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142. Any god threatened by a graphic novel or an ancient monument is not a god.
Mon Aug 24, 2015, 05:57 PM
Aug 2015

The gods of the grifters are not so sturdy.

Reading violates their beliefs? Iggo Aug 2015 #1
At least they're merely abstaining. The current trend is for social media mobs to demand censorship. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2015 #5
Exactly Johnny2X2X Aug 2015 #70
They probably only got into Duke as a legacy Blue_Tires Aug 2015 #33
For some, LWolf Aug 2015 #51
LOL...then why go to college? Iggo Aug 2015 #54
My thought exactly. Duke is pretty expensive. yardwork Aug 2015 #59
Because they want the paper. LWolf Aug 2015 #69
They want the hunk of paper for the good job Warpy Aug 2015 #152
It's not the reading. It's the graphic images. thesquanderer Aug 2015 #67
Fail the course, period! In college, you are supposed to be adults, developing critical thought! nt TheBlackAdder Aug 2015 #79
This was not a course assignment, ProgressiveEconomist Aug 2015 #128
"Christians" define themselves by their level of insulation from "the gay" Betty Karlson Aug 2015 #108
The book, a fine one, is all about questioning dogma. Orsino Aug 2015 #109
They can't even be bothered to read the bible awoke_in_2003 Aug 2015 #148
It sounds like it could be a continuation of the lifestyle in their home. bulloney Aug 2015 #160
Then give 'em a zero Gman Aug 2015 #2
Yep. Zero for that assignment. ladyVet Aug 2015 #32
That should be a nationwide rule. Jamastiene Aug 2015 #151
That's what I'd say too Bettie Aug 2015 #61
+1 sinkingfeeling Aug 2015 #71
I disagree ejbr Aug 2015 #104
That works too. Gman Aug 2015 #119
.... ejbr Aug 2015 #137
Poor reasoning for college students. earthside Aug 2015 #3
Best to use the right term - graphic novel Blue_Adept Aug 2015 #6
"In its review, the New York Times called it 'a comic book for lovers of words.' mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2015 #49
your well-informed, intelligent critique clearly indicates TheSarcastinator Aug 2015 #18
I think the subject matter is very important alarimer Aug 2015 #21
graphic novel =/= comic book DetlefK Aug 2015 #23
It's right on the cover of 'Fun Home'. earthside Aug 2015 #27
That distinction is pointless, arbitrary and self-serving Orrex Aug 2015 #82
And "science-fiction" used to be called "scientific romance". DetlefK Aug 2015 #95
Science fiction was also called "s/f," "sci-fi" and "scientifiction," while we're at it. Orrex Aug 2015 #103
As I said, I draw the line at the nature of the content. DetlefK Aug 2015 #107
That, too, is arbitrary. Not to mention hopelessly subjective. Orrex Aug 2015 #113
You're making the same mistake these students are making. surrealAmerican Aug 2015 #28
I judge books all the time. earthside Aug 2015 #38
So you judge books without having read them starroute Aug 2015 #106
What a beautifull merging of image and words. RadiationTherapy Aug 2015 #126
TY for the link. I have Maus and In The Shadow of No Towers by Spiegelman, also Persepolis.... Hekate Aug 2015 #139
Yawn. Hissyspit Aug 2015 #31
me too Puzzledtraveller Aug 2015 #125
For what it's worth, I've actually read it... beerandjesus Aug 2015 #52
I actually read the book, and I would not call it trashy. yardwork Aug 2015 #53
Jinx! beerandjesus Aug 2015 #55
Lol! yardwork Aug 2015 #57
...and done in a medium best suited to someone who is both Rhythm Aug 2015 #111
it is not trash. far from it. it's brilliant and funny and sad cali Aug 2015 #60
that "trash" won five tonys. niyad Aug 2015 #93
Well, "Maus" is just a comic book then, also. haele Aug 2015 #122
So a prose novel can be art, a drawing can be art, a film can be art, Codeine Aug 2015 #145
Fail them and kick them out malaise Aug 2015 #4
Yes, because all must conform to received wisdom -- especially at college. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2015 #7
I would expect any student to write, on their own, some sort of critique KittyWampus Aug 2015 #10
