirkymonkey Dec 2015 #22
Budhism is like being in a dark room with a black cat and asking bhikkhu Dec 2015 #24
I usually refrain from burdening the DU boards with this kind of thing DFW Dec 2015 #25
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