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51. It's quite easy to use someone else's email address
Mon Nov 2, 2015, 12:35 PM
Nov 2015

to subscribe to newsletters. For example, I could take an openly gay mans email address and subscribe to a Klan newsletter, and even if there's verification procedures, if the Webmaster of the site doesn't clean out their database, that name/email address remains in the database.

Surprise! Congressman Joe Wilson who screamed "You lie!" when POTUS was speaking was exposed as an a riversedge Nov 2015 #1
edited to wait and see on 11/4 Sunlei Nov 2015 #3
Now THAT'S funny! procon Nov 2015 #13
"I'll bet he choked on his cornflakes ..." KansDem Nov 2015 #19
good one AikidoSoul Nov 2015 #54
I'll bet he makes cornflake chicken! KamaAina Nov 2015 #48
It keeps getting put in and then removed oberliner Nov 2015 #53
ROFL please be true climber3986 Nov 2015 #120
"state senators and mayors", no matter who you are take off the hoods!! Sunlei Nov 2015 #2
More like resign and hide under the hoods bkkyosemite Nov 2015 #34
Resign? He'll probably get more brownie points from his constituents. nt. Stellar Nov 2015 #64
Yep,just like Robert Byrd. virgogal Nov 2015 #89
That reminded me of a poster several years ago that posted something about Robert Byrd... Stellar Nov 2015 #99
Thank you very much for sharing that. n/t Pastiche423 Nov 2015 #121
K&R me b zola Nov 2015 #4
Why? this list is fake. 840high Nov 2015 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author Arugula Latte Nov 2015 #135
I love the line "nothing says "master race" quite like a purple wizard outfit. #OpKKK #HoodsOff" LiberalArkie Nov 2015 #5
wait.... wendylaroux Nov 2015 #81
said they were ahead of schedule and released several more names. Sunlei Nov 2015 #6
Where are they putting the list? LiberalArkie Nov 2015 #7
they use pastebin, but then other media pick it up and can use any search & find names. Sunlei Nov 2015 #9
Probably on Twitter Oilwellian Nov 2015 #11
yes, they have been twitter fighting with KKK since the Ferguson police murder happened Sunlei Nov 2015 #17
Yes, I've been following them on Twitter...with great interest Oilwellian Nov 2015 #25
Tillis, really? Is this confirmed? yardwork Nov 2015 #15
So far I think LiberalArkie Nov 2015 #8
Keep going Poeradley Nov 2015 #46
Isakson is actually a bit of a surprise. KamaAina Nov 2015 #50
As a Georgian, Isakson does not suprise me one bit Glitterati Nov 2015 #71
Give it time. KamaAina Nov 2015 #73
Cornyn, no surprise eom catrose Nov 2015 #86
twitter.com/Operation_KKK #OpKKK #HoodsOff L. Coyote Nov 2015 #10
This is almost amazing to me. yardwork Nov 2015 #16
I know... deutsey Nov 2015 #20
Four U.S. Senators who belong to the KKK may be just the beginning. L. Coyote Nov 2015 #23
I have a sick feeling in my gut that most Republican voters will think a KKK membership is Arugula Latte Nov 2015 #77
I fear you are right... 3catwoman3 Nov 2015 #88
Sure they will. PatrickforO Nov 2015 #105
Four seems low to me. Gore1FL Nov 2015 #42
It's only a teaser Oilwellian Nov 2015 #52
Well, it is 1924 theboss Nov 2015 #56
I'm skeptical. EL34x4 Nov 2015 #74
Me too. I know Republicans are stupid, but this just is way too stupid OKNancy Nov 2015 #79
I agree. I'll wait for evidence. yardwork Nov 2015 #83
This certainly illustrates how some want to believe it. L. Coyote Nov 2015 #102
Hoods off! Racist bastards! mountain grammy Nov 2015 #12
Anyone have any guesses how they'll react to being outed? KittyWampus Nov 2015 #14
They will probably try to do the same as Palin when someone guessed her yahoo password... Sunlei Nov 2015 #18
Would you guess why Democratic mayors are being smeared? Rhumber Nov 2015 #76
I don't trust this list, at least not yet. Archae Nov 2015 #21
Yep SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2015 #22
Yes. 11cents Nov 2015 #36
Independent verification is a good thing. NuclearDem Nov 2015 #40
Yep, see Post #26 DinahMoeHum Nov 2015 #61
Same here. I want proof published too. Hortensis Nov 2015 #62
I was expecting Senator Jeff Sessions R-AL. When I heard this was coming, that's really the first brewens Nov 2015 #24
The list includes Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero Freddie Stubbs Nov 2015 #26
What precisely then, does as Klansman sound like? LanternWaste Nov 2015 #29
White Protestant opposed to LBGT rights, civil rights for African-Americans, Freddie Stubbs Nov 2015 #30
Are you joking? ForgoTheConsequence Nov 2015 #59
They sound very much like your typical reactionary right wingers, Hortensis Nov 2015 #63
Do you think Madeline Rogero is a KKK member? Rhumber Nov 2015 #72
I definitely want some proof of these things. And BTW being jwirr Nov 2015 #32
Being a Catholic makes it pretty unlikely that she is a member of the Klan Freddie Stubbs Nov 2015 #35
And many racists say they hate the KKK. It's just window dressing for what's really inside. n/t jtuck004 Nov 2015 #44
Nice ignorance MFrohike Nov 2015 #118
Which has not fuck-all to do with what I said. Welcome. and bye. n/t jtuck004 Nov 2015 #122
