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I think he was forced into it Kalidurga Nov 2015 #1
I have to agree with this... CoffeeCat Nov 2015 #4
I think his intentions were honorable and he's accomplished some decent things. BlueJazz Nov 2015 #12
This^^^ and the other two reply posts. nt Mnemosyne Nov 2015 #15
They must have started forcing him early though. Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff WAS Third Way! cascadiance Nov 2015 #17
That's because his cabinet chose him. canoeist52 Nov 2015 #38
He kept Bob Gates as his Defense Secretary, for Christ's sake! I sure as fuck KingCharlemagne Nov 2015 #40
His whole cabinet was Turd Way Doctor_J Nov 2015 #54
Indeed. Arne fuckin' Duncan, Emmanuel, Gates, and the rest were all Turdwayers. All his appointees Erose999 Nov 2015 #83
And all the Wall Streeters he employed to lead his Treasury Dep't, including Cal33 Nov 2015 #57
DWS and Rahm both appeared to me to be a way of reaching out to the Clinton camp. ieoeja Nov 2015 #72
Rahm disappointed HRC by refusing to endorse in 08. He was a CHICAGO guy. MADem Nov 2015 #140
Agreed. silverweb Nov 2015 #18
During the campaign, he had more praise for Reagan than for any Democratic icon Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #24
i see your point. silverweb Nov 2015 #27
From my perspective, I don't think he's accomplished all that much Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #29
I didn't know that about expats! silverweb Nov 2015 #81
the look on his face the day after his inauguration hopemountain Nov 2015 #21
No one forced him into TPP Doctor_J Nov 2015 #53
I think that's way too generous. I remember hearing one of Obama's professors talking about him. Marr Nov 2015 #94
Hell yes.....TPP alone will earn you that status. yourout Nov 2015 #2
^^^ THIS ^^^ Omaha Steve Nov 2015 #121
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Nov 2015 #3
Absolutely - Without Doubt - Without Question - TPP - Drone War ... cantbeserious Nov 2015 #5
Don't forget the Cat Food Commission. hifiguy Nov 2015 #111
He's done things that I don't like but I don't think I would go that far. NT Quackers Nov 2015 #6
I feel like I need a tin foil hat Dem2 Nov 2015 #7
Amazing isn't it? VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #8
Don't worry. cui bono Nov 2015 #14
Can't name 3 cabinent members zipplewrath Nov 2015 #82
If by political junkies, you mean people who are good at name calling Dem2 Nov 2015 #88
Not exactly zipplewrath Nov 2015 #119
Well, I do agree with that sentiment Dem2 Nov 2015 #120
I'd advise an aluminium colander lined with heavy duty tin foil!!! MADem Nov 2015 #141
The group or the political philosophy? Recursion Nov 2015 #9
No but I believe that his circle of advisors is stacked with them JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #10
Yes, but he doesn't like to be associated with it Hydra Nov 2015 #11
Yeah, but moderate Republican is pretty much Third Way by definition. cui bono Nov 2015 #13
Well WE know who is REALLY the NEW Democrat... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #76
Indeed we do! Hydra Nov 2015 #123
How about one that just said... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #124
Few politicians are ideal matches for any political label, ZombieHorde Nov 2015 #16
Absolutely zalinda Nov 2015 #19
And whistleblowers... haikugal Nov 2015 #33
absolutely ibegurpard Nov 2015 #20
yes, even though he is black noiretextatique Nov 2015 #22
Not really. Scootaloo Nov 2015 #23
"Old-fashined conservative?" Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #25
The Turd Way is an umbrella hifiguy Nov 2015 #98
On DU, "Third Wayer" is a term used to describe anyone that a subset here does not like. MADem Nov 2015 #26
Do you have an example or two bvf Nov 2015 #32
I've got one that dings 'both sides' on DU for shallow understanding of the whole thing. Bernie Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #41
Yeah, I noticed you didn't get a response bvf Nov 2015 #112
There's a wee box in the right hand upper corner--type the phrase in there, and all will be revealed MADem Nov 2015 #58
The operative phrase here is bvf Nov 2015 #100
like tulsi gabbard JI7 Nov 2015 #35
She's a very good example of "enemy of my enemy"--certainly. nt MADem Nov 2015 #60
You get the BPOTT award. ileus Nov 2015 #37
Code phrase for "any sub-human not agreeing 100% with Sanders", which includes Obama, apparently. Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #55
they also use neo liberal, corporatist, DINO, republican lite redstateblues Nov 2015 #129
Can we use "Looney Left"? Just the one phrase will do! Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #138
Everyone under the bus is Thirdway now... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #103
And "Thirdwayers" who say things that some people like get a dispensation.... MADem Nov 2015 #104
Funny whe 45 members of the Progressive Caucus VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #105
Any elected official who doesn't endorse bernie redstateblues Nov 2015 #130
The "Not Progressive Enough to Feel That Bern" Caucus! MADem Nov 2015 #139
Remember when Corey Booker made those vaguely nice comments about Sanders?? Number23 Nov 2015 #108
Ha ha ha -- so TRUE! nt MADem Nov 2015 #109
It's comical how Third Way on DU has become this shadowy Blacklist redstateblues Nov 2015 #131
It does appear this way Dem2 Nov 2015 #142
Many people use the term without understanding what it means. MADem Nov 2015 #143
varies by issue 6chars Nov 2015 #28
No, and while he has done many great things davidpdx Nov 2015 #30
Rahm Emmanual, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Eric Holder, TPP, drones, etc., etc. Scuba Nov 2015 #31
Labels suck. Obama is one of the finest Presidents we will ever see. randome Nov 2015 #34