But that's not how colleges work anymore. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2015 #20
some preach 'tolerance' for everything...but dissent HFRN Aug 2015 #89
They bastardize the virtue of tolerance to enforce the vice of their own tribalism. nt Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2015 #97
If you don't do the job you don't keep the job Blue_Adept Aug 2015 #11
They don't have to conform to anything tkmorris Aug 2015 #16
"They can rip the bloody thing to shreds if they desire" Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2015 #22
They are freshman Generic Other Aug 2015 #83
What on earth? This isn't coursework, it's a sexually explicit novel assigned to incoming freshmen Yo_Mama Aug 2015 #132
They should read it and then criticize during discussion. no_hypocrisy Aug 2015 #8
Exactly. College professors already lament incoming students have poor writing skills KittyWampus Aug 2015 #12
In college, I once withheld my "homework" in musical composition because I felt it was inferior. no_hypocrisy Aug 2015 #14
Trying and failing. Taking your "lumps". That's how you learn. I am really good KittyWampus Aug 2015 #44
Educashun is hard. progressoid Aug 2015 #9
Have them read Josh Duggar's Memoirs instead! Good Christian stuff! likesmountains 52 Aug 2015 #13
Do they read menus that mention pork? DetlefK Aug 2015 #15
Interesting reading this thread responses pipoman Aug 2015 #17
Yes, I truly am becoming scared riversedge Aug 2015 #19
My how times have changed TexasProgresive Aug 2015 #24
I'm assigning a memoir of a trans nun in the 17th century. a la izquierda Aug 2015 #41
In this case a la izquierda you are TexasProgresive Aug 2015 #50
Thanks! a la izquierda Aug 2015 #85
^^^ THIS! ^^^ Rhythm Aug 2015 #112
Title and author please? I need to add to my summer reading list! Hekate Aug 2015 #138
This one is called _The Lieutenant Nun_ a la izquierda Aug 2015 #144
Their beliefs must be pretty fragile, then, to be challenged by any one work. alarimer Aug 2015 #25
These people are taught that the Devil is always trying their faith. ladyVet Aug 2015 #40
It was a summer reading assignment for incoming first year students. yardwork Aug 2015 #161
I thought the punchline was going to be "The New Testament" fbc Aug 2015 #26
As a basketball fan let me just chime in underpants Aug 2015 #29
I hear Liberty University has a few openings. CanonRay Aug 2015 #30
I will admit, that novel does not sound like anything I would myself SheilaT Aug 2015 #34
Maybe they didn't think it would cause an uproar TexasBushwhacker Aug 2015 #43
stupid teens that have been brainwashed LittleGirl Aug 2015 #35
We had a couple of students like this when I went to college TlalocW Aug 2015 #36
The professor picks the reading material not the students Botany Aug 2015 #37
This wasn't a book assigned by a professor... EL34x4 Aug 2015 #45
And it is not graded. Students can decline to read it. yardwork Aug 2015 #56
If you are going to go to a college it is a good idea to read the books that your college wants you Botany Aug 2015 #80
Fun Home goes to Broadway Bluenorthwest Aug 2015 #39
this op honestly comes off as christian bashing retrowire Aug 2015 #42
There is no bashing anywhere in the OP tabasco Aug 2015 #48
then why make a show out of this? why is it worth talking about? retrowire Aug 2015 #74
Because it's interesting when people pay to go to college presumably to get a well-rounded education tabasco Aug 2015 #116
why the text shouting lol? retrowire Aug 2015 #117
Perhaps you missed the first sentence in the linked article: tabasco Aug 2015 #118
you are the Puritan Psephos Aug 2015 #135
No, it's idiot-bashing. bvf Aug 2015 #64
With all due respect, that's nonsense. yardwork Aug 2015 #65
Not quite Orrex Aug 2015 #66
i agree to accepting the penalty for not doing it n/t retrowire Aug 2015 #75
it's their right to fail a class, yes, they don't have a right to get a passing grade geek tragedy Aug 2015 #77
agreed. n/t retrowire Aug 2015 #78
It's optional summer reading LittleBlue Aug 2015 #158
Fuck 'em tabasco Aug 2015 #46
Give them an F Geronimoe Aug 2015 #47