Haha MFrohike Nov 2015 #124
I and a classmate both came from different religions - he jwirr Nov 2015 #57
please tell my brother that, hollysmom Nov 2015 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author m-lekktor Nov 2015 #37
Perhaps she was for these things to cover the fact that she is one bkkyosemite Nov 2015 #43
I'm going to go with Occam's razor here. NutmegYankee Nov 2015 #69
And Jim Gray of Kentucky. Dr. Strange Nov 2015 #38
He has denied the charge, and I tend to believe him. Fingers crossed. alfredo Nov 2015 #41
The list that Anon has officially released only include those senators. LiberalArkie Nov 2015 #49
^^^^^^^ This Duppers Nov 2015 #116
And then there is this: blackspade Nov 2015 #60
How does being gay... TeeYiYi Nov 2015 #65
Did they belong to the Klan? Dr. Strange Nov 2015 #66
They could have easily... TeeYiYi Nov 2015 #68
Except for the part where Klan members would want to beat him to death. jeff47 Nov 2015 #85
Closets run deep... TeeYiYi Nov 2015 #95
And he's out, so that's irrelevant. jeff47 Nov 2015 #96
He didn't come out as a gay man... TeeYiYi Nov 2015 #97
It doesn't, but it makes it very unlikely. blackspade Nov 2015 #67
I really hope the MSM jumps on this still_one Nov 2015 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author beerandjesus Nov 2015 #28
Holy crap! MerryBlooms Nov 2015 #31
Remember, remember, the 5th of November Autumn Colors Nov 2015 #33
Our mayor was named, but he is openly gay, very inclusive over race and religion. alfredo Nov 2015 #39
As I wrote above... very skeptical. OKNancy Nov 2015 #80
Maybe it is his father, James. alfredo Nov 2015 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author madfloridian Nov 2015 #45
I hope it sticks to Cornholio!!! Dustlawyer Nov 2015 #47
It's quite easy to use someone else's email address justiceischeap Nov 2015 #51
So, this is almost certainly totally bullshit theboss Nov 2015 #55
Well, KKK cannot be that bright.nt Duppers Nov 2015 #117
A democratic mayor is being smeared as KKK member Rhumber Nov 2015 #70
They put Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim on the list (!) Blue_Tires Nov 2015 #75
Yeah, this is sounding like some kinda horse shit, I'm afraid. Oh well. MADem Nov 2015 #78
If you can't trust criminal, anonymous hackers who can ya trust? theboss Nov 2015 #90
I've always thought that Anonymous was a government - agency con job, myself. MADem Nov 2015 #92
I'm sure it's heavily infiltrated...ironically like the KKK theboss Nov 2015 #94
"and listen to David Allen Coe" Quackers Nov 2015 #98
I actually kind of love David Allen Coe theboss Nov 2015 #103
Lol Quackers Nov 2015 #107
Ok, obviously I've missed a few pages in my efforts to assimilate to American culture.... MADem Nov 2015 #112
I think he's the prototype for gangster rappers theboss Nov 2015 #127
I still am having a tough time getting past that bad wig--was that a thing with him? MADem Nov 2015 #128
He's had long dreadlocks before theboss Nov 2015 #129
Well, that ain't "his" hair, beyond that he either stole it from some woman or MADem Nov 2015 #130
Evidence is definitely required in something like this. arcane1 Nov 2015 #82
Yeah, I need some hardcore, indisputable evidence Blue_Tires Nov 2015 #87
The list is a false flag operation. Rex Nov 2015 #106
Anon waited long enough (about six hours) to discredit it... Blue_Tires Nov 2015 #125
So because someone else does something, it is anons fault. Got it. Rex Nov 2015 #131
I'd have thought if someone was claiming to speak for your org, Blue_Tires Nov 2015 #132
So they found their contact information on these KKK websites? That's it? Calista241 Nov 2015 #84
I find it amazing that people think the KKK has contact lists.... theboss Nov 2015 #91
It's not from a contact list. They hacked their KKK Twitter accounts. nt Quixote1818 Nov 2015 #115
If you want to know who is a member of the KKK, the best person to ask is that old lady MADem Nov 2015 #93
They hacked their Twitter Accounts. Nothing to do e-mail. nt Quixote1818 Nov 2015 #114
No, this list is entirely about email. The one on the 5th is from twitter. jeff47 Nov 2015 #119
A few hours later, the real story, & Denials quickly follow 'Anonymous' list of alleged KKK ... L. Coyote Nov 2015 #100
I said it before, I will say it again--half of this "Anonymous" stuff is manufactured bullshit. MADem Nov 2015 #113
Looks like some poser posted a hoax list to steal Anonymous's thunder. backscatter712 Nov 2015 #101
Who can tell the difference? theboss Nov 2015 #104
It is wrong. It can ruin lives. 840high Nov 2015 #111
It is fake. 840high Nov 2015 #109
Ironic that people hiding under hoods are being "exposed" by people hiding behind masks. cherokeeprogressive Nov 2015 #123
Fake progressoid Nov 2015 #126
#OpKKK *** Pastebin Leaks vs. Modern Journalism L. Coyote Nov 2015 #133
Self-delete? As most of the other threads about this bullshit "list" have been? (nt) Nye Bevan Nov 2015 #134
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