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Thu Dec 3, 2015, 05:00 PM Dec 2015

The gigantic logic failure of gun confiscating [View all]

Gunners are crazy. They're insane! They shoot up abortion clinics and go postal at their workplace.

So what makes you think millions of insane gun fanatics (as they're so often described on DU) will not resist a law enforcement confiscating their guns? Surely you realize that trying to confiscate arms from millions of gun fanatics can only end one way. Our military and police forces are full of true believers in the 2A, too, which complicates things.

If gun owners are such fanatics, what makes you think they won't violently resist giving up their arms? You're looking at thousands of Ruby Ridge and and Cliven Bundy militia scenarios. I don't mean Cliven Bundy with a thousand followers, it will be militias in every state with millions of followers.

So how will you achieve compliance when millions of heavily armed people won't comply? Because that sounds an awful lot like a civil war.

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I thought the gun enthusiasts all claim they are law abiding citizens? etherealtruth Dec 2015 #1
I'm not talking about what gun fanatics claim LittleBlue Dec 2015 #3
I am coming from the point of the contradiction coming from them etherealtruth Dec 2015 #4
Start with ammo Politicalboi Dec 2015 #66
Laws against ammo have been ruled unconstintutional. Snobblevitch Dec 2015 #67
I'm sure the NRA had something to do with that. bkkyosemite Dec 2015 #176
No, the Bill of Rights had something to do with that... pipoman Dec 2015 #178
The case law that I am thinking of came Snobblevitch Dec 2015 #180
The gigantic logic failure here... gcomeau Dec 2015 #2
Have you missed the last year? LittleBlue Dec 2015 #5
Nope. gcomeau Dec 2015 #6
...heh-heh...I think littleblue is addressing a Real issue about controller dialog... Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #263
Complete confiscation will likely require a couple of decades; but it is well worth it. LonePirate Dec 2015 #7
Confiscation will never happen TeddyR Dec 2015 #8
There is a poll today here on DU where the partial and full confiscation numbers are about 60%. LonePirate Dec 2015 #11
I would never underestimate how much the rest of DU wants guns gone. cherokeeprogressive Dec 2015 #78
I certainly agree that DU does not represent the nation as a whole. DU is merely a trendsetter. LonePirate Dec 2015 #88
Can you name one for me? cherokeeprogressive Dec 2015 #92
Here are a couple off the top of my head. LonePirate Dec 2015 #100
You do realize that DU is a TERRIBLE predictor of national trends, right? Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #196
Yes it will happen Abouttime Dec 2015 #14
So first TeddyR Dec 2015 #57
I don't know which Democratic president you think will stick his/her neck out that far tularetom Dec 2015 #98
If you did those things, people would indeed line up. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #201
Mmm... reporting on the neighbors for a victimless offense against the state.. TipTok Dec 2015 #10
So you support citizens possessing illegal items that endanger the lives of their neighbors? LonePirate Dec 2015 #13
How exactly are they endangering the lives of their neighbors? TipTok Dec 2015 #19
How does the neighbor know if it is safely locked away? What if the neighbor's kids play there? LonePirate Dec 2015 #23
The risk is actually pretty reasonable... TipTok Dec 2015 #27
The cure - saving just 1 life - makes it far more important than the epidemic of gun violence. LonePirate Dec 2015 #29
Ahh.. Just one life... TipTok Dec 2015 #40
"The cure - saving just 1 life - makes it far more important than...." EX500rider Dec 2015 #202
I am all for that! FrodosPet Dec 2015 #234
Your solution is a lot worse, GGJohn Dec 2015 #233
Confiscation is a "solution" that would kill exponentially more than it saves. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #240
Banning abortion lancer78 Dec 2015 #264
Way to grossly understate the number of deaths from guns mythology Dec 2015 #48
They provide no good to society... TipTok Dec 2015 #50
The gundamentalists only care about guns. Nothing else matters - not even their fellow mankind. LonePirate Dec 2015 #51
You are actually wrong TeddyR Dec 2015 #62
Fact failure. In 2013 in the U.S., 33,636 deaths from firearms. 10.6 deaths per 100,000. valerief Dec 2015 #49
I was talking about mass shootings since that is what seems to be driving this particular tizzy... TipTok Dec 2015 #52
