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17. They're also racist.
Sun Nov 1, 2015, 02:30 PM
Nov 2015

Quick questions:

What groups get hit with the full penalties of zero-tolerance most often?

What groups manage to always have a blind eye turned to them when they break the rules, thus getting away scott-free?

Three guesses and the first two don't count.

So you have the classic zero-tolerance administrative shit-move: Turn a blind eye when a minority kid gets bullied, even beaten, but expel him when he finally gets sick of it and reacts even slightly against his bullies.

They make racist rule-enforcement and the school-to-prison pipeline even worse, because they remove all proportionality from the discipline process, so administrators can cower behind the rules when they have to justify why they're removing "undesirables" from their schools.

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My children will defend themselves if necessary Ex Lurker Oct 2015 #9
Many years ago my oldest brother was being bullied on Snobblevitch Oct 2015 #10
People living under zero tolerance policies haele Oct 2015 #11
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Kick bluestateguy Nov 2015 #14
Not only bullshit, they're completely unconstitutional. Initech Nov 2015 #15
And I'm surprised that this thread keeps dropping like a lead balloon bluestateguy Nov 2015 #16
I can guarantee that if I was a victim of one... Initech Nov 2015 #20
They're also racist. backscatter712 Nov 2015 #17
Excellent points bluestateguy Nov 2015 #18
Zero Tolerance also punishes assault victims meow2u3 Nov 2015 #19
Out of curiosity... Orrex Nov 2015 #23
Yes he was meow2u3 Nov 2015 #25
That's shitty. Orrex Nov 2015 #26
Defend yourself then deal with the paperwork later NightWatcher Nov 2015 #21
Why would you punish your child that way? Orrex Nov 2015 #22
"Zero Tolerance" anything is ALWAYS BS annabanana Nov 2015 #24
Kick. Nt katsy Nov 2015 #27
Zero Tolerance" policies in ANYWHERE are bullshit. N/T beevul Nov 2015 #28
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K & R... Wounded Bear Nov 2015 #30
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