Yah, Let them read the Bible as an alternative packman Aug 2015 #62
Even more shocking depravity these kids were subject to: Jerry442 Aug 2015 #58
Hey--spoiler alert! Orrex Aug 2015 #73
Ouch! Generic Other Aug 2015 #90
From Numbers 31. These from the KJV. nt Jerry442 Aug 2015 #100
Fundies are all book burners at heart Teamster Jeff Aug 2015 #63
How does their not reading a book deprive others of the ability to read the book? Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2015 #84
Fine! flunk em! mountain grammy Aug 2015 #68
One of the most laughable moments I had with all this new awareness Baitball Blogger Aug 2015 #72
Giving critical thought to a subject they are unfamiliar with violates their beliefs? Initech Aug 2015 #76
...to tick off the box labeled credentials and to keep their unquestioning faith intact...? xocet Aug 2015 #88
FYI... xocet Aug 2015 #81
A big part of college... Mike Nelson Aug 2015 #86
Weak belifes if they can't survive reading a story. liberal N proud Aug 2015 #87
You are right on the money, liberal N proud. 3catwoman3 Aug 2015 #136
Most college professors BlueIdaho Aug 2015 #91
I am guessing they have no problems with reading the bible rurallib Aug 2015 #92
Gee, given how many books have Christian/religious themes or overtones, NYC Liberal Aug 2015 #94
To remain ignorant by choice is a right but, they will be left out Hiraeth Aug 2015 #96
well, no "duke did not seem to have people like "you" in mind." of course not. this university niyad Aug 2015 #98
Brittle belief system ya got there Cirque du So-What Aug 2015 #99
These kids are right, they should stick to reading books in which no one sins. Here's a list: dakota_democrat Aug 2015 #101
I love part three of this guy's comments: niyad Aug 2015 #102
I am so over stupid people. nt valerief Aug 2015 #105
The five words that validate homophobia, bigotry, sexism, intolerance and ignorance while Feeling the Bern Aug 2015 #110
Are these college freshmen?? or fourth graders? seaotter Aug 2015 #114
Seems they don't know the difference between July Aug 2015 #115
This is a stunt and it seems to be working. AngryAmish Aug 2015 #120
Duke's summer reading list melm00se Aug 2015 #121
F's all around. For the entire course. hifiguy Aug 2015 #123
It's not a course - it's the freshman summer reading list. Yo_Mama Aug 2015 #133
They can live however they want, but if they refuse to do the work required or recommended... Humanist_Activist Aug 2015 #143
But it's not a course. It's not work. Yo_Mama Aug 2015 #147
Which makes such material more valuable it allows them to open up to new experiences and how... Humanist_Activist Aug 2015 #153
People can be so stupid. Solly Mack Aug 2015 #124
If a book threatens their religious beliefs matt819 Aug 2015 #127
At Duke?! I was thinking Liberty or Bob Jones. KamaAina Aug 2015 #129
Ashley Madison clients in the making. Vinca Aug 2015 #130
They have the right to refuse to read highly explicit sexual material Yo_Mama Aug 2015 #131
. Liberal_in_LA Aug 2015 #134
"Christians" who rely on ignorance and never being challenged are weak in faith Hekate Aug 2015 #140
Flunk 'em. okasha Aug 2015 #141
Any god threatened by a graphic novel or an ancient monument is not a god. hunter Aug 2015 #142
the Atlantic just published a story about this sort of thing.... mike_c Aug 2015 #146
Give them a failing grade. moobu2 Aug 2015 #149
Reading a book will give them teh gay? Jamastiene Aug 2015 #150
As a sophomore in high school, a racist classmate refused to read "Black Like Me." David__77 Aug 2015 #154
I was once assigned to read a book written by a Catholic priest Flying Squirrel Aug 2015 #155
It's a summer reading list LittleBlue Aug 2015 #156
Wondering who the christian was who read the book and warned the others. . . B Calm Aug 2015 #157
"Freshman Daughter Drop-off" sign banned. "Freshman Daughter Reading List" okay. WTF? WinkyDink Aug 2015 #159
What are you talking about? yardwork Aug 2015 #162
Then don't read it bluestateguy Aug 2015 #163
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