But people get killed individually by guns, too. Even moreso than in valerief Dec 2015 #53
Which control measures would that be...? TipTok Dec 2015 #65
You're guilty of adverbitis. valerief Dec 2015 #198
You can't claim all of the suicide deaths exboyfil Dec 2015 #73
And could be you. valerief Dec 2015 #199
Some measures would. But all the focus on "assault weapons" and large magazines mostly wouldn't. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #197
Of which 2/3rd's was suicides. GGJohn Dec 2015 #115
So you support Soviet style block wardens? eom. GGJohn Dec 2015 #114
Sounds more like the Stasi's "Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter" to me: friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #182
A 75 year old gun nut.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #22
My money is on the LEOs when it comes to a showdown with 75 yo George the Gun Nut LonePirate Dec 2015 #25
You are pretending again.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #28
If the local PD won't do it, call in the military. MillennialDem Dec 2015 #31
So....Same thing applies their.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #32
Give me a tank and I'll do it. Come out gramps or you get a 105 mm high explosive round MillennialDem Dec 2015 #35
Come on out! TipTok Dec 2015 #41
It sounds like you're the homicidal maniac here. appal_jack Dec 2015 #46
Sorta of shocking how violent gun control advocates truly are.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #77
Far less insane than the gun nuts. Just trying to make the country a better place - while MillennialDem Dec 2015 #104
Why? We are not the police, I have not stood by.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #105
Not outside the mainstream for my age. And I've never wrecked my car or hit anyone drag racing, why MillennialDem Dec 2015 #111
Yet here you are advocating the same exact thing. GGJohn Dec 2015 #119
So this is your fantasy then? cherokeeprogressive Dec 2015 #84
So you're for killing fellow Americans who are refusing to obey GGJohn Dec 2015 #118
You and your attitude is far more dangerous than 75 year old George, GGJohn Dec 2015 #235
Wow... darkangel218 Dec 2015 #251
Law enforcement will enforce the laws or lose their jobs Abouttime Dec 2015 #42
Or at very least will keep them in their homes and won't dare take them outside. That alone is MillennialDem Dec 2015 #43
See post #117. GGJohn Dec 2015 #121
I think you're utterly mistaken. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #186
Have you paid attention to what LE actually thinks? Lee-Lee Dec 2015 #192
Well for one thing, that's a whole 'nother constitutional issue. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #55
The military as an institution TeddyR Dec 2015 #70
I'm not sure what rural community you live in but the urban LEOs want guns gone. LonePirate Dec 2015 #33
So, your going to send Richmond cops, virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #38
Faced with the consequences Abouttime Dec 2015 #45
Let me answer that ... virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #47
Couldn't have said it better. Waldorf Dec 2015 #113
If you truly believe this nonsense, GGJohn Dec 2015 #123
"Crime would plummet..." EX500rider Dec 2015 #203
When criminals are disarmed? GGJohn Dec 2015 #237
Archery would be ok though, right? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #239
I live in a pretty big city... Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #58
Wrong. GGJohn Dec 2015 #122
As someone who was a rural deputy you make me laugh Lee-Lee Dec 2015 #193
What makes you think LE will enforce such a ban and confiscation? GGJohn Dec 2015 #117
Why? Abouttime Dec 2015 #158
Why? GGJohn Dec 2015 #159
The so called 'rights' in the second amendment are tearing our country apart Abouttime Dec 2015 #162
You can call it a so called right all you want, GGJohn Dec 2015 #163
Twenty years ago Abouttime Dec 2015 #166
... GGJohn Dec 2015 #168
Cute Abouttime Dec 2015 #181
"Another gun nut's spouse or neighbor may anonymously report them for confiscation. Social and peer Brickbat Dec 2015 #128
Oh, just wait til you get further down the thread. Sissyk Dec 2015 #141
That's part of the appeal to the control crowd... TipTok Dec 2015 #9
Salivating? I think it's more surprise - to be told repeatedly jmg257 Dec 2015 #18
People aren't the sheep you describe them to be... TipTok Dec 2015 #20
I feel absolutely no need to obey laws against the US Bill of Rights.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #30
Who decides what is constitutional in your world? upaloopa Dec 2015 #37
