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Wed Dec 2, 2015, 10:54 AM Dec 2015

Do you think the US foreign policy establishment are in the cahoots with the Islamic State? [View all]

Many here express shock that most Iraqis believe this. http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1014&pid=1276289

However I believe this is common view here on DU.

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That's some wackadoo conspiracy theory garbage right there. eom MohRokTah Dec 2015 #1
So our objective in Syria has not been the overthrow of Assad? For like 3 years? betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #2
Yea! I'm mean, NOTHING like that has EVER been done by our goverment before! To think something... ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2015 #9
Not cahoots. But I don't think we're in a hurry to eliminate them, either. TwilightGardener Dec 2015 #3
'The national security establishment '' what does that even mean? Ichingcarpenter Dec 2015 #10
I mean the Pentagon, defense contractors, think tanks who support the defense industry, TwilightGardener Dec 2015 #11
General Petrayus now works for a world hedge fund firm Ichingcarpenter Dec 2015 #22
Yup. SecDef Carter abruptly and mysteriously quit his deputy post in October 2013 TwilightGardener Dec 2015 #24
I didn't use the phrase "national security establishment" betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #40
Why not Obama ? Township75 Dec 2015 #26
After seven years, my take is that he's well-meaning but knows he has little control TwilightGardener Dec 2015 #29
The last president who exercised any hifiguy Dec 2015 #34
I know. TwilightGardener Dec 2015 #36
I think the phrase "foreign policy establishment" would include the democratic leaders. n/t betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #41
Yes 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #4
The evidence is not on the side of those who charge this is a conspiracy theory. betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #5
"They are just partisan hacks." 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #6
The military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. n/t betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #7
Sorry! I totally misread your post 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #18
Your PBS transcript is about the Free Syrian Army muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #33
Just curious which party do you think John McCain belongs to? 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #39
"Is it really? " Yes. it is. To pretend otherwise would be to lie. muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #47
Again, which party do you think John McCain belongs to? 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #49
You're trying to deflect from your anti-Democratic posts muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #51
It very strange that you continue to refuse to say which party McCain belongs to... 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #53
You're trying to deflect from your anti-Democratic posts muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #54
Being against the party leadership isn't antidemocratic betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #63
Because it is well documented that much of the free Syria Army defected to Isis. betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #42
no, but I think some of the people who we supply with weapons certainly are... Javaman Dec 2015 #8
Nope Marrah_G Dec 2015 #12
This wasn't unforseen betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #14
I suspect that Hillary is personally funding ISIS out of her personal server in Benghazi Orrex Dec 2015 #13
She doesn't need to she has the leaders of both parties in support of her neocon agenda. n/t betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #15
What's funny is that no one believes the silly subject line of my post, but... Orrex Dec 2015 #16
Well it isn't no-one but not many who are reading this thread are bothering to respond so I suspect betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #19
I am amazed that anyone can think like you and still believe themselves to be a Democrat muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #23
I think many of the prowar dems here were Bush voters, 10 years ago betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #43
You're the one accusing the Democratic leaders of supporting religious-based genocide muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #48
The leadership aren't royalty. They can be replaced by people who have courage. betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #50
You could accept 'far right', if you want, then muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #52
No I am old left wing democrat betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #55
No, you say the Democratic leaders are "in cahoots with the Islamic State" muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #56
I don't support trying to overthrow Assad. No betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #59
You're the one saying Obama supports mass murderers, and Sanders support Obama muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #61
He does support Al Nusra in Syria for reasons that are mysterious betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #62
No, he does not support Al Nusra - you've made that up muriel_volestrangler Dec 2015 #64
ISIS is funded by the CIA chalmers Dec 2015 #17
Well established? Marrah_G Dec 2015 #20
Well the post up thread with the pbs news item betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #21
ISIS Shows Off Its American-Made M16 Rifles chalmers Dec 2015 #27
Umm Isis obtained massive amounts of weapons from the Iraqi army Marrah_G Dec 2015 #32
ISIS overran a warehouse full of American weaponry/supplies in December 2013 in Syria. TwilightGardener Dec 2015 #38
To the 20% saying "yes", how much is President Obama in cahoots with ISIS? Throd Dec 2015 #25
This is how recruitment works. Convince people with little or no factual information randys1 Dec 2015 #28
That is a conspiracy theory in totality. betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #45
I don't believe they are powerless betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #44
Not directly Bradical79 Dec 2015 #30
We need to seriously reexamine our relationship with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. Throd Dec 2015 #35
We needed to seriously reexamine our parties relationship to wallstreet 8 years ago. betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #46
I have no idea, but I would be sadly unsurprised if it were the case. arcane1 Dec 2015 #31
+1 hifiguy Dec 2015 #37
Two clouds opn that horizon PATRICK Dec 2015 #57
The dem leadership let Bush and Cheney off becuse most of them supported giving them a blank check betterdemsonly Dec 2015 #60
Definitely in cahoots with ppl who are in cahoots with ISIS, the Saudis and Qataris and Turks Dems to Win Dec 2015 #58
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