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30. for your use its "arigatou" and my reply is
Thu Sep 17, 2015, 02:52 AM
Sep 2015

"dou itashimashite" (you are welcome) now you have learned another Japanese word. I wish i knew some south pacific language, and I know very little Hawaiian, my parents will not teach me.. though they encourage me to keep learning Japanese, mostly cause its not about to die off like a native Hawaiian language might, some day. I tried to find out why my family were never shipped to internment camps during WWII. It was mostly because of our Hawaiian blood, ..and some Japanese families were shipped off to the mainland for Internment camps, but those with Hawaiian Native blood never had to. Many were shipped to the main island, for a camp there, but I am not even sure if my family went. My mothers maiden name was "Kāne" which she swears is a Native Hawaiian name.
Its funny, in Japanese, "Kane" means money, so of course the old joke there is my father married my mom, for the Kane (money).

I don't know the other Hawaiian names connected with the family, but I do know that during WWII my granduncle who had been on Hawaii for a few years, had the last name of Yoshida but changed it to his wife's name "Māhoe" so he wouldn't be taken to the mainland. He kept the name and no one bothered him about it.

one of those repubs will get at least 47% of votes (on average) in the election. scary eh nt msongs Sep 2015 #1
Republicans like their politicians crazy... HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #2
Do you mean like when McCain picked that idiot Sarah Palin? akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #14
And she was the popular half of the ticket. Nt HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #16
That is because she was racist! McCain really pucked up picking that degenerate! akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #17
Speaking of racist. . . nt Codeine Sep 2015 #37
Huh? daleanime Sep 2015 #52
Check out her hidden post a bit down the thread. Codeine Sep 2015 #54
Oh... daleanime Sep 2015 #55
If it is Trump, am scared! akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #4
I watched for about 3 minutes, then declared myself the winner... Contrary1 Sep 2015 #3
I know, you echo my sentiments exactly. akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #6
In real life madokie Sep 2015 #66
what was a clown show turned into a horror yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #5
Do not know, but this is reality. akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #7
i COULD have sworn that I heard most yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #8
That was some Americans, not Canadians. akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #9
I was referring to Ameicans.. yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #11
America. And please vote for a Democrat as if you would not. akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #13
why would you think I would ever vote for a party that would yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #15
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #18
oh yeah I must be Republican leaning... yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #19
Please feel free to comment in Japanese, but ensure Trump is not on DU. He prefers English. akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #21
yeah, guess I must be an yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #25
Are you alright? ZM90 Sep 2015 #27
People forget I am also native Hawaiian yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #28
Arigoto for replying yuiyoshida (I know just a little bit of Japanese not enough to say more than ZM90 Sep 2015 #29
for your use its "arigatou" and my reply is yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #30
worthy of its own thread Skittles Sep 2015 #31
Ooh thank you... yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #33
I've never been to Hawaii but it sounds nice. ZM90 Sep 2015 #34
learned to swim at 3 years but yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #36
That is a pretty clever joke marrying for the money lol xD. ZM90 Sep 2015 #32
Knights ofthe Old Republic? yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #35
Yep. As in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic the original one. ZM90 Sep 2015 #38
Mirror's edge has been out while yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #39
Ah cool. So you are using assests from both games? ZM90 Sep 2015 #40
yeah story info and we have yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #49
Well I think we have successful derailed this topic (even if unintentionally). ZM90 Sep 2015 #43
Link to a great gaming forum Babel_17 Sep 2015 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Sep 2015 #26
That person is a she, not a he. nt tblue37 Sep 2015 #42
And she is wildly racist. nt Codeine Sep 2015 #50
racists act like cockroaches when you shine a light on them Skittles Sep 2015 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author Agschmid Sep 2015 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author RandiFan1290 Sep 2015 #65
Well the *Canadian* Ted Cruz is a likely suspect that did the "freedom fries" thing! cascadiance Sep 2015 #45
Now that Citizens United has allowed unlimited contributions for electioneering tabasco Sep 2015 #53
It was like a bad dystopian movie. nt ChisolmTrailDem Sep 2015 #10
You hit the nail on the head. Am looking at these fools and akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #12
I agree with you that it's impossible to imagine a republican winning. . . . BigDemVoter Sep 2015 #20
Rest assured, Jeb is not going to win. I am more scared of Trump! akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #22
Didn't even watch. They were upstaged by a kid with a clock today anyway. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #23
I know what you mean, but I have this colleague at work who akbacchus_BC Sep 2015 #24
I watched, and am terrified. moonscape Sep 2015 #41
DWS is making sure that Dems are invisile and silent on the mainstream stage-- tblue37 Sep 2015 #44
I watched the first hour of it and I wish I could take that hour of my life back. Vinca Sep 2015 #46
yep - watched both - and it is a mistake to think their candidate will not get votes DrDan Sep 2015 #47
Didn't watch a drop of it damnedifIknow Sep 2015 #48
And I cannot believe you haven't been banhammered Codeine Sep 2015 #51
I watched the THREE WHOLE HOURS of it. I'm recovering today. valerief Sep 2015 #56
I did, too, but took breaks whenever Cruz, Crispiecream, Rubio...etc. etc. came on wordpix Sep 2015 #60
It's truly a frighting display of incompetents, theocrats, bullies and clearly unhinged candidates. RKP5637 Sep 2015 #57
Bernie said it so well in an email today: (brief quote) wordpix Sep 2015 #61
3 hours: "We hate Obama...and Trump,.....blah blah blah..." n/t. lindysalsagal Sep 2015 #59
Did anyone besides me find the Trump-Bush debate about FL casinos enlightening? wordpix Sep 2015 #62
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