Not you. EOM virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #39
Once we repeal the 2A, it's no longer part of the Bill of Rights LonePirate Dec 2015 #54
So.... virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #56
You sound exactly like the type of person who shouldn't possess a gun. LonePirate Dec 2015 #59
I'm not the one fixated on my firearms.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #61
When we finally enact bans and confiscations, you can turn them over or go to jail. Your choice. LonePirate Dec 2015 #63
I will do neither.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #69
How surprising! A gunner who supports violence. Nothing matters except guns, huh? LonePirate Dec 2015 #72
You are the ones with the gleam in your eye... TipTok Dec 2015 #103
Nope, I do not, where do you get that from? virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #109
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2015 #195
Is this why you feel you are above treestar Dec 2015 #204
It simple.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #210
Repealing the Second Amendment TeddyR Dec 2015 #68
Repeal is a good 30-50 years away, barring a major shift. But you underestimate young Americans. LonePirate Dec 2015 #81
I was born in 69 TeddyR Dec 2015 #99
My grand sons enjoy shooting and hunting. Hangingon Dec 2015 #208
Don't forget Arizona, my state. GGJohn Dec 2015 #125
"Once we repeal the 2A, it's no longer part of the Bill of Rights" GGJohn Dec 2015 #124
That is wrong lancer78 Dec 2015 #265
Good luck getting state laws past an explicit Constitutional ban on them. LonePirate Dec 2015 #266
you suggested lancer78 Dec 2015 #267
Yep the Gun-Grabbing Brown Shirts Elmergantry Dec 2015 #101
Your feewings sound hurt, or is it your gun's feewings that are hurt? maxsolomon Dec 2015 #12
I own one gun and rarely ever fire it LittleBlue Dec 2015 #15
What a magnificent counter-argument, I can feel myself getting smarter reading every word. sibelian Dec 2015 #80
what is the proper way to deal with gish galloping hypotheticals maxsolomon Dec 2015 #82
Gallop along, my dear! sibelian Dec 2015 #91
Well dang, that's it gratuitous Dec 2015 #16
So it's your position Crunchy Frog Dec 2015 #17
It isn't my position at all LittleBlue Dec 2015 #21
Gun Control Yes. Confiscation No. Dirty Socialist Dec 2015 #24
BAN manufacture, sales and importation reddread Dec 2015 #190
We need at least a half million more police officers for this job then FrodosPet Dec 2015 #241
it cant be done. it cannot be done. but you can not condone, and laws set the tone reddread Dec 2015 #243
Well, that would quickly sort out the real law abiding citizens from the criminals, wouldn't it? nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2015 #26
Just like marijuana legalization.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #34
How much bigger do you want the prison population in the US to get? sibelian Dec 2015 #86
Not only that, but people who want guns will still get them. MindPilot Dec 2015 #36
"you think they won't violently resist giving up their arms?" ...I absolutely expect it 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #44
You think the people will have sympathy for cops... virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #60
Absolutely. 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #74
Not up to me.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #75
Molon Labe Elmergantry Dec 2015 #102
When all else fails, threaten violence and war 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #108
Well I'm not the one Elmergantry Dec 2015 #110
Well, in that instance the Davidians were barricaded and firing on law enforcement 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #112
Again spoken like a totalitarian. Elmergantry Dec 2015 #161
"And none of this prevents you from immigrating to a country with lax gun laws" EX500rider Dec 2015 #206
Considering most of Mexico's guns come from the US 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #207
So strict guns laws do squat to keep out guns? EX500rider Dec 2015 #209
Point being they get most of their guns from us... 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #215
And is the US the only gun producer in the world? EX500rider Dec 2015 #217
"Hey Jamaica has crimes so gimmie muh gerns!" 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #218
It's a fairly obvious point that outlawing guns in those countries did nothing.. EX500rider Dec 2015 #219
It's not the firearm owners threatening violence, GGJohn Dec 2015 #126
