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Flying Squirrel

(3,041 posts)
Wed Nov 18, 2015, 10:07 PM Nov 2015

Your "Ignore" List (poll 1) [View all]

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I never put anyone on Ignore
42 (62%)
14 (21%)
1 (1%)
1 (1%)
3 (4%)
3 (4%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
80+ (Please do tell!) :)
4 (6%)
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Your "Ignore" List (poll 1) [View all] Flying Squirrel Nov 2015 OP
I don't keep count. It's a meritocracy. nt Xipe Totec Nov 2015 #1
Never have. Never will. randome Nov 2015 #2
Seriously... GummyBearz Nov 2015 #27
I have never had an ignore list until the Sanders supporters Evergreen Emerald Nov 2015 #3
Now that is funny. hobbit709 Nov 2015 #18
Lol, that was the talking point three or four weeks ago. There have been a few more since then! sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #39
You do know how to make this, right? KamaAina Nov 2015 #60
Completely self unaware Evergreen Emerald Nov 2015 #65
You seriously think Bernie supporters are on the attack? KamaAina Nov 2015 #68
You have a short memory Evergreen Emerald Nov 2015 #69
I have never had an ignore list until the Clinton supporters Ed Suspicious Nov 2015 #78
I have a few in my list 47of74 Nov 2015 #4
I don't have anyone on ignore but I did finally trash GDP a couple of weeks ago WhollyHeretic Nov 2015 #5
This, exactly. Action_Patrol Nov 2015 #11
6 on ignore (a personal high), and trashed GD:P, too. Lizzie Poppet Nov 2015 #59
No one Liberal_in_LA Nov 2015 #6
I use Ignore liberally. Life's too short to tolerate “kiddie scorn”. . . Journeyman Nov 2015 #7
co-signed. FlatBaroque Nov 2015 #31
I can agree with this, Journeyman. ladyVet Nov 2015 #54
Been here since 2001. My ignore list is still empty. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2015 #8
just the one so far. n/t wildbilln864 Nov 2015 #9
You should really take Skinner off Ignore. Flying Squirrel Nov 2015 #15
LOL n/t wildbilln864 Nov 2015 #22
I can take it. earthside Nov 2015 #10
nobody on full ignore Kali Nov 2015 #12
Can you see peoples posts who have you in ignore? nt Quixote1818 Nov 2015 #13
I believe so. nt Flying Squirrel Nov 2015 #17
Yes Renew Deal Nov 2015 #73
I have two people on ignore tammywammy Nov 2015 #14
I never did until I learned how many paid shills inhabit forums. Shandris Nov 2015 #16
I haven't had anyone on ignore since the end of the 2008 primary. nt City Lights Nov 2015 #19
Zilch. OilemFirchen Nov 2015 #20
Great idea! mountain grammy Nov 2015 #66
I put "never" Blue_In_AK Nov 2015 #21
I don't use ignore on DU3 because I like to read the replies and subthreads. Crunchy Frog Nov 2015 #23
I've asked *MANY* to put *ME* on Ignore!1 (to little avail - they really know how to ANNOY) n/t UTUSN Nov 2015 #24
I don't like putting people on igonre but have had to do it on a very few occasions el_bryanto Nov 2015 #25
I had one once for a sig gif I hated (no, not the fly) Recursion Nov 2015 #26
There's people who piss me off and I vehemently disagree with on some issues... LAGC Nov 2015 #28
I took everyone off ignore months ago Kalidurga Nov 2015 #29
Closing in on 300 FlatBaroque Nov 2015 #30
None, but I chuck a lot of trash in the can. Waiting For Everyman Nov 2015 #32
Unlike most of you, I have many many in that list Trajan Nov 2015 #33
I don't have anyone on presently Hydra Nov 2015 #34
Keep your friends close, your obnoxious ... Whiskeytide Nov 2015 #35
None until after the primaries ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #36
0-9 (nt) bigwillq Nov 2015 #37
as Carl Sagan said olddots Nov 2015 #38
This is Meta as fuck! Iggo Nov 2015 #40
Meta is not disallowed... Only "disruptive meta." ;) Flying Squirrel Nov 2015 #45
Can you hear me? Renew Deal Nov 2015 #72
Totally! Iggo Nov 2015 #74
last I looked it was like, 120 Skittles Nov 2015 #41
What's a swooner? And don't you dare tell me it's Bing Crosby. BlueJazz Nov 2015 #46
people who think their candidate can do no wrong Skittles Nov 2015 #56
Ah..I see. There's only 2 people on this forum who can do no wrong. (and we know who they are) BlueJazz Nov 2015 #63
Democratic Underground is simply an internet message board. closeupready Nov 2015 #42
88 since joining in 2004, of which 30 are Tombstoned or Flagged For Review. NYC Liberal Nov 2015 #43
I've got about 20-25. It's mostly people who (I think) post stories that are superficial. BlueJazz Nov 2015 #44
My ignore list was once so vast that it became difficult to follow discussions here at DU JVS Nov 2015 #47
Why doesn't this OP have any replies? lpbk2713 Nov 2015 #48
It does, now... You're the first one! Flying Squirrel Nov 2015 #49
That's good to know ... I think. lpbk2713 Nov 2015 #50
I have never put anyone on ignore. This is a discussion forum. PatrickforO Nov 2015 #51
Very rare..... daleanime Nov 2015 #52
It's much easier to lose track of reality when you ignore those with whom you disagree. n/t Binkie The Clown Nov 2015 #53
Fortunately, I believe reality is overrated. Flying Squirrel Nov 2015 #55
I am perfectly capable of ignoring folk without ever clicking a button etherealtruth Nov 2015 #57
What you said ^^^^^^ ebayfool Nov 2015 #75
who cares? CTyankee Nov 2015 #58
None. cwydro Nov 2015 #61
Easily over a hundred Capt. Obvious Nov 2015 #62
No need to UglyGreed Nov 2015 #64
I don't need a "safe space" here FLPanhandle Nov 2015 #67
DU is already a safe space. Safe from Republicans. kwassa Nov 2015 #70
Does anyone remember a bunch of years ago when ignore lists went public? Renew Deal Nov 2015 #71
I put assholes on ignore. kentauros Nov 2015 #76
Growing by the day... truebrit71 Nov 2015 #77
Why would I want to ignore the best comedy available? Fumesucker Nov 2015 #79
Nope. Never did it. DFW Nov 2015 #80
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