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42. Amplified modifies terror and media manipulation
Fri Nov 13, 2015, 11:40 AM
Nov 2015

...modifies people who are feeling terrorized by what they are seeing in the media.

Do you think this is an isolated incident - white students peacefully supporting their black brothers and sisters - or is this an isolated incident? Have you seen these demonstrations covered by the media or have you only seen stories about white students, frat boys that are terrorizing black students?


Did you know that some white teammates expressed their support for their black brothers? Maybe you're in a bubble...

They don't care about minorities' feelings as much as their own. DemocraticWing Nov 2015 #1
This, the OP too, are Rebkeh Nov 2015 #2
I like to mess with their heads..... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2015 #5
They have been the center of the universe for too long. bravenak Nov 2015 #3
It's true mwrguy Nov 2015 #51
I'm white (I guess, by looks, not really into genealogy) SusanCalvin Nov 2015 #128
Good. It really isn't anything to cry about. bravenak Nov 2015 #137
Some of them lived on a throne.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2015 #4
Ooh ooh. Control-Z Nov 2015 #140
k & r lovemydog Nov 2015 #6
So do you just assume Shankapotomus Nov 2015 #7
White people (especially men) are devils kwolf68 Nov 2015 #11
the point is not that but that they were used to privilege treestar Nov 2015 #95
wtf "White people (especially men) are devils" saturnsring Nov 2015 #112
Yes. Chitown Kev Nov 2015 #13
White guy beaten by racist Blacks for dating a Black woman in Savannah, Georgia snooper2 Nov 2015 #18
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #19
"Shit happens". How disgusting. Marr Nov 2015 #34
+1,000,000. nt. polly7 Nov 2015 #36
It goes both ways JackInGreen Nov 2015 #55
+ a googolplex. hifiguy Nov 2015 #117
No such thing as RACIST BLACKS in a country controlled by white people. randys1 Nov 2015 #62
So when a black woman tells a woman from India to go back to her country snooper2 Nov 2015 #66
bigotry, xenophobia...racism is one group in power pushing the other group around based randys1 Nov 2015 #68
Good try ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #71
That's not true at all Bradical79 Nov 2015 #83
Only if that individual is part of the group that has the power. randys1 Nov 2015 #86
You're playing semantic games. Comrade Grumpy Nov 2015 #91
LOL randys1 Nov 2015 #92
Which is still not true Bradical79 Nov 2015 #94
If a 6' tall ' black person beats a 5 foot tall white person to death for racial.reasons whathehell Nov 2015 #129
So you are saying that one race, white people, are inferior to another? Bok_Tukalo Nov 2015 #130
I just love the way you've made your personal definition of racism out to be the only valid one. cherokeeprogressive Nov 2015 #97
Ahh, how sweet. You sure are giving me a whole lot of credit, thanks, I will TAKE IT randys1 Nov 2015 #98
Uhm, from what I know, racism is bigotry based on race, institutional racism is that bigotry... Humanist_Activist Nov 2015 #101
No. Racism and bigotry are different things (look this up before posting next time). DisgustipatedinCA Nov 2015 #104
If it helps you sleep thru the night to believe a Black person can affect racism randys1 Nov 2015 #115
No need to extrapolate on my behalf. I said nothing about black people "affecting" racism. DisgustipatedinCA Nov 2015 #124
ok since i dont have any power i can never be a racist saturnsring Nov 2015 #113
"Race-based Bigotry " eom 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2015 #102
You can type that until your fingers fall off - it still won't be true. NaturalHigh Nov 2015 #77
Yes, I find that offensive. I was always told two wrongs don't make a right, but it seems some Waldorf Nov 2015 #37
I dont object to you saying white people are privileged Shankapotomus Nov 2015 #145
Yes--the decreasing life expectancy of white men with less education eridani Nov 2015 #8
Yes, that is quite a story mountain grammy Nov 2015 #10
Ahhh remember the days when white people had all the power? GOLGO 13 Nov 2015 #9
Looks like the rich (who have the power) come from many backgrounds now. Waldorf Nov 2015 #38
Similar to Americans in relation to the rest of the world The2ndWheel Nov 2015 #12
Yes. Chitown Kev Nov 2015 #14
Definitely a correlation there. brush Nov 2015 #28
Broadbrush much? polly7 Nov 2015 #15
Y'all sure like your individuality and diversity, don't you? Chitown Kev Nov 2015 #16
I like facts and history, and don't believe that all people should be shoved into specific hate polly7 Nov 2015 #17
Please...I never said that there weren't any good white folks. Chitown Kev Nov 2015 #20
Riiiiiiiight. nt. polly7 Nov 2015 #21
No what you said was, White people (especially men...especially straight) seem to have B Calm Nov 2015 #33
Thats not what I gathered from your OP. Waldorf Nov 2015 #39
As a white, straight man coming from a working-poor background deutsey Nov 2015 #58
But you have been afforded a cloak of privilege that you may not even realize you have. randys1 Nov 2015 #64
And you know that I don't even realize how, exactly deutsey Nov 2015 #89
Oh, if you arent a white American then I apologize, I assumed you were randys1 Nov 2015 #90
Stop assuming and start basing your judgments on knowledge deutsey Nov 2015 #100
yeah...thanks for that... EndElectoral Nov 2015 #114
True. There have always been white allies who have helped brush Nov 2015 #31
Have you noticed ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #22
Yes... Chitown Kev Nov 2015 #23
So do you treat others as they wish to be treated? NaturalHigh Nov 2015 #84
We have lived in a bubble. Codeine Nov 2015 #24
+1 ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #25
Hence all of these definitions of "racism" Chitown Kev Nov 2015 #26
I won't lie, Codeine Nov 2015 #30
Bigotry based on someone's race is still racism. GeorgeGist Nov 2015 #72