Ban the sale & distribution of bullets and the means to make bullets. The_Casual_Observer Dec 2015 #64
Can't do that, that technology is almost 150 years old, virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #76
So you are going to ban lead, fire and brass? MindPilot Dec 2015 #79
Yeah that's right the whole fucking thing! The_Casual_Observer Dec 2015 #87
LOL that statement alone shows just how poorly you understand....... virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #214
Oh boy, here we go again. Red States vs. Blue States. I grew up in the country where a .22 was a libdem4life Dec 2015 #71
When women got the right to vote, kiva Dec 2015 #83
If the LEO's poked them all full of holes, it would be win-win. ileus Dec 2015 #85
They're not innocent...they're the enemy if they're breaking the law. ileus Dec 2015 #95
Oooookidokey then, you draw up laws to bring about excuses to kill your enemy. sibelian Dec 2015 #96
To be perfectly honest, I think they would all give their guns up without a fight. Oneironaut Dec 2015 #89
After Sandy Hook Connecticut instituted some pretty strick new gun laws. Google what the Waldorf Dec 2015 #116
We will never have gun confiscation in the US. At least not in our lifetime. hollowdweller Dec 2015 #90
Some scumbags will resist. So what? HuckleB Dec 2015 #93
Of which 2/3rd's are suicides. GGJohn Dec 2015 #129
Oh, goodie. More actual keyboard commando nonsense. HuckleB Dec 2015 #137
I could care less if you're the Pope, GGJohn Dec 2015 #138
I could care less what you think. Period. HuckleB Dec 2015 #144
Just as I thought, GGJohn Dec 2015 #147
Derp. HuckleB Dec 2015 #149
I actually put myself in harms way for over 40+ years before I retired. GGJohn Dec 2015 #150
I doubt that very, very much. HuckleB Dec 2015 #152
And I very seriously doubt that you've EVER put yourself in danger in your life. GGJohn Dec 2015 #153
Blah. Blah. Blah. HuckleB Dec 2015 #154
Your refusal to answer the question, then accuse me of lying, then running away GGJohn Dec 2015 #155
Quite a piece or work, that one. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #200
Sure I will go treestar Dec 2015 #205
Not by me, GGJohn Dec 2015 #211
Do you support putting the earliest efforts at confiscation in African American communities? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #242
We are in trouble because millions sit around in paranoia, waiting for a self-fufilling prophecy Rex Dec 2015 #97
NOBODY is suggesting gun confiscation librechik Dec 2015 #106
That is a factuly incorrect statement on it's face.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #157
Thanks for showing me your bad spelling! Don't know any liberals librechik Dec 2015 #165
how about controlling powder? ormarkers in it? if fertilizer has that, and oc drugs are regulated... JanMichael Dec 2015 #107
Definition of gun control... Kang Colby Dec 2015 #120
While there certainly are millions of gun owners ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2015 #127
If cops started kicking down the doors of lawful Americans looking for firearms, (won't ever happen) GGJohn Dec 2015 #130
So why are we talking about what won't happen ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2015 #131
I have no idea why, GGJohn Dec 2015 #133
Very interesting that you chose to say "lawful Americans" not "lawful firearms" 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #132
If you truly believe that Americans won't resist this, GGJohn Dec 2015 #134
The only thing you have left is threatening people with violence over and over and over again 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #135
I myself have never visited violence on another human since I retired from the Army, GGJohn Dec 2015 #136
So threatening more violence? Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #140
I'm threatening violence? GGJohn Dec 2015 #142
Lol! So predictable. So dishonest. Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #143
I'll thank you to keep your words out of my mouth. GGJohn Dec 2015 #145
See #143 Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #146
See #145 GGJohn Dec 2015 #148
Not even capable of an original response. See #143 Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #151
Again, see post #145. eom. GGJohn Dec 2015 #156
See #143 Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #160
"In the last 43 years, more Americans have been shot by another American... EX500rider Dec 2015 #216
Well I'll be...Its almost like they included suicides, isn't it. beevul Dec 2015 #221
Unlikely hmm? Here you go. Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #230