Most people only live to see what, a dozen presidents, at the most? My dad lived to see FDR. So far Erose999 Nov 2015 #85
damn right. I'm 67 and I've lived through redstateblues Nov 2015 #132
Absolutely. TM99 Nov 2015 #36
A resounding NO. He's the first sitting U.S. president to be featured on a gay magazine - for his BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #39
supporting racial, gender, or sexual orientation equality does not define one as a progressive, daybranch Nov 2015 #42
Not supporting such equality however does define one as a regressive, a conservative, Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #45
He wasn't just "supporting it". He fought to make gender equality LAW of the land, either by BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #80
The Third Way method is to trumpet social issues that cost them nothing, and to push Conservative djean111 Nov 2015 #44
The recent expansion of Social Securithy benefits to apply equally to same sex couples cost plenty Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #46
Congress killed the public option by not voting for it. geek tragedy Nov 2015 #49
When did Congress vote on the public option? Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #69
Never. hifiguy Nov 2015 #113
I'm thinking it was some Democratic senator Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #115
No electable white candidate in 2008 or 2012 could have been a fraction of the success this man randys1 Nov 2015 #102
I agree. He's been one of America's most transformative presidents, and he's been the BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #122
yes. nt m-lekktor Nov 2015 #43
Where are the "No" votes coming from? Doctor_J Nov 2015 #47
Third wayer means anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders at DU geek tragedy Nov 2015 #48
Barack Obama is the most liberal president in US history. eom MohRokTah Nov 2015 #50
Typical propaganda statement with NO substantive detail! cascadiance Nov 2015 #59
It's a fact, Barack Obama is the most liberal president in US history. eom MohRokTah Nov 2015 #62
You should learn the difference between facts and opinions. n/t Comrade Grumpy Nov 2015 #63
It is undeniable that Barack Obama is the most liberal president in US history. MohRokTah Nov 2015 #68
Then I can respond that Bernie Sanders is the most progressive senator on capitol hill IS A FACT!!! cascadiance Nov 2015 #70
I would go further. MohRokTah Nov 2015 #71
I agree redstateblues Nov 2015 #134
LBJ, FDR, Wilson, and a whole lot of other presidents would disagree. (nt) jeff47 Nov 2015 #78
Lyndon Johnson called MFrohike Nov 2015 #116
If he's not tazkcmo Nov 2015 #51
. Rex Nov 2015 #52
The folks that voted "no" in this thread are clueless or something else. PufPuf23 Nov 2015 #56
or maybe you don't know everything. nt geek tragedy Nov 2015 #87
Seems some heavy denial is going on. PufPuf23 Nov 2015 #89
If you mean his policies are to the right of Bernie Sanders, then you are correct. geek tragedy Nov 2015 #90
POTUS Obama has positive accomplishments. Results and policies are not monolithic. PufPuf23 Nov 2015 #91
That Obama told a group of moderate Democrats he's one of them means he's geek tragedy Nov 2015 #92
They are once again projecting what they think they support onto the establishment candidate. Warren Stupidity Nov 2015 #107
Folks on DU use Third Way as a straw man redstateblues Nov 2015 #135
I consider "Third Way" to be an obnoxious Strawman term thrown out by obnoxious people... Tommy_Carcetti Nov 2015 #61
Yeah, I can see that Bradical79 Nov 2015 #67
Yep, Third Way the organization is as a "third way" much as the "Progressive Policy Institute"... cascadiance Nov 2015 #73
Did you read reply 47? Doctor_J Nov 2015 #74
+ a million billion trillion Number23 Nov 2015 #110
What brought this on, might I ask? Blue_Tires Nov 2015 #64
Because something doesn't compute. Nye Bevan Nov 2015 #75
Life is not as black-and-white as you'd like to make it. jeff47 Nov 2015 #79
I think you're right and that labeling someone a "Third-Wayer" Nye Bevan Nov 2015 #84
No, the error is thinking "Third way" is conservative in the same way as Republicans. jeff47 Nov 2015 #86
I knew that when I voted for him in the general Bradical79 Nov 2015 #65
I think he cares a lot more about Wall Street than he cares about working people. NaturalHigh Nov 2015 #66
Yes and no Rebkeh Nov 2015 #77
Wow, these results are stunning...almost sickening randys1 Nov 2015 #93
He became one as soon as he floriduck Nov 2015 #95
Yes. He's just not as adept at triangulating as the Clintons. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2015 #96
Unquestionably yes. hifiguy Nov 2015 #97
I voted Pass, he's got alot of them around though. Here's a primer on Third Way fwiw today. bobthedrummer Nov 2015 #99
TPP alone qualifies him. nt Romulox Nov 2015 #101
He ran both campaigns as a center-right Democrat. Warren Stupidity Nov 2015 #106
Hard to say. If we were talking Bill I'd say he's about 95% third way but Obama is about 50% craigmatic Nov 2015 #114
This poll has jumped the megalodon. MineralMan Nov 2015 #117
DU represents a tiny sliver of the electorate redstateblues Nov 2015 #137
Of course he is WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2015 #118
We saw it coming a long way ago. ozone_man Nov 2015 #125
The poll results so far, speak for themselves. darkangel218 Nov 2015 #126
It definitely mirrors the Sanders Clinton redstateblues Nov 2015 #136
Such delicious flypaper. Egnever Nov 2015 #127
Third Way is a straw man for the Obama Hillary haters redstateblues Nov 2015 #128
One of many examples: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions PowerToThePeople Nov 2015 #133
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