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Sat Nov 21, 2015, 03:06 AM Nov 2015

Jennifer Lawrence removed from Hunger games poster. Female shoes deleted from news photo. Israel [View all]

In 2013, according to Ynet, an Orthodox, Haredi newspaper, The Hamodia, opted to digitally remove a pair of female shoes from a picture of a baby used in a news story.

Posters for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 have reportedly been censored in two Jewish cities, Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, with star Jennifer Lawrence removed to leave only the flaming “mockingjay” background.

Examples of the Lawrence-free poster, seen below, have been shared by the Israeli newspaper Ynet and on Twitter.
To outsiders, the censorship seems bizarre: Lawrence is, after all, the star of the film, and one of Hollywood’s most bankable actresses

But the decision was apparently made due to concerns that posters featuring the actress would be vandalised by Orthodox Jewish groups.

“Unfortunately we are subject to unofficial coercion that forces us to be more careful,” Liron Suissa, the vice president of Nur Star Media (the film’s Israeli PR company) told Ynet (via Haaretz). “We have had endless vandalisation and clients prefer not to take the chance.


It’s not just female Hollywood stars who have been removed from media: female politicians, female holocaust victims, and even female shoes have all been subject to censorship.

In Bnei Brak – a almost wholly Haredi city , governed by Haredi leaders – images of women are rarely seen in public spaces.
Loons..nt Jesus Malverde Nov 2015 #1
Yes Steven the Somnolent Nov 2015 #65
She's already been vandalized, sorry I meant photoshopped, in that poster uppityperson Nov 2015 #2
she does look kind of buxom there. 6chars Nov 2015 #22
Next you'll tell me that her gown in the first one wasn't really on fire Orrex Nov 2015 #70
That is insane. nt SunSeeker Nov 2015 #3
With all due respect, but the Haredis are sinking to the level of Betty Karlson Nov 2015 #4
Well, they aren't beheading people 6chars Nov 2015 #9
Or obliterating towns full of people: cpwm17 Nov 2015 #12
That's a secular government doing that - like what Assad did to Yarmouk oberliner Nov 2015 #16
They're both atrocities, along with similar actions by the US cpwm17 Nov 2015 #19
"It's always motivated by forms of selfishness, such as greed and bigotry." EX500rider Nov 2015 #27
The Germans were the aggressors there cpwm17 Nov 2015 #28
Can't imagine why the IAF would bomb a city during a attack on Hamas! EX500rider Nov 2015 #29
So now you are defending Israel's atrocity against the Gaza Strip cpwm17 Nov 2015 #30
On lies? EX500rider Nov 2015 #31
But, but, but...they're 'freedom fighters.' grossproffit Nov 2015 #42
What would Americans' response be if we were expelled from most of our land cpwm17 Nov 2015 #59
They build tunnels to Egypt for the outside world.. EX500rider Nov 2015 #64
It might help if groups did not throw rockets on Israel from Gaza Yorktown Nov 2015 #61
It was a Haredi man who stabbed 6 people EL34x4 Nov 2015 #14
And absolutely condemned by the rabbis, not praised by anyone 6chars Nov 2015 #18
I agree. EL34x4 Nov 2015 #23
If you have a problem with the fundamentalists in your religion... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2015 #58
Just stabbing them? (= equivalent of pushing gays of towers) Betty Karlson Nov 2015 #32
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2015 #34
Ugly and uninformed people all-too-often get to make and enforce rules that go beyond reason tomm2thumbs Nov 2015 #5
Yes. And they missed deleting the 2nd pair of female shoes in the pic Liberal_in_LA Nov 2015 #45
as fucked up as islam. what century is it? pansypoo53219 Nov 2015 #6
exactly! too many religions are horribly misogynistic. Duppers Nov 2015 #7
Damn ISIS for editing all those movie posters 6chars Nov 2015 #10
Ummm..... it's fucked up, but it's better than stoning women to death, Nye Bevan Nov 2015 #47
Fundimentalists are the same everywhere. blackspade Nov 2015 #8
Pick a religion, any religion, and you can't tell the fundies apart from their attitude. hobbit709 Nov 2015 #11
if you and your daughter had to choose a group of fundies to be trapped with on a desert island 6chars Nov 2015 #20
No. hobbit709 Nov 2015 #21
No. blackspade Nov 2015 #25
No. Crunchy Frog Nov 2015 #63
I hear you all 6chars Nov 2015 #67
or the symbol... blackspade Nov 2015 #24
Stop giving in to the demands of fundamentalists! FLPanhandle Nov 2015 #13
Jeez. Here I thought it was some anti-hunting group. Eleanors38 Nov 2015 #15
Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Muslims have a lot in common oberliner Nov 2015 #17
Refresh my memory. How many honor killings are attributed to Ultra-Orthodox Jews? grossproffit Nov 2015 #40
None that I am aware of oberliner Nov 2015 #44
... SidDithers Nov 2015 #26
Nothing at all fucked up about that. DLevine Nov 2015 #33
What is it with religious fundies and women anyway? smirkymonkey Nov 2015 #35
One word: sex Yavin4 Nov 2015 #39
A population demographic they see as easy to socially control davidn3600 Nov 2015 #41
Because.... OldEurope Nov 2015 #52
When women are regarded as equal in a society, they have a civilizing force upon that society. smirkymonkey Nov 2015 #54
well, at least there's a secular sector to--aw, dammit MisterP Nov 2015 #36
and the war on, and hatred for, women continues apace. niyad Nov 2015 #37
Misogyny is the raison d'etre of all all three of these stupid Middle East-originated monotheisms. Arugula Latte Nov 2015 #38
Gotta love those Abrahamic religions... Lizzie Poppet Nov 2015 #43
Orthodox newspapers in NYC won't even print Hillary Clinton's picture. Nye Bevan Nov 2015 #46
I remember that. Pathetic. nt DLevine Nov 2015 #49
WTF!? Rex Nov 2015 #50
If she wins, will they (please) Ilsa Nov 2015 #68
Ah the stupid and petty shit we humans love to pretend is important. Rex Nov 2015 #48
Big deal to both. A little acceptance is in order -- Hortensis Nov 2015 #51
Accept their extreme hostility toward women? Uh, no thanks. Arugula Latte Nov 2015 #56
Here's a link that discusses extremist traits. Hortensis Nov 2015 #69
So you think it's fine for these extremists to stomp down half the population Arugula Latte Nov 2015 #73
Left unchallenged... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2015 #60
What I love....LOVE....is that threads like these thrive....but if you were to actually call out the Joe the Revelator Nov 2015 #53
Don't you get it Joe? sibelian Nov 2015 #62
All religions share common nonsense and fairy tales. Yorktown Nov 2015 #66
Fckin' idjits. hifiguy Nov 2015 #55
It's going to get worse for them.......... thelordofhell Nov 2015 #57
They, um, know that she's actually *IN* the movie, right? Orrex Nov 2015 #71
The folks who are offended by female images don't attend movies Liberal_in_LA Nov 2015 #74
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