It's says "Americans shot by another American" EX500rider Dec 2015 #231
Lol. still trying to defend your side. Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #232
Suicides are not "American's shooting other American's" per the OP EX500rider Dec 2015 #244
Lol..rationalize it however you like Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #245
It's not "rationalization" to point out the figures are wrong. Just facts. EX500rider Dec 2015 #246
I am citing facts, your simply spinning them Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #248
Except it's not a fact. EX500rider Dec 2015 #249
You functionally illiterate? Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #250
Are you mathematically challenged? lol EX500rider Dec 2015 #252
See #250 Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #256
I'll take that as a yes...lol EX500rider Dec 2015 #257
Keep spinning Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #258
When someone (you in this case) says "Americans who killed OTHER Americans"... EX500rider Dec 2015 #259
Lol! So predictable. So dishonest. Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #260
Just don't want to own what you wrote & I'm the dishonest one....lol EX500rider Dec 2015 #261
I stand by what I wrote. Keep spinning Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #262
So if you say "I drive other American's cars" you mean you drive your own car? EX500rider Dec 2015 #269
Keep trying Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #270
How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps branford Dec 2015 #139
Confiscate the guns when they're not at home. ZX86 Dec 2015 #164
HA laundry_queen Dec 2015 #254
You poor little Red Dawn dreamer. Photographer Dec 2015 #167
What in the world leads you to believe that the military will fire on Americans? GGJohn Dec 2015 #169
They've done it before... On Vets. They follow orders. Photographer Dec 2015 #170
The military fired on American vets? GGJohn Dec 2015 #171
MacArthur. Google Bonus Army Photographer Dec 2015 #172
Wow!!! GGJohn Dec 2015 #173
Why not? Cops do it all the time. Hey, your precious 2nd is a lot older than 60 years. Photographer Dec 2015 #174
Again, what makes you think that cops are going to enforce a ban and confiscation? GGJohn Dec 2015 #175
If it's the law, they will enforce it. If you think they won't you live in a dream world Photographer Dec 2015 #177
You're the one living in a dream world. GGJohn Dec 2015 #179
I very much suspect you're wrong about that. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #187
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2015 #194
when the time comes quaker bill Dec 2015 #183
Uh huh. GGJohn Dec 2015 #185
my model for prediction is very simple quaker bill Dec 2015 #225
"The law changes after the culture has changed." Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #238
I agree that it will be the unforeseen quaker bill Dec 2015 #247
I have been in both the military and law enforcement- neither body would do the confiscation Lee-Lee Dec 2015 #184
A severe ammo shortage would be a starting place. lonestarnot Dec 2015 #188
Not really for many reasons Lee-Lee Dec 2015 #191
Cops need another economic asset instead of "the marijuana." They can looks for bullets and lonestarnot Dec 2015 #222
WHO the FUCK is arguing for gun confiscation like that? Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #189
Evidently you have not been on here for a few days.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #213
fair enough, thanks Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #223
I have a feeling the NRA and other groups.. virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #224
Restrict new production, restrict ammo, stop public toting, restrict shooting ranges, etc. Let them Hoyt Dec 2015 #212
Hi RW trolls! Matrosov Dec 2015 #220
Luckily EdwardBernays Dec 2015 #226
Of course they would resist and if it takes violence to confiscate their guns so be it. bowens43 Dec 2015 #227
Actually, I think the first step would be to ban all imports and exports. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2015 #228
So who's going to perform that violence in order to confiscate? Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #236
I have found everyone is all talk DashOneBravo Dec 2015 #253
Would trigger a civil war. Elmergantry Dec 2015 #229
How did the Australians do it? (eom) Shankapotomus Dec 2015 #255
What if we hired private armies to carry out the confiscation and compliance. ileus Dec 2015 #268
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