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Response to Ken Burch (Original post)

So hard to do n2doc Nov 2015 #1
Like what? elias49 Nov 2015 #6
IS, to the tune of about $1.5B/year. leveymg Nov 2015 #13
Amen. Follow the money. Sienna86 Nov 2015 #2
I know a woman that worked there for a year with her husband. Fuddnik Nov 2015 #3
What did she say it was like? smirkymonkey Nov 2015 #19
the propagation of a faith should be illegal. tomp Nov 2015 #4
This is more about politics than about religion starroute Nov 2015 #18
Good post. The collapse of Saudi Arabia's royal family, and Hortensis Nov 2015 #50
Good insight! burrowowl Nov 2015 #66
Their little tactic is killing Alaska's budget. Blue_In_AK Nov 2015 #68
Dangerous nonsense. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2015 #33
+1000. Hortensis Nov 2015 #51
"Fire!" in a crowded movie theater? tomp Nov 2015 #72
People always get that quotation wrong. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2015 #73
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #5
Time to keep pushing them to provide the ground troops needed in their area of the world. Sunlei Nov 2015 #7
They aren't bombing Isis. Most of the gulf countries dropped out after the first few photo ops. CJCRANE Nov 2015 #29
Saudis have 100 jets in the coalition. Saudis need to lead the ground troops needed in places Sunlei Nov 2015 #40
I'm pretty sure they're bombing Yemen instead. I haven't seen anything CJCRANE Nov 2015 #41
doesn't matter it took months to get the SA to even start with 100 jets regular missions. Sunlei Nov 2015 #46
Too bad they don't all fight like the Kurds. Blue_In_AK Nov 2015 #69
It was time a long time ago Demeter Nov 2015 #8
Now that would upend the world as we know it. mountain grammy Nov 2015 #9
If any world needs an upending, it's this one. n/t. Ken Burch Nov 2015 #11
But not getting all that oil will cause gas prices to go up at least a dime a gallon....will Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #10
It would be more than a dime. Way more. nt ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2015 #21
Of course Iran now in the game and Iraq always willing and sometimes able and with green energy Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #22
we can buy cheap crude from africa and places like south america/russia, they beg for customers & Sunlei Nov 2015 #43
Better to get off Venezuela's case then to keep appeasing the House of Saud. Ken Burch Nov 2015 #53
+1000 blackspade Nov 2015 #12
YES. How do you stop war & senseless violence? STOP FUNDING IT! reformist2 Nov 2015 #14
President Carter told us more than 35 years ago... SoLeftIAmRight Nov 2015 #15
And Carter was right. Betty Karlson Nov 2015 #16
Great post, and an issue nyabingi Nov 2015 #17
Free Raif Badawi & Other Political Prisoners! Herman4747 Nov 2015 #20
K & R Duppers Nov 2015 #23
The US economy would be severely damaged oberliner Nov 2015 #24
Since the economy pretty much sucks for the bottom TexasBushwhacker Nov 2015 #25
Wouldn't the bottom 80 percent be hurt the most? oberliner Nov 2015 #31
Can you please elaborate on that? riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #27
Rise in prices for consumer goods oberliner Nov 2015 #30
I don't think there's any recent studies on the economic impact riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #32
I think the PTB are more worried that if we unfriend them, then the Russians and Chinese CJCRANE Nov 2015 #34
The Chinese and Russians have allied with Shia Islam riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #35
I'm not sure they act with no regard for their population, they just have a more communitarian CJCRANE Nov 2015 #36
Very true riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #37
Nothing is so cut and dried in that region. I think it's possible that if the Russians see an totodeinhere Nov 2015 #39
There aren't many international relationships that are black and white riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #45
Seizure of Saudi assets would be extremely popular as would leveymg Nov 2015 #47
Yemeni children should not pay the costs for our "cheap" gas Scootaloo Nov 2015 #49
Great Idea but I don't think it's going to happen. PeoViejo Nov 2015 #26
Well, we certainly agree on that point. tabasco Nov 2015 #28
Sometimes what seems like a logical policy in that region has unintended consequences. totodeinhere Nov 2015 #38
I agree ... mostly ashling Nov 2015 #42
"We KNOW the blood of the Paris dead MAY be on their hands." Come again? n/t cherokeeprogressive Nov 2015 #44
We need to go one step further meow2u3 Nov 2015 #48
I agree with Charles Pierce. JDPriestly Nov 2015 #64
Well said TTUBatfan2008 Nov 2015 #52
Yes. SoapBox Nov 2015 #54
Wishful thinking. thebighobgoblin Nov 2015 #55
We are the paid mercenaries in that part of the world packman Nov 2015 #56
Wrong!! SereneG Nov 2015 #57
They're more afraid of cheap gas. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2015 #58
If they were scared of it, they wouldn't be funding it. n/t. Ken Burch Nov 2015 #59
Like the GOP establishment of the Tea Party. ErikJ Nov 2015 #62
Members of the Saudi royal family own Fox News. Initech Nov 2015 #60
I always found that kind of funny Blue_In_AK Nov 2015 #70
k&r DesertRat Nov 2015 #61
Agreed. McCamy Taylor Nov 2015 #63
From what I've been reading, Blue_In_AK Nov 2015 #71
Agree wholeheartedly. One correction though about "jihad" Yorktown Nov 2015 #65
Yesterday. Blue_In_AK Nov 2015 #67
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