No, it really isn't. Codeine Nov 2015 #85
The fact that you had to use a modifier(systematic) shows you know the redefinition of racism... Humanist_Activist Nov 2015 #103
Increased awareness. Paradigm change. Codeine Nov 2015 #106
But there is no agreement among those who are discriminated against due to race. Humanist_Activist Nov 2015 #108
Individual self-emamination is fine as far as it goes... AOR Nov 2015 #61
Agreed, utterly. nt Codeine Nov 2015 #82
Very well said. geardaddy Nov 2015 #63
Excellent way of saying that all white americans are racists and all men are misogynists randys1 Nov 2015 #67
The former is arguable because whites are the dominant racial group. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2015 #73
The way you worded that I am not sure which of my two statements you dont agree with...LOL randys1 Nov 2015 #74
All men are not misogynists. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2015 #78
A fantastic post, Codeine. Thank you for listening and for your thoughtful intelligence. Number23 Nov 2015 #122
I wouldn't stop there WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2015 #27
Do you think White youth feel solidarity with Black youth? ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #29
You know, the media likes to amplify what will WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2015 #32
What are you talking about, exactly? ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #35
Amplified modifies terror and media manipulation WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2015 #42
I'm sorry, I'm still not seeing your point ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #43
Absolutely! But that's institutional racism, we're WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2015 #46
Ok! ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #49
:) WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2015 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2015 #45
I'm curious as to what the future holds once . . . brush Nov 2015 #40
You are predicting the economic end of racism? Or did I read that wrong? ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #41
I think it will lessen over time, probably decades . . . brush Nov 2015 #44
Do see us headed to an position of extreme tension? ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #48
I'm hoping it happens in the way you describe as some form of socialism is preferrable . . . brush Nov 2015 #56
Interesting times indeed ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #65
We are all Africans and eventually we will all be Brown, too. randys1 Nov 2015 #69
If only that would make us inclusive and kind to one another senz Nov 2015 #131
In doctors office the other day, my t shirt randys1 Nov 2015 #132
Well if you want to get down to that level of detail, senz Nov 2015 #134
I think the vast majority of white men could give less than 2 shits Calista241 Nov 2015 #47
Interesting definition of racism Karmadillo Nov 2015 #50
This is one if those OP's that if you're a white guy upaloopa Nov 2015 #52
You are looking at this all wrong, and since I often agree with you and respect what you randys1 Nov 2015 #76
I have never denied that I have privilege that upaloopa Nov 2015 #87
This line of argument will lead the Democrats to defeat. earthside Nov 2015 #54
I went from "fuck that guy" to "fuck yeah" over the course of reading your post. Goblinmonger Nov 2015 #60
Non Whiney U I think you stumbled on a meme there lol Monk06 Nov 2015 #120
There's a lot of us here in this "bubble" and the only one I can be responsible for is me tularetom Nov 2015 #57
The oppression of POC by white men is at a point of desperation. NCTraveler Nov 2015 #59
Ahh, look! More anger-baiting. Shandris Nov 2015 #70
I am a male, why do waitresses call me "Hon" all the time? Not offended,just wondering why. nt Logical Nov 2015 #75
they say that to everyone JI7 Nov 2015 #107
They call me sweetie. Codeine Nov 2015 #109
They call everyone "hon"-- women as well.. whathehell Nov 2015 #141
Low count poster spouting divisive garbage tabasco Nov 2015 #79
Judging by this OP and your other postings... NaturalHigh Nov 2015 #80
What an unfortunate and racist post Android3.14 Nov 2015 #81
Black people... Comrade Grumpy Nov 2015 #88
Good observation treestar Nov 2015 #93
FYI Behind the Aegis Nov 2015 #96
Thanks for that, BtA. Juror #2 is a gal after my own heart Number23 Nov 2015 #126
And therefore, let's all vote for the grotesquely wealthy white woman! nt Romulox Nov 2015 #99
LOL this board cracks me up :) jack_krass Nov 2015 #139
Weird as heck. Say vote for the white woman with power and wealth. Hmmm. appalachiablue Nov 2015 #142
"gal" is not used out of utter disrespect, but rather utter unawareness that it has a pejorative geek tragedy Nov 2015 #105
You hit that one squarely on the head. hifiguy Nov 2015 #118
I didn't know until reading this thread it was offensive geek tragedy Nov 2015 #123
It's not. hifiguy Nov 2015 #125
Another post that would be right at home on Stormfront if you swapped "white" with "black." Jester Messiah Nov 2015 #110
I think he is doing the swap from black to white on purpose FLPanhandle Nov 2015 #111
White male hatred is strong on this board today NobodyHere Nov 2015 #116
......... polly7 Nov 2015 #121
If so, what a shame. senz Nov 2015 #133
I think it's supposed to be a slam against Sanders, who grew up dirt poor and Jewish, and Doctor_J Nov 2015 #136
Speaking solely for myself, hifiguy Nov 2015 #119
I heard a youth who is part of those protests explain it in a way that made me think loyalsister Nov 2015 #127
It isn't easy living in a bubble. U4ikLefty Nov 2015 #135
angry, bitter, poisonous words jack_krass Nov 2015 #138
Most of the time it's best heard when these things are said by another white guy MrScorpio Nov 2015 #143
Alienating JustAnotherGen Nov 2015